Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 11 In Japan : On The Train Again

Day 10 was spent relaxing in a Japanese Inn called Uematsuya and dipping countless of times in the onsens. The next day, fter checking out from Uematsuya, it was time for us to head back to Tokyo. From Bessho Onsen, we got on the Ueda Electric Railways train again for a leisurely ride to Ueda Station.
The electric train on Ueda line to/from Bessho Onsen. This train had a retro vibe to it, and look different from the train we took the day earlier from Ueda Station. Compare it here.
Checking out the shinkansen train schedule when we got to Ueda Station, we decided against taking one because of the waiting time and opted to ride on one of the train on the Shinano Railways to Karuizawa instead. 

We got ourselves a JR East Special pass for this trip, and using this pass we got to travel only JR East lines, but also Izu Kyuko lines, Hokuetsu Kyuko Railway Hokuhoku Lines, Tobu Railway and in Nagano (where Bessho Onsen is located) the pass also covers Shinano Electric Railways, Nagano Electric Railways, Ueda Electric Railways and Matsumoto Electric Railways.
Actually, the plan for Day 11 was to go on the Nagaden (Nagano Electric Railways train - above photo) but as luck would have it, it was raining rather heavily that day. With the temperature dropping drasctically from previous day and us not being prepared for the cold weather (think of temperature change from 33degrees to 16degrees in a day); the thought of braving the cold weather outdoors didn't seem  attractive for us, so we decided to make a stop at Karuizawa instead.
Brrrr.... it sure was cold that day. This was the day the weather drops almost half and enter the autumn mode. We were there for a few hours, shopping at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza and enjoying free food samples at one of the shops there.

We were a bit naughty that day. Not armed with umbrellas and going outdoors on a rainy day, it was really difficult for us to move around. What we did was, we nicked a couple of umbrellas from Prince Hotel Karuizawa's umbrella stand at Karuizawa station and used it for our own convenience. Yup, the hotel has an umbrella stand for their guests to return the hotel's umbrella after they use it and there were plenty of umbrellas there. Sorry Prince Hotel! I know we are not your customer but we are desperate!


  1. No matter where you stop, there is always a pleasant place to shop. Sounds like you have some souvenir umbrellas now. ;P

  2. Temperature dipping from 33 to 16 in one day is just too much. Reminds me of Melbourne..where they say one is likely to experience all four seasons in one day! Although....I have never experienced that before and not looking forward to drastic changes in weather. But I hate cold days.

  3. @AVCr8teur,
    Nope, we left the umbrellas behind. ;)

  4. @Mei Teng,
    The weather change with the temp dip was really a bit too much for us whowas unprepared for it.

    I hate cold days too.... but I really want to visit Japan again during the winter months someday! :)

  5. hehehe you were just being resourceful!

    I'm sooooo sleepy...I think I'm hitting the bed now. To think it's only 10pm

  6. i'd definitely bring an umbrella when i travel. A lightweight foldable one will do just fine in case of rain. :)

  7. Not being prepared for weather changes is certainly not a pleasant experience esp from comfortably warm to cold. I experienced the reverse and remember having to remove clothes arriving into Sgp from Melbourne. LOL!

    Btw, you and Zaini sure know your way around Japan. You two would make great travel companions in Japan, eh?

  8. @Life Ramblings,
    Yeah, more prudengt to have an umbrella or two (or three) stashed away but then, we kinda like to travel very very lightly. XD

  9. @HappySurfer,
    Did you shed any clothing after that? :D

    I don't know about us making great travel companion. My friend who tagged along wasn't exactly looking happy or excited or enthusiastic at all the places we took her to, esp when it involves paying entrance fee. :(

  10. I had to. The heat hit me the minute I disembarked at the airport. It would have been a sauna bath if I didn't because there was still the waiting time for the flight back to KL.

    Ooh.. your friend wasn't too happy? I don't blame her really because entrance fees, esp in Japan, can be quite a bundle. Pros and cons of travelling.. but at least she had a knowledgeable guide or guides rather.

    Word verification = jolle (as in jolly? LOL!)

  11. Hahahahahaha....
    lina steal an umbrella.... But when the time need us to think, we normally do something unexpected. That is normal. as long as we don't do real crime.

  12. When i went to Melbourne I was glad to pack the right clothing for the weather there, cant say much for the hubby tho ^_^ still he was stubborn not to listen to his nagging wife while packing hehehe. Luckily those umbrellas are there might as well make use of it if no one else are right?

  13. I love the retro look on the electric train. The bullet train must be awesome huh!?

  14. Why there are less people in the train Lina? Is it a holiday season over there during your visit?

  15. The train interior is so beautiful. I like the classic feel but yet modern of it. I am going to Hong Kong in these few coming days. Definitely bring jacket! :D

  16. @HappySurfer,
    Truthfully, what I budgeted for our trip was much less than what you would pay for a tour group and that's even inclusive meals and entrance fees. But well... we can't please everyone. More so, I am no professional guide and I have no inclination of waiting on someone hand and foot during my own paid vacation. ^-^!

  17. @cuteandcurls,
    My hubby sometimes can be a log head when it comes to items of clothing. He always pack too light!

  18. @ECL,
    Bullet trains are awesome! But once in a while, taking a slower train is nice too. :)

  19. @zezebel,
    Contrary to what some people might think of trains in Japan - they are not always packed to the brim. You can even find empty trains in Tokyo during off peak hours (well, at least for the first few stops or so) :)

    ANyway, we took this train in the "inaka" or countryside at off peak hours and we were seated in a carriage with less people. Sometimes the empty trains is just a matter of angle to. XD

  20. @VanillaSeven,
    You are going to HK. How awesome! Look forward to cool photos from you. :)

    Yes, definitely bring a jacket unless of course you plan to go shopping and buy them there. :)

  21. Wow! Such a big drop in the temperature? I cannot tahan lah like this!

  22. @foong,
    I oso cannot. That's why have to stsy indoors. ;)


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