Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Places We Stay : Our Room At Uematsuya, Bessho Onsen

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Places We Stay : Uematsuya, Bessho Onsen

Continuing from my previous post, after we were amply refreshed by a cup of frothy green tea and some confectionery; we were shown to our room.
Entrance of our room
Upon entering, we saw a shoe rack with plenty of slippers. Those aren't in-room slippers, so don't wear them in the room! It's to be used when walking around the hotel or walking out sightseeing.
Our room at Taenoyu Onsen in Nyuto Onsen which we stayed in last year had no bathroom and we used a communal toilet, but here in Uematsuya, plenty of space for us to do our "business".  Interestingly, only the toilet got used by us because we didn't even go in the bath tub in our room, preferring instead all the hot spring the hotel offers. Yes, for me a private bathroom when staying in a Japanese Inn with onsen facility is quite unnecessary. But of course, in colder weather, an in-room loo is good in case of our frequent need to visit it!
A mini bar is provided too.
Ou really spacious room complete with a veranda
My son wanted to be like Doraemon and here he was, pretending to sleep in the "oshiire" or closet for beddings to be used at night.
After dinner, which we had in our room (a post on that sometime in the future); we decided to take a stroll around the area. While we were out, our futons were laid out ready for us by the time we got back. It is absolutely fun sleeping on/in them. I sure had a good night sleep. Just rolling around in them was fun too!
I also love sitting by the veranda, enjoying the cool night breeze.


  1. Huh? The slippers are for walking around the hotel or outside? How come they provide slippers for that?

  2. LOL @ Raimie sleeping in the oshiire! : D

  3. Wah! Sitting by the verandah enjoying the cool night breeze is something I want to do too!!

  4. @foong,
    They provide slippers so that you don't need to use your own shoes. At least here our shoes are in our room and we can use them if we want to. Last year at Taenoyu Onsen, upon check-in; our shoes were stashed elsewhere out of sight!

  5. The closet for bedding is quite stuffy when you closed the door. Not recommended! :D

  6. @VanillaSeven,
    True! It'll be too stuffy, unless you are a robot cat.XD

  7. the hotel room does look cosy and inviting. what's the room rates for 1 night?

  8. @LR,
    more than 30Kyen per room per night. Actually the rate is about 15Kyen per pax per night for room, breakfast & dinner. Not bad lah, considering the meals are included.

  9. the tatami are very neat looking that's why I want to have also in our dream home =)

    Raimie the doraemon? cute!

  10. @Ayie,
    That'll be nice to have in a home. :)

    I'll Raimie you said he's cute. He'll be happy. :)


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