Monday, 20 December 2010

Food We Ate : Tempura Feast At Tenya

Another affordable (read:cheap) place we found in Japan in Tenya. Tenya is a chain specialising in tempura and no worries about what they serve here because the tempuras are of fish, prawns and vegetables. Though, do note that the miso soup have chicken extract in it, the last time I checked; so some of the readers here might want to avoid drinking the soup.
One can't miss the bright and cheery sign of a Tenya outlet. Even if you can't  read the sign in Japanese, just take note of the blue and yellow stripes. ^-^

Tenya's menu conveniently has a variety of set meals and from the pictures, you can usually tell what's included and the set meals there are very, very good value for money.  You get  piping hot tempura served and drink free mugi-cha too. What more can you want? The outlet we visited in Asakusa has English menu (just ask for one) so ordering is easy at Tenya. Plenty of foreigners visited Tenya so I guess the staff there are pretty used to serving us "clueless" foreigners.
What Zaini and I had in Tenya. 

We didn't go to Tenya all that much, preferring Yayoi-ken but we made a visit there the last time we were in Japan to let my friend; who was tagging along with us try out the food here.
Raimie was anticipating his dinner. He was famished but he didn't want to eat rice so we ordered for him:
an udon set. He's a big boy now so he finished this on his own.
Everyone's ready to eat dinner! Raimie is pretty good at slurping his noodles and also using chopsticks. Oh my! I'm getting hungry just looking at his photo slurping all those udon! LOL


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  2. Tempura is one of my fav Japanese dishes. I prefer vegetables tempura than seafood ones.

  3. Are you sure that miso soup have chicken extract in it? this is the first time I heard about that, did I missed something?

  4. that looks scrumptious. i love tempura.

  5. @Mei Teng,
    I love them both. :)

  6. @foong,
    Good! Go eat breakfast now. :D

  7. @ayaharif,
    It was mentioned by several Malaysian bloggers residing in Malaysia. I'm too lazy to find the link and even their comments about it in this blog, but feel free to check.

    BTW, I'm not talking about all miso shiru, but rather the ones served in Tenya.

    My stand for any food related things when in Japan, if not sure, ask. If still not sure, don't eat. ;)

  8. @LR,
    I like them too, but I don't eat them that much. :)

  9. where is yayoi ken in asakusa. do you know where I can find a map?

  10. Hi Lina
    Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Nana. I have been reading your blog for years but never left a comment. I don't think I could leave comments before this. Anyway I would like to thank you. Its because of your blog I was able to influence my friends to not go to Japan on a guided tour. My friends and I have been to Japan twice already, both times on our own. Tenya is one of my favourite place to eat in Tokyo. Would like to try out Yayoi ken next time

  11. @Nana,
    Cool! Glad to hear that you've been visiting this blog previously. :) Thanks!

    Map wise - maybe check out Yayoi Ken's website. It is easy to find. From Tawaramachi station, just look for the Softbank shop across the street from the exit. It's on the same row as Softbank. Easy, no? :)

  12. Thanks for the direction. Already booked cheap tickets on Air Asia for next year. Will be checking out Yayoi ken then

  13. @nana,
    Cool! How much did you get your tickets for?

    Where are you heading to,this time? Just Tokyo?

    I got a photo of Yayoi-ken stashed somewhere in my previous posts, so maybe you can use that as a reference to look out for the place. There is one outlet in Ikebukuro too, but it's rather far from the train station. Anyhoo, have fun! :)

  14. I can understand why Raimie didn't want to eat rice, I get sick of it after having it with every dish day in and day out.

  15. @Contamination,
    And at some point, I got sick of it too. After a week of eating onigiri for breakfast, I'd give anything for a bagel for breakfast! :D

  16. I got a return ticket for RM712 (inclusive of luggage allocation of 25kg). Its a very very short trip from Thursday till Sunday end of September 2011. My friend is a crafter so she wants me to accompany her craft supply shopping. So basically we will be going to the fabric town in Nippori, Asakusa Nihombashi for beads and craft supplies and a few craft/fabric shop in Shibuya and Shinjuku. Will be staying in Asakusa of course. Very convenient to stay there:)

    Lina have you been to the town Takamatsu? The sanuki udon there is unbelievably delicious

  17. @Nana,
    that's cheap! Half the prie of JAL promo airfares. :)

    Wow, a shopping trip. I've always wanted to hit Nippori for some fabric shopping but my hubby has no interest and I'm not keen to go there alone. I wish I can tag along with you!

    Asakusa is really convenient, right? And I love the neighborhood too.

    Have yet been to Takamatsu. Maybe on our next trip. Thanks for the heads up on the sanuki udon! :)

  18. Yes this will be a short shopping trip. The longer we stay the more money spent on accommodation etc and less money to shop:):)
    Asakusa has everything I need. Tenya/Uniqlo/
    Omiyage/Kitchen Town and the Taiyaki is very yummy too.

    Please watch the japanese movie UDON first if you are thinking of going to Takamatsu.

  19. tempura feast surely sounds so tasty!

  20. @Ayie,
    They sure were tasty. It is especially more tasty if you go to a specialised "mom & pop" tempura place though their price of course may not be as affordable as Tenya's.


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