Sunday, 19 December 2010

Black & Whites Part II

An evening spent going up to a temple.
A photo meme at  Budget Trouble : Show Me Japan caught my eye, and here is my first entry! Check out other entries there.


  1. ahhh, those steps and those temples and shrines... While I'm a fan of temples and shrines, I am not a fan of steps. LOL!

    Thank you so much for joining us at Show Me Japan. :-)

    And speaking of joining, would you like to have coffee next week? I'll be in KL. :-)

  2. @A and Y Ikeda,
    Yeah, why are there so many steps leading up to them? :D

    You'll be in KL. A chat over coffee soud great! Let me know the date.

  3. I'll be available on the 26 or 27 or 28.
    See you soon!
    Anna (Y is staying in Japan, LOL!)

  4. @Anna,
    You are coming alone? Or with a group?
    Where are you staying in KL?
    Hope to see you soon too! :)

  5. @sixmats,
    at Bessho Onsen, Nagano

  6. I'm staying with a friend and her family somewhere on Jalan Ipoh. Coming by myself. :-)

  7. @Anna,
    It's been ages since I last been to Jalan Ipoh! :D

    I'll e-mail you my h/phone later, so it'll be easier to arrange to meet up. :)

  8. This is "Y" commenting.
    Please take care of "A" when she is there, then we will take care of you when you are in Japan in the future!
    I haven't been to Bessho Onsen so I am glad that you posted. Great monochrome photo!! It's not a big deal if the steps are less than 1000.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. @Y,
    We will! Don't worry. ^_^

    Then, we'll have to make the effort to visit Tochigi in future, no?

    I'll have more post on Bessho Onsen sometime in future, as I do on other places too.

    I agree that if the steps aren't that many, it's not really a big deal. After all, steps at train stations in Japan can be more daunting! LOL

  10. talking about steps, does A plan to take up the steps in Batu Caves while she's in KL? :D

  11. should I take the steps to Batu Caves? You tell me :-)

  12. I dunno. I have yet try to tackle them too. I have wobbly knees LOL

    You should, if you are interested in Hindu temples, I guess. But no festival on at the moment there, as far as I can tell. They do have a humongousaur of a statue there in front of the 272 steps leading to the limestone cave and the temple inside.

  13. @Mahindra City Chennani,
    Why, thanks! ^-^

  14. 272 steps? That's nothing! Let's do it then! We can go slow, because my knees are not the greatest either. :-)

  15. @A,
    My husband would probably kill me for suggesting Batu Caves (he wanted to take you to Tugu Negara, BTW), but, yeah! Lets do it! :D

  16. update:
    Yup, Zaini wanted to strangle me, and is more than willing to abandon us once we reached Batu Caves. So, it might be ladies' day out that day. ;)

  17. looks like a classic place in Japan =P

  18. @Ayie,
    It was. It's steeped with history.


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