Thursday, 29 December 2011

Postcards To Home

Rather than sending them to others back home, we love sending postcards to ourselves from each city we visited when we are vacationing in Japan.

It's fun to look at the postcards and the stamps not to mention if there's any special postmark on it. ^^

This year, we have Hakodate, Yufuin, Dogo Onsen (Matsuyama), Nara, Enoshima, Kagawa added to our postcard collection.

And we have a new set of stamps added too.
Cute, right? *^-^*


  1. Lucky you, early this yr we went to Germany and Paris, so we sent 3 postcards from different places to 3 of our little girls at home, none of them were safely delivered. I guess Japan has better post system.

  2. @screamingmommy,
    Japan of course has an excellent postal system. I'm a bit wary about Malaysian own postal system though.

    I know someone's mother who sent a "Raya" package to him who was in Japan and the package ended up stranded in Indonesia! @.@

  3. Did the postcards arrive later then you reached home? haha

  4. Send me one next time lah.
    Must sign off with love xxx! Hahaha

    Alamak, daddy's ah moi in blue bikini not in the stamps?!
    You see, it's not the camera angle problem.
    You picked the wrong set. Ahaha

  5. @Bananazஇ,
    A few we got it before as the day we arrived, they were in the mailbox. The later batches came later and the last one of the batch which we sent on the second last day in Japan arrived a few days ago. xD

  6. @London Caller,
    Scandal owh, if I sent like that. LOL

    Ahahah... if the stamps la... the "amoi" is there what. The angle different only. What to see, when she is showing her back instead of her, errr.... frontal asset. ;p

  7. Haha. It's a great souvenir because it's both cute and useful. :)

  8. @cocomino,
    And we are able to teach our Son the beauty of collecting - postcards, stamps, etc :)

  9. Very cute! I'm going to try that next time I go to South Africa ... No. Wait. Bad idea. It will probably be delivered to a puzzled Tuareg in Timbuktu.

    PS: I can't decide which is nicer: the cards or the stamps.

  10. @Rurousha,
    Now, how do you deliver anything to a Tuareg? Though I guess it is easier now, if they are settling for good somewhere? My African knowledge is rather shallow. xD

    Both are nice. ^^

    The boys likes anime so we do like to buy stamp sets of anime - Conan, Doraemon, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist and the like. Yeah, we are rather juvenile about our stamps collection. ;)

  11. I have no idea how you deliver anything to a Tuareg. On a camel? ;) But the SA Post Office will somehow get lost and somehow delivery your parcel to a totally wrong address, preferably at least 3 months late. How they do it remains a mystery, but they do it.

    I wonder how the stamp collection will change as Raimie grows older ...

  12. That is a great idea Lina and some good memories of your trip :)

    Japan Australia

  13. @Rurousha,
    If you think about it in a "positive" light, your letters got a hell of an adventure before arriving.... somewhere. xD

    Yeah, I wonder too. But then again, my 36 YO "boy" has yet outgrown his anime fascination so I'm thinking the 9YO wouldn't outgrow his too soon. ^^

  14. @Japan Australia,
    Yup,it sure is.:)

  15. Ha ha... Her front asset is more valuable lah!
    But you don;t collect stamps, do you?

  16. We sometimes do the same thing too... it is fun to receive the cards upon reaching home...

  17. @London Caller,
    We collect only anime related stamps, for the time being. ^^

  18. THe only mail we receive are bills and advertisements. Sending a post card to ourselves seems a nice idea. Receiving them would b like reliving the joy. Happy new year 2012

  19. @Bengbeng,
    Hahaha yes, I've never gotten my bills lost before too. ;p

    And yes, after returning from our holiday and seeing those postcards, it's a nice reminder of our just concluded trip. ^^

    Happy new year to you and family.:)

  20. Hi Lina *waves at you*

    Sorry again for not visiting your blog, finally my clan dah balik hehehe so I have the apartment back to normal but Im missing them. Anyhoo, wahhhh you know I travelled alot and never thought of this idea until you mentioned here. I used to collect the postcards of where I travelled but next travel I shall do this, thanks for the idea. Wah One Piece oooooohhhhhh say say you didnt happen to put any Fullmetal Alchemist stamps here before did you?

    2011 is coming to a close soon my friend so before we say adieu to 2011 and Yokoso to 2012 hehe I wish you and your gorgeous family a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012. May 2012 be a great, successful, healthy and rewarding year for all of us :)

  21. @cuteandcurls,
    So, quiet home for you for the New Year?

    Wishing you and family a happy new year too. :)

  22. what a cool idea! i am going to steal this idea next time i go on a trip. :-)

  23. @reesan,
    Steal away. :)

    So... planning for a 2012 trip anytime soon? ^^

    Have a blast celebrating the New Year! :)

  24. I haven't gotten a postcard in years. Have any gotten there after you got home? It's a nice way to re-live your trip.

  25. @AVCr8teur,
    All postcards are safe and accounted for. ^^

    Do you want a postcard? I can send one for you. It's rather nice to receive them, now that people don't do the sending anymore and e-mail and SMS and whatever instead. xD


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