Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Food We Ate : Street Food

Everytime we hit Yoyogi Park, Omotesando, Shibuya and the surrounding area, we always end up just eating street food there instead of finding a restaurant because the lunch time crowd there was always too much for us. People started queueing in front of a restaurant as early as 11.00am! Of course, it didn't help that we always ended up in this part of Tokyo on Sundays instead of on weekdays.
The stalls nearby Yoyogi Park. 

The stalls are always colourful. Standard food fare to be found here are : takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, sausages and during summer, there were kakigori stalls too.

Definitely not as nice as the ones we tried in Osaka, but this is way better than any takoyaki we ate in Malaysia!
Raimie and his lunch. 

Street food in Japan is not cheap, a packet of takoyaki is already 500yen. If I top up another 100yen and eat at Yayoi-Ken, I'd get a pretty decent meal!

I'd like to try festival street food but try as we might, we always ended up not going to any "matsuri" when we were in Japan. But there's always next time, eh?


  1. It's always good to sample street food when one travels. But of course, do becareful you wouldn't want to end up falling sick in a foreign country.

  2. I guessed the reason of why the road side food is not cheap because of their quality. They are using high quality stuff.

  3. @Mei Teng,
    I agree. Luckily for me, I never needed to use my "Po Chai" pills while vacationing in Japan! :D

  4. @VaniilaSeven,
    If it's here, yeah; I rather eat at roadside stall than sub-standard food at the numerous food courts in the malls.

  5. You're right. Takoyaki's are the best in OSaka =)

  6. @Cindy,
    Really have to make a return visit to Osaka someday and have a marvelous gastronomic adventure there. :)

  7. yes... please tell me if you're coming!!! =)

  8. @Cindy,
    I thought of going next year, but Zaini wanted to explore Hokkaido in Winter 2011. We'll see how it goes, though.^-^

  9. We always like to eat street food when we travel although some places you have to be careful not to get sick. I don't know what is Takoyaki although it has an interesting shape.

  10. @AVCr8teur,
    Indeed... one have to be careful when eating street food and choose wisely.

    Takoyaki is octopus ball and it's yummy!

  11. Lina, you lost me there. What's "matsuri"? Now I know what's takoyaki from your comment above. May I suggest something? When you use Japanese words, you might want to have an English translation to go with it so your readers can have a better understanding to enjoy your post better. I know I would appreciate the extra effort. Thanks in advance.

  12. @HappySurfer,
    That's my *evil* scheme to get you guys to comment and ask for the meaning. Bwahaha...

    And I thank you guys in advance for future comments about whatever nonsense I post that you don't undertsand here. :D

    BTW, "Matsuri" = festivals

  13. Next time you're in Japan, we will gladly take you to some of our favorite matsuri! :-)

  14. @A and Y Ikeda,
    Is this A ir Y writing, BTW? :D


    What is your favurite matsuri, BTW? Or should I do my homework and read your blog intead. ;)

  15. This is "A" writing. :-)
    Favorite matsuri? There's plenty. Depends what time of year you want to come.
    Spring: Yayoi festival in Nikko.
    Thousand warriors march in Nikko
    Summer: Moka matsuri!!! The best summer festival in all of Tochigi!
    Fall: Kanuma aki matsuri!!! The best autumn festival in all of Tochigi!

  16. Hi A!
    Got my e-mail? ;)

    No winter festival? But oooo... I wanna watch thousand warriors march. That would be so awesome!

    Just wondering, instead of 26th, how about going gallivanting on 25th?

  17. got your email. lemme check about the 25th. I'll send you an email when I find out, OK?

  18. @A,

    Lovely talking to you. Ok, cool! Don't forget to e-mail me the Lonely Planet guide so that we can have an idea for what you want to go and see.

    1 warning though. We drive arounf in a beat up compact car so prepare yourself to get squashed! LOL

  19. I'm game for street food when traveling but I always have to be careful in case of food poisoning! Experienced that before in Guilin luckily not too serious! : )

  20. Why street food also so expensive ah? Wah! Looks like go Japan must be quite loaded eh?

  21. @foong,
    Yalah, have to be careful when eating street food. Having diarrohea while vacationing (or any other time) is definitely not pleasant.

    Yup, they are a tad expensive. For me, at least. A dozen takoyaki bought in Osaka set us back 1,000yen (almost RM40) but then, we totally didn't mind paying because it was sooooo delicious!

  22. takoyaki is a must for street foods, I can't get enough of it too.

  23. @Ayie,
    A must, I agree espcially if you are in Osaka. Yummy! :)

  24. I hate to say it, but the food stalls at matsuris are pretty much the same as what you found at Yoyogi Park. Though if someone knows of any festivals with better food I'd be happy to know.

    RIP my brethren octopi ;)

  25. @TheOctopus,
    Ha! Maybe I should just soak in the atmosphere while eating standard festival food. No?

    Condolences on th demise of your fellow octopi. :D


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