Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Breakfast Of The Day - Seating With Legs Folded At Uematsuya

I posted about our stay at Uematsuya and enjoying the onsens earlier. After spending the evening soaking in numerous onsens, we woke up refreshed and with an excellent appetite. We had dinner served in our room the night before but for breakfast, it was served in a traditional Japanese-style dining room.
The tables set for guests to enjoy breakfast.  If you have trouble sitting with your legs folded, don't wear a yukata to breakfast. You'll have a hard time hiding any body parts you don't want other guests to see. 
Our breakfast that morning. All those in the photo are a portion for one person. The breakfast served here was less elaborate than what we had at Taenoyu Onsen last year but still, it was a really good breakfast.

Some close-ups.
You know I am very much pampered by my husband when instead of me serving the rice, it is always him handling this task even at home.


  1. I am not used to sitting with my legs folded when having meals. Also, I am not too keen with Japanese style breakfast. Having Japanese dishes for lunch and dinner is okay but for breakfast...is just kind of weird.

  2. @Mei,
    You can't spend a night in a traditional Japanese Inn/ryokan then! (Or you'd have to specifically order western food). ;)
    I love Japanese breakfast, lunch & dinner. LOL

    I'm not used to this sitting position too. My lehs will be asleep in a matter of minutes. :D

  3. it's the other way around with me and hubs, he's very muxh pampered and like a big baby... i remember the place where we had our honeymoon, we sat and ate with our legs folded too!

  4. your breakie looks divine but I would say I'm not comfortable sitting in such position while taking meals.

  5. @Ayie,
    Where did you went to for your honeymoon? Somewhere exotic I bet. :)

    Well, your hubs sure is lucky to have you pampering him. ;)

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    or the experience, I endured it but yeah, I'm not comfortable with that sitting position too. I rather sit cross-legged. ;)

  7. if I sat with my legs folded for that long i wouldn't be able to feel my legs at all hehehe but i dont sitting cross legged. Awww dont you just love being pampered by our significant other? I wish my hubby would do that sometime instead of me ;-) I must say them food are simple but yummy. By the way THANK YOU SO MUCH for the natto info, went to Jusco yesterday and found it YAY! Plus i bought some korean seaweed and kimchi and pickled carrots too.

  8. It would be hard for me to sit for a long period with my leg folded. There is so much food and all of it is put together so neatly in such small portions. You are so lucky to have such a attentive husband. :)

  9. @AVCr8teur,
    I know I'm lucky. ^-^

    For the food presentation, it's so neat and I love the way it is presented especially all the small plates are also nicely decorated. :)

  10. Hi there. I stumbled on your blog and wow you really love to travel to Japan!

    I, myself, will go to Japan next year, for the first time. as so, I wonder if you can give some sort of advice. esp regarding food there. I'm really concerned about which food is halal and which are not.

    is it safe to walk into any restaurant and eat there, esp the one serve sushi and all? how about indian/pakistan restaurant? any suggestions?

    I hope you can help me here :D

  11. @ai ra zun,
    Knowing what are the Halal food or not while in Japan comes from knowledge of how the food are prepared as you should know that Haram doesn't only cover pork and its extract. You also should know that a lot food is prepared with mirin & sake too.

    I'm not sure what you mean about being safe when entering & eating in a sushi joint. Sushi joints sells seafood item, raw, cooked, broiled, etc but note the usage of mirin and sake again.

    Even Indian restaurant - you should be wary of how the meat is acquired. Halal meat or not?

    Usually, based on experience, tempura places are safe. But ask if anything has meat extract in them.

    I know I'm not much of a help, so feel free to click on the links of fellow Malaysian living/used to live in Japan as they did blog plenty about their foodie adventures.

  12. yikes, so many dishes to wash after just one meal. :P

  13. I love Japanese food too and it's good I don't have to cook it at home because there are so many good Japanese restaurants around. :)

  14. @ECL,
    Yeah, way too many dishes to clean up after. :D

    I cook both Japanese and Korean food at home during the weekends, although there are good restaurants here too. ;)

  15. @lina
    thank you for the quick reply!
    yarh, I'm worried about mirin and sake.
    but tempura sounds nice! thanks for the suggestion.
    I'll take a look at other blogs, after I finish browsing through yours XD

  16. @ai ra zun,
    No problem. :)

    I'll be posting up food posts maybe starting of this month on what we ate during our last vacation. Do visit.

  17. We went to an island and booked in a hotel there, tropical. You saw that photo when I posted for hubs bday I guess

  18. @Ayie,
    Ah yes, I think I remember. That's a nice place. :)


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