Friday, 28 January 2011

Musashi Mitake Shrine

A comment from Floating Camera Tokyo made me dig through my archive for some old Mount Mitake photos. Hope he had fun going up the mountain and share with us all the awesome photos taken there!

Musashi Mitake Shrine is known as a symbol of the mountain worship and the Shrine is said to have been founded 2,000 years ago. It is is believed to have been established during the era of Emperor Sujin. 
 Found along the way, whilst climbing up the steep slope up to reach the shrine.
I posted about our trip up Mount Mitake in several posts (yea, I can be rather exhaustive, not to mention long-winded in my trip reports):

My entry for this week's #11 Budget Trouble : Show Me Japan. Keep it going!


  1. it's so nearby Tokyo! I never knew! Will have to exchange some words with mister about it. :-)

  2. I've been in Japan for 10 years & visited over half of its prefectures but have only ever passed through Tokyo once. So now Mt Mitake is on the list of places to see.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. It sounds interesting place to visit. I looked it up and it appears to have lots of shrines with a variety of Shinto deities. Even Toshogu (東照宮), enshrining Ieyasu Tokugawa, is there, too! We would love to visit there someday!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. @Anna,
    Looks like you've talked to the mister in record time judging by his comment up there. :D

  5. @kyushudan,
    It's in your list of places to visit now? Cool!

    I'm so envious you covered so many places! I wonder how many years I have to take to even scratch the surface. XD

  6. @Yoshi,
    Wow! You sure are fast doing your research.

    I am looking forward to your visit and your posts and all the history behind the shrines there. I hope you'll put them up when you hiked there? ;)

  7. Haha!! So many posts just on Mount Mitake? Worse than me lah LOL!!

  8. @foong,
    You are my mentor-of-sorts on writing posts that last six months, you know! :D

  9. So beautiful and so well-kept. If you like to write exhaustively about your trips, it only means you enjoyed it to talk about it. :)

  10. @AVCr8teur,
    When you put it like that. :)
    Yup, the hike up Mount Mitake was really nice and with great view too.

  11. Mm interesting temple. Nice blog, I will add you to my blogrol and follow your next adventures.


  12. @Filip,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.:)

    Your blog is pretty interesting too. I'll make a point and visit more. :)

  13. traditional Japan oways looks so exotic

  14. @bengbeng,
    You are right. And you know what I like most and what makes me feel somehow transported to old Japan? Walking around the moss-covered Rock Garden at Mount Mitake. I don't know why. :D

    How are you feeling now?

  15. wow, such a great place of worship.

  16. @Life Ramblings,
    It is, isn't it?

  17. Lina, by mistake you entered the same post as last week. If you email me the new entry, I can fix it "backstage".

  18. @Anna,
    Oh shoot! OK, will e-mail the entry pronto. Thanks! :)


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