Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Places We Stay : Toyoko Inn - Kawasaki

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Apart from Toyoko-Inn in Asakusa and Akita, we also spent a night at Toyoko-Inn Kawasaki. Last year, we spent the night in Kawasaki at Nikko Hotel and had wanted to stay at Nikko Hotel again but the rate was a tad high because we had waited until the last minute to make the reservation. So, Toyoko-Inn became our choice for Kawasaki.

Again, there are several Toyoko Inns in Kawasaki snd the Toyoko-Inn Kawasaki we chose is located nondescriptly away from the hustle and bustle of Kawasaki Station, with about 7 minutes walk from the east exit of JR Kawasaki Station. We actually had a bit of problem finding the hotel at first.

We got there a bit too early for check-in so we just left our bags there before heading out again for sightseeing. See that two machines in the photo above?

This hotel has no staff manning the reception at night so for those wishing to get a room late at night, they can do so by using the vending machine. A vending machine for hotel booking - cool, eh?
The dining area. It has a humungous TV here for diners to watch while enjoying their meal. And also a big coffee/tea machine for guests to enjoy for free. I like free stuff. LOL
Our room was interestingly located outside the hotel corridor.
Our room for the night. This hotel even has a pantry area in each room.
The next day, we went down quite late to have breakfast. Unlike most Toyoko-Inn chains, this hotel only provides minimal amount of bread for guests. Lucky for us as we were able to get the last three bread left in those bread baskets. That and with cups and cups of coffee for me and green tea for Raimie and Zaini were all we had for breakfast that day.


  1. It's my understanding that DIY check-in is rather popular among the "love hotels" across Japan, as rent rooms by the hour for the most part.

  2. I pun semenjank dah jadi members. Sgt suka guna hotel ni juga... Just know what to expect... Our next destination will be Hokkaido! :-)

  3. @Iludium Phisdex,
    Yes, well... you wouldn't want to meet the reception face to face knowing that the main reason you are checking-in.

  4. @Farah,
    We all pun. No surprises on what to expect from this chain, right? :)

    Bestnyer, nak gi Hokkaida tu? When will that trip be?

  5. This is the first time I saw using vending machine for booking! Cool!

  6. @VanillaSeven,
    Great for walk-in guests. Quite a hassle free check-in. Don't you agree?

  7. lina! Sorry for the loooooong absence... my old domain is DEAD (sad story) but I've updated to the new URL... can you please update my site link? thanks in advance!

    Blank Thoughts -

    btw, I love TOYOKO inn too! Pretty budget place to stay!!

  8. @Cindy,
    Interestingly, there are Japanese (of whom we made acquaitance) that didn't know about Toyoko Inn.

    I was wondering what happen to your blog. Will update the link and check it out! :)

  9. a hotel room with corridor is a bonus.

  10. Wow! Vending machine for hotel booking? Cool!
    Got pantry in each room? So nice!

  11. Toyoko Inn is a budget hotels meant for salarymen on business trips.. I spent a few nights there when I came down to Osaka (when I was staying in Tokyo) for my university placement test... =)

    My blog domain was suspended. Long story... sigh.. but it's back up at a different URL.. lucky thing I had backups... ! So do your backups from time to time yeah!

  12. @LR,
    This one is quite interesting though, felt like we are going back to our own apartment instead of going in to a hotel roo. ^_^

  13. @foong,
    Yup, Pantry in each room. Can cook instant noodle if you want. LOL

  14. @Cindy,
    I guess that's why those who work in big companies may not know about this chain, esp when the hotel they usually go are big 5 stars hotel. :D

  15. hey I like that pantry, it's nice to have the luxury of preparing some foods that you want too when you are in a hotel. Hehe for me most esp now that I have a baby, I prepare his foods all the time.

  16. @Ayie,
    Noow that you mentioned it. Yes,a hotel room with a pantry is great for families with babies and toddlers.


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