Monday, 6 December 2010

Places We Stay: Toyoko Inn - Akita

This will be the start of a series of posts on hotels we stayed in Japan in 2010.

The bulk of our stay in Japan was spent staying in one of the many Toyoko-Inn Hotel chains, which are scattered all around Japan. When we are in Tokyo, we would always stay at Toyoko-Inn Asakusa Senzoku, preferring it to other branches that can be found in Asakusa. For record, if I'm not mistaken; there are three Toyoko-Inns in Asakusa alone!

For our trip in September, we were in Akita for two nights, and it was spent staying in at Toyoko-Inn Akita branch. Instead of a stand-alone building, the hotel is within a building complex, and located near/next Akita's NHK office. With just a few minutes walk from Akita Station, getting to this hotel was easy!
The entrance to Toyoko Inn Akita
The spacious lobby, the biggest I see so far of any Toyoko Inn around Japan. Plenty of desktop computers for guests' use available here, along with internet and free wi-fi. Toyoko Inns provides free wired internet connection in each of guest's rooms and that is why I pretty much stayed connected and was able to update this blog while vacationing in Japan.
Long, long corridors and our room was almost to the end of the corridor.
Our double room. It's pretty spacious by Toyoko Inn standard. We've stayed in a room so small,  there was hardly any space to walk between the bed and the bathroom!

There is one thing that I love about Akita's Toyoko Inn and that is their breakfast spread that I blogged about earlier. Plenty of selection for a complete breakfast can be gotten here.


  1. thanks for the review. i don't mind having small room as long as it's clean, quiet and adequate space for me to move around.

  2. @LR,
    Me too.

    I'm not spending much time in any hotel room during my vacation anyway. Unless I'm in a resort for my second honeymoon, that is. ;)

  3. Very nice to hear about that accommodation . i would like to stay here.. :-)

  4. Having free WIFI is a bonus! :)

  5. @Erica,
    Do, if you have the chance. :)

  6. @Mei Teng,
    Definitely. Almost all hotels we stayed in Japan offer it.

  7. Wah! I think I like this hotel! Quite spacious and got good breakfast spread I like! : )

  8. Ooh! The word verification is HOTIL haha!!

  9. @foong,
    I like the breakfast here too! Good, balanced breakfast is always important but more so when one is spending so much time walking & sightseeing, right? :)

    Cool word verification! :D

  10. i don't really mind much if the room is not lavishly spaced if I'm staying for short time only, though of course it's nice to have big rooms if possible.

  11. @Ayie,
    If I'm planning too spend more time in the room, I'd like a spacious room but otherwise I'm like you too, Just as long as it's reasonably priced and comfortable and clean. :)


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