Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Breakfast Of The Day Part I - At Toyoko Inn

We never skipped breakfast and staying in a hotel that provides complimentary breakfast is an important requirement for us. Having a complete (and complimentary breakfast) help to cut down our lunch cost too because we won't be needing a heavy lunch afterwards.

The majority of our nights in Japan are spent in Toyoko-Inn branches and most of them provide Japanese breakfast with the exception of a few branches.
A complete breakfast for us - onigiri (rice balls), miso soup, pickles, veges and maybe a slice of toast with jam and margarine.
 Most Toyoko-Inn provide standard fare of onigiri, miso soup and veges but different branches have different touches added. The best breakfast we had at any Toyoko Inn around Japan was at their Akita branch. There were onigiris, rice, simmered veges, pickles and also salmons, sardines for side dish, fruits (in this photo, it was a banana) and our favourite stuff to put on a hot rice: natto! I can just eat rice with natto for breakfast and be completely satisfied. :-)

What's a natto, you ask? Natto is a kind of fermented soybeans with very slimy texture. Some people may not like it, and natto is kinda smelly but I think if you like "tempeh", you'd have no problem eating natto.
At some branches of Toyoko Inn, instead of Japanese breakfast, we were served with bread. At Nanba branch is Osaka it was freshly baked bread and the photo above was our breakfast at Kawasaki Original branch.

With Air Asia having a collaboration with certain branches of Toyoko-Inn, I anticipate plenty of guests from my part of the world staying at this hotel. If I can put a plea to my fellow tourists when enjoying breakfast here: please bus your own table and please, please do not take your time eating. The breakfast area at most Toyoko-Inns are small so when we linger there, we deprive of others their time to eat too. And please lah... don't stuff your face eating of what seems to be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner all combined at one seating just because it is free! Malu, man!  You know most Japanese guests only took three onigiris, drink their miso soup, had a cup of green tea or coffee and be off.


  1. I like staying at hotels that provide complimentary breakfasts. Saves me time in getting an early morning breakfast elsewhere when you have a full day's tour ahead of you.

  2. @Mei Teng,
    Likewise. Having breakfast before a packed day of touring is important so that I won't get hungry too early after all that exercising. :)

  3. Oh yes!!! Love the complimentary breakfasts!! Especially at Dusit Thani hotel in Bangkok!! Such heavy breakfast no need to eat lunch also!

  4. Haha!! I can imagine Malaysians hoarding the breakfast area and eat as much as they can handle! LOL!!

  5. Aside from a clean room, the complimentary breakfast is very important requirement for me too. it definitely saves the time and hassle of finding breakfast.

  6. Some of the hotels here have complimentary breakfasts too, but yours look better. It definitely saves time to look for something to eat when you're traveling in an unfamiliar place.

  7. @foong,
    The breakfast at Dusit Thani must be great, more so that it is a luxury hotel. :)

    Hoarding the breakfast buffett spread. Yes, typical Malaysian behaviour. :D

  8. @LR,
    I agree. Clean room, good service and free breakfast and of course one more for me: affordable rooms. :D

  9. @AVCr8teur,
    Not only save time, but also we can eat a later lunch and avoid the lunch crowd while out sightseeeing. Right?

  10. I always try and stay in spots that provide breakfasts so that as you have mentioned, it cuts way down on the cost of food. Great food shots :)

  11. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Thanks. :)

  12. I like to stay at hotels that provide complimentary breakfasts just gives me a good reason to wake up early hehe and pack it up for a good day out of burn burn burn. I didnt know Air Asia collaborated with Toyoko Inn,thanks for sharing that info. I love onigiri alot aside from natto, maybe I should try and learn how to make these one day!

  13. i always enjoy the breakfast hotels provide, for me it's a must!

  14. @Cuteandcurls,
    There are few Toyoko-Inns that is available for booking thru Air Asia's packages. Luckily, those branches are not the ones we alaways stay in. Well, maybe not yet.

    I used to make onigiri at home but now, too lazy already! LOL

  15. @Ayie,
    It's a must for me too. :)
    Need all those calories for the exercising we are going to get walking around sightseeing. :)

  16. So interesting... Did you know Natto is said to have originated in Akita? (near Yokote City) ... or maybe not, but that's what's said wherever natto is so popular! Glad you had a good time in Akita. :)

    Oh and another trivial facts about food culture in Akita: We tend to welcome guests at a meal with tableful side dishes-- as if we are supposed to use up all the space available on the table. That i think is so true..

    So the number of little okazu you have on the Akita breakfast really made me think that could be the little "touch" of Akita food culture. I hope you enjoyed!

  17. @TTA,
    Thanks for sharing the info. ^-^


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