Sunday, 26 December 2010

Black & Whites Part III

At Kitamuki Kannon Temple in Bessho Onsen.

Visiting the almost deserted temple in the evening, when the sun was almost setting was rather  an eerie experience for me. Wouldn't  you feel the same?
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  1. I agree with you especially with the statues covered up like that. I get the sense it is cold and deserted. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

  2. Such statues creep me out a little, especially at night. Your photo somehow reminded me of that.


  3. I agree with you and AVCr8teur. Especially when the statue looks creepy.
    I had the same experience of photographing the Buddha statues at night.
    Great B&W photo, though.
    Have a wonderful Holiday.

  4. It's like winter scene. Without the snow.

  5. that's a very good shot Lina!

  6. @AVCr8teur,
    The statue being covered with cloth that way certainly gave a vibe of abandoned souls to me. Creepy!

  7. @A & Y,
    Yea... and Y's photo of the sea of Buddha statues, (the one he mentioned in the comment above) really gave me the heebee-jeebees.

    You guys are sure brave to be out and about in the middle of the night. I would've jump every 5 seconds if I go out in the dark.

  8. @Mei Teng,
    I feel cold now! :)

  9. hello ..coming by to wish you Happy New Year.

  10. @reanaclaire,
    and a happy new year to you too. :)


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