Friday, 14 January 2011

Super Heroes Time!

I'm going all juvenile for this post!

What do you think when you think Japan? For us, it's super heroes, aliens and monsters! That was the reason we made our second, third, fourth.... trips to Japan, by the way.

Meeting up the Ultra Heroes were awesome memories for our son. He still loves them but has now moved on to Kamen Riders. He's already a big boy, after all.

Some of the heroes he met all these years vacationing in Japan, and met a lot, he certainly did!
Ultraman Agul
Ultraman Cosmos
Ultra Father & Taro
Ultraman Justice
Ultraman Mebius & Hikari
Ultraman Tiga
Ultraman Zearth

What's Japan for kids if not for those tokukatsu series? Those Kamen Riders, Super Sentais and ofcourse,Ultraman. HENSHIN!

Anyone still remember Space Cop Gaban? *^-^*


  1. hehehe!!! have you been to the Bandai museum in Mibu? If not, we're taking you there next time. It's right down the street from where we live :)

  2. @Anna,
    Really? Oh, you tempt me, you do. XD

    Is the museum any good? We always thought it was too much a hassle to make the trip (so says two adults who even made a trip to Terai, Komatsu just so they and their son can go to Ultraman Stadium one year. LOL)

  3. Oh Wow! These are just awesome for Raimie's album and memories! Is that you too in the Ultraman Tiga shot? Thanks for sharing, Lina. I'm not familiar with them all but it's nice to see them.

  4. @HappySurfer,
    Naw... I was almost always holding the camera so no photo of me behind Tiga. XD

  5. wah, lots of ultraman haha. My little brother pula like Spiderman and Ben10

  6. @zezebel,
    Ben10, Ben10 Alien Force, Ben10 Ultimate Alien - I think kids all dig these series nowadays; my son included. ;)

  7. i believe any Ultraman fans would be so envious of Raimie.

  8. @LR,
    Hahaha... yeah, I agree with you. One thing good about him (and us too) being such Ultraman fans, my friends and colleagues kept on passing any Ultraman stuff they got - the free Speedy calendar, posters and whatnot to us. :)

  9. When I think of Japan, sakura and sushi comes to mind.

  10. @Mei Teng,
    True. What is Japan without us foreigners thinking about sakura and sushi, eh? :)

  11. Even the local city has its own local hero! Kanuma city is an adjacent city of our town, Utsunomiya!

  12. Raimie is lucky to have such fun parents. He will remember his Ultraman childhood forever.

  13. @Yoshi,
    I remember the post about the heroes. Wow! Japanese City are really fun to make such effort to develop their own local heroes. But to fight what? XD

  14. @AVCr8teur,
    I would be happy if he remembers us when he grows up! (~_^)

    But seriously, a fun childhood is what we strive to give him but not without some serious studying too! ;)

  15. hi,

    just folo ur blog recently and to be frank it's bcoz of the ultraman! haha, my son sami turn 3 tis feb and he lovessss ultraman. planning to bring him to japan some day, hope u can give us tips eeeii beshnyeee..

    btw, gaban was my super hero ok hahaha

  16. @Ely,
    That is cool. We took our son for his first Ultraman trip when he was 3. Oh, how time flies. :)

    Just read the blog for any tips on Ultraman. See the tag for Ultraman? Click on it for any Ultraman nonsense. ;)

  17. haha thanks lina, i found ur blog couple weeks back but only today showed it to papi and sami, guess who excited more, PAPI!! hahahaa..he even put cosmos theme song as his mobile tone haha.. byk2 superhero, ultraman happen to be chosen by sami and we think sami big enough to appreciate now, insya allah this year or maybe next year we will step foot kat sana, the funny things ialah japan never in my list now mcm dh top 5 in the list haha

    Raimie is so lucky, hope we can do the same to sami too

  18. @Ely,
    I think your Sami lagi lucky - boleh round the world. Kitaorg pegi Japan saje. Heh heh

    Speaking of Ultraman theme songs, we have a complete set of their Ultraman soundtracks. Well... complete up to Mebius, that is. XD

    Raimie dulu pun, sebenarnya, the Daddy yg minat dulu then perturunkan kegilaan pada anak. LOL

  19. I've watched a lot of Japanese heroes but never thought there's a lot of ultraman!

  20. @Ayie,
    There are about 40 Ultra Heroes actually. And yes, Raimie knows them all and all thier signature moves. So otaku, right? *^-^*

  21. Awwwww your son has now moved on to Kamen Rider? Hope he will still be fond of Ultraman tho. Look at these photos of your son with the Ultra Heroes, my nephew would be so green with envy if he saw them. Recently I sent to him a whole box full of Ultraman goodies, heard hes so happy with them and now he has started going to school so big aunty here is planning to get him some Ultraman stationaries. Space Cop gosh a name that has not been heard for so long !!

  22. @cuteandcurls,
    He still loves them, but find Kamen Riders cooler nowadays. ;)

    Wow - you sent your nephew a whole box of Ultraman goodies? You are such a good aunt! I want to be your niece!!!! LOL


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