Monday, 15 November 2010

It's A Feast - Japanese Food We Ate Part I

I've done my daily trip reports, so now I'll be starting on my series of posts on Japanese food we enjoyed while on vacation, then maybe posts of the places we stayed before starting on random posts and put up more photos that we took during our vacation in September.

But before I swamped you guys with all the food photos in Japan, a post about what we ate in a couple of Japanese restaurants in Malaysia recently. Didn't we have enough Japanese food while in Japan? No, certainly not! Moreover, some of the food in Japan are out of bounds for us due to religious/dietary restriction so we can only enjoy them in Malaysia, in a restaurant with a certified Halal kitchen. Anything with pork in it is out of bounds for us, for one!

After a long break, we finally made a visit to Pasta Zanmai again, armed with the RM10.00 discount voucher from Panora Magazine. I hate to say this, but I'm regretting informing my colleagues and friends about the discount vouchers that can be found in the magazine because the free Japanese magazine ran out really fast nowadays!
Raimie loves his hamburg when we go to Pasta Zanmai so that's what we always order for him
Mommy, with her new love for both Japanese and Korean food, had Mini Kaki Kimchi pasta and Tori Karaage Garlic Fried rice. It is a set at RM23.00, and although it is called a mini, there's nothing "mini" about this dish. I mean, I was full even before I finished my bowl of pasta! There were three oysters in my pasta bowl and it was delish. Nyum nyum. The fried chicken, I gave to Zaini. I am now not a fan of chicken dishes anymore.
Daddy had Ebi Furai Curry rice. The curry was nice and not too sweet and comes with a bowl of miso soup and salad. At RM23.00 for a huge plate with those 5 prawns, it was a good value.

Then, a few days ago, we head to Hokkaido Ichiba; a newly opened Japanese restaurant in Gardens Mall. It was a first visit for Raimie and Zaini but a third one for me! It is a sister restaurant of Pasta Zanmai, Sushi Zanmai and Sushi Zen and obviously becomes quite popular in a short amount of time. Come early to avoid long queues like you'd see in their other restaurants.

Being sister restaurant to Pasta Zanmai, Sushi Zanmai and Sushi Zen, Hokkaido Ichiba has roughly the same menu items as the other three. The big difference is the huge ice cream selection they have here compared to the other places.
Zaini had curry omuraisu - look at the overflowing curry gravy!
Raimi had a bigger dinner - Sushi & Mini Udon set
which of course consisted of a small bowl of udon and a plate of sushi along with a cup of chawan mushi, miso soup, pickles and fruits.
 And I had Spicy Kaki Ramen. The portion wan't as big as I had expected  so I was still rather peckish after I cleaned up the whole bowl so I decided to get a sweet  treat.
A puny dish of Macha Milk Parfait


  1. @ATOM,
    I know... Mamak curry oso you like. :D

  2. I visited Sushi Zanmai recently and the long waiting line is horrendous. What's with that restaurant? The food's not bad but not over the top fabulous. The crowd is crazy. I don't think I want to hop over there anytime soon.

    I prefer dining in Hanazen at Jaya One. The food selection there's better.

  3. So much food! You all really can eat ah! :P

  4. @LR,
    Indeed. Though there are more delicious spread elsewhere. :D

  5. @Mei Teng,
    I know... I wonder why too.... and qute agree about the food.

    Maybe I should try Hanazen one day. :)

  6. @ECL,
    Japanese food, we eat a lot especially my son. It's harder to get him finish other types of food though. XD

  7. A feast indeed! I love that Japanese food is basically healthy, not much oil and meat.

  8. @jellybelly,
    That's why Japanese are so slim, riht? :D

  9. All the food look so good. Luckily, it is almost dinner time here. I love Japanese and Korean food too. Looks like Raimie is a good eater.

  10. @AVCr8teur,
    What's your favourite? :)

    Raimie is only a good eater when it comes to Japanese food. ;)

  11. wishing you and your family Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. have fun and take care.

  12. @LR,
    Thanks! Have a great day off today too!:)

  13. Ooh!! I love the food in Pasta Zanmai but not at Sushi Zanmai! I hate the queue at Sushi Zanmai!! Always hate queues - they put me off!!

  14. Eh, I forgot about the vouchers you mentioned last time!! Must go get these vouchers!! Haha!!

  15. Have not tried Hokkaido Ichiba at Gardens! Must be expensive looking at those tiny portions!

  16. @foong,
    Go for the lunch set - they're more value for money at Hokkaido Ichiba. And my advice, stay away from the desserts. Too expensive!

    If I want to eat ice-cream, I'd rather go to Yuzu and get them free there. LOL

  17. @foong,
    Aiyo! Forget about the vouchers! Otherwise, lagi cepat habis! Hahaha

  18. so many foods Lina, making me hungry! In awhile mommy ayie needs to cook supper already.

  19. @Ayie,
    What are cooking tonight? :)


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