Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nightime In Asakusa

When night approaches, all the shutters went down and the shops are closed. Another occupant take his place and settle in for the night.
This was taken in Summer 2010. I wonder how they cope with the winter chill? 

Life can be hard and we need to continue fighting.


  1. i think that they go underground during winter. i remember walking through a tunnel in shinjuku during winter that was littered with cardboard boxes representing makeshift homes of the homeless. some where basic boxes with their sleeping quarters inside while other had extravagant cardboard box structures.

  2. I saw them at a tunnel of Shinjuku when I lived in Kanagawa. Tokyo has many warm places. But I guess they cannot stay warm place long time.
    BTW I'm fighting with my work XD

  3. @reesan & bird,
    I guess the ones with extravagant boxes are long-timers?

    We all need to fight for something. I too am fighting with my work. LOL

  4. I saw this when I was in Tokyou too.

  5. @ristinw,
    There are many of them. :(


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