Thursday, 2 December 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Son

It's Raimie's birthday today. He is of course pretty excited today.

The day started early at midnight when he reminded us it's Dec 2 already! Then, first thing we did in the morning was to present him with a birthday card. We took him to Desa Waterpark and maybe out for a nice dinner afterwards. A quiet celebration, with just the three of us.

Initially we wanted to celebrate his birthday in Japan and had planned for our 2010 trip to be in December but of course, as you know it, that didn't happen. We already went to Japan in September. Now, just a little over two months since our trip to Japan, my dear son has already started making plans for his next trip next year. To him, our trips to Japan is as normal as a trip back to our hometown. Well, he starts visiting Japan every year since he was three after all.

Actually, browsing through our photo albums, we can see how much he has grown just by looking at our Japan albums. I sure love looking at all his photos. :-)

Photos are of each of our visits in different year/season to Japan. He sure has grown, hasn' t he?
Happy birthday Son. May all your wishes come true.


  1. Birthday greetings! :)

  2. have a wonderful birthday Raimie.

  3. I see that Raimie has wonderful memories of his birthdays. Wishing him more to come. :D
    *hugs for Raimie*

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Thanks for the wish! :)

  5. @LR,
    His birthday celebration was low key this year but he loves it nonetheless. :)

  6. @ECL,
    He sure did. And we too are looking forward to more great memories with him.

  7. Happy Birthday Raimie! I'm a little late, but a good excuse to stretch out your celebration for another day. He will have lots of happy childhood memories of his trips to Japan.

  8. @AVCr8teur,
    Thanks! :)

    I sure hope that he'll cherish all the memories. :)

  9. That's great. Happy Birthday.


  10. Happy belated birthday to Raimie! Wah so close to my birthday! : )

  11. @foong,
    IIRC, you mentioned about it one time. ^^

    You two can have a joint celebration next year.:D

  12. oh, what happened to my comment again? Can't see it here again... =(

    belated birthday greetings to Raimie

  13. @Ayie,
    Comment acting up again? Oh dear. I really need to look into this.

    Thanks for the birthday wish! :)


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