Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Food We Ate : A Simple Konbini Bought Dinner

Our trip to Japan on Day 4 last year saw us going to:
A fruit farm and enjoyed our time plucking delicious fruits
then, going on a trip on the Resort Shirakami train for an awesome seaside view route from Akita to Hirosaki;
and taking a sleeper train; Akebono on our trip back to Akita

Arriving quite late back to Akita Station after the Akebono train ride, there weren't much option for us to find places to eat dinner so we decided to check out a nearby Sunkus (a convenience store) for something to eat.
Looks yummy, right? Raimie was rightly famished and enjoyed his dinner a lot! He even ate my portion.

What can you get for a meal at a konbini in Japan? Well, a lot of variety, that I can say. From rice to noodles to pasta to sandwiches. Also, if you'd like to try oden, and  too chicken from trying them at a stall or an oden place - why not buy them at a konbini to try and have a taste? Read about our adventures going to try oden in Asakusa last year at : An oden adventure in the back alleys of Asakusa.


  1. I learned a new word today. Konbini! :)

  2. @Con Artist Trickster,
    Yummy!!!! :D

  3. looking at these pics make me so hungry again even though i've taken my lunch. :)

  4. @Life Ramblings,
    You know what? I'm hungry too! And it's just after lunch! LOL

  5. I often buy a bottle of black coffee and a sweet bread at Konbini when leaving for home.
    Konbini is convenient for travelers, isn't it?
    When I tripped to Rome, almost stores were closed in the night.
    It was so unconvenient. ^^;

  6. @bird,
    I totally agree.

    What would I do without a convenience store to stock up on anything at night, in Japan? And the selection are all great! Not to mention the chirpy staff that greet you and no sullen ones even in the middle of the night. :D


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