Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day 13 In Japan : The Trip Back Home

After enjoying ourselves in Japan for almost two weeks, it's time to head home. Honestly, despite the many visits we made to Japan, it never seems enough for us. There are so many places and sights we have yet to see. Bored of Japan? Never!

We only travelled to the north eastern side of Japan this year and admittedly the few days we were out of Tokyo just weren't enough. We made a conscious choice to spend a good number of nights in Tokyo for the sake of a friend tagging along with us because of her budget restriction which didn't allow  us to be more adventurous or travel too far this time.
Our trip from Narita Airport to Asakusa (1,060yen) was on a local train. We chose to travel cheaply to save money but our trip to Narita from Asakusa was more comfortable.

We had initially wanted to take the new Keisei train, that I posted about in my previous post but because our JR East Pass was still valid,  we decided to take the Narita Express instead and not spend more money on tansport.

Last year, on our  trip back home; Raimie almost had an accident because he fell through the gap at the train station platform while trying to board a train. Luckily Zaini had pretty fast reflex and managed to grab him otherwise Raimie would have fallen down on the track!

This year, we were busy reminding Raimie to be careful but I kind of forgot to be careful myself. It was drizzling when we were travelling back and of course  the roads and  stairs were slippery. With luggages to hold in both hands, it was hard to navigate my way through a narrow flight of stairs. While trying to give way to another commuter at a train station, I slipped and  slid  down on several stairs on my butt. Ouch! Double ouch was that Zaini and Raimie didn't even realize I fell. Zaini actually gave me an annoyed look when he noticed that I kept massaging my butt. Huhuhu...

I was nursing a very sore butt all the way from Narita to KLIA and by the time we reached KLIA,  it was hard for me to sit down without feeling any pain. Almost two months had gone by, there is still a bit of pain but my GP said if I can tolerate the pain, he won't give me anything to make it better. It might  be a hairline fracture  on my tailbone and as long as the pain lessens, albeit slowly I was advised it is best to let it heal  naturally. Well, I'm quite good at handling pain so no painkillers for me. I just need to adjust how I sit a bit and not sit on the floor for too long... I always prefer sitting upright on the floor rather than on our squashy sofa.

Lesson for our next travel - don't be too klutzy and forget about being considerate of others when you have way too much to handle yourself.

One thing I realized, and was mentioned to me by others too; Japanese wouldn't bat an eyelid at you even if you fall flat in front of them. One thing good about this of course is that you can dust yourself up and others will just "pretend" nothing happened.

Zaini and I talked about 2010's trip being the last while we were making plans earlier, but now we talking about how nice it would be to visit Japan in autumn. Autumn next year? Or winter be better? Decisions, decisions... XD


  1. Autumn in Nikko, Tochigi will be very very nice!!

  2. Waaaaa.... All Japanese will be like that? I thought they're like Malaysian. We concern on anything that happen around us kan?

  3. Concern or "sibuk"?

  4. @Su,
    Noted. ;)
    Su atutumn next year dah balik lah ye?

  5. @Zezebel,
    Anonymous comment hit the mark exactly. :D

    I've met many helpful and kind Japanese throughout our trips whom literally held our hands and go out of their way to help us; but when silly things like this happen, they look away not because they don't care but more to save face. I would've been more embarassed if strangers starts fussing around me after I fell too.

  6. Sorry to hear about your accident and hope the soreness will go away soon. It sounds like Japan is fun in any season.

  7. alahhhh sian nya ko bad.. kalau la aku ada sebelah tu, harus aku gelak golek2 dulu baru tolong ko bangun.. ngeh3 :D

  8. @Avcr8teur,
    It's almost gone now. :)

    Yes, I think Japan is fun in any season too! I wish I can visit all the seasons in one year! XD

  9. @dot,
    Kawan2 aku memang tau!!!!

  10. there's certainly so much to see in Japan. i'd love to set foot in japan as well as korea. it's always interesting to get a taste of other countries' intriguing cultures and traditions.

  11. @LR,
    I too would love to set foot to Korea one day! Much to experience there too. :)

    Thanks for the wish. :)

  12. Oh wow! That sure was a close shave for Raimie. Good to know that Zaini was fast enough to prevent a misadventure.

    Hope your hairline fracture is healing well, Lina. Take care there.

    Zaini not realizing you fell reminds me of an ex-colleague who fell off the motorbike without her husband realizing it until he reached our office. Incredible but true! We couldn't help laughing at the episode when she related the story. Oops!

  13. @ppySurfer,
    OMG! Fallen off a motorbike and hubby didn't even realize it? She didn't hold on to him while riding was it?

    I'm afraid, I would've laughed too. :D

  14. Huh> U fell and nobody bat an eyelid? Not even Raimie and Zaini? LOL!!

  15. Ouch!! Must be really painful to fall on your butt and slide several steps!! I experienced that before in a friend's house and my butt was blue black for weeks!!

  16. Visit Japan again next year? OMG!!!

  17. Go during the winter!!! I want to see some snow!

  18. @foong,
    So kesian me, right? XD

    I wanna see some snow too, but going during winter can be expensive. I don't have any winter wear. ;)

  19. aww you mademe sad... 2010 Japan visit will be the last? How about the Ghibli trip?

  20. @Ayie,
    It'sjus hot air, that talk about this 2010 trip being the last. LOL

    Raimie has already making plans for his 2011 trip. So how? XD


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