Monday, 21 February 2011

All For Peace

Point a camera at me, and the "peace" sign will automatically come up without hesitation. I should try and vary my poses. But it's kinda hard to control my hands and stop my fingers from forming that V sign. LOL
p.s. this is my excuse of putting up my old photos of my "younger self" up in this blog. Haha Cheesy, I know.

Bear with me. This is after all MY BLOG.

An enlightening post on Japan next, I promise. :D


  1. The peace sign has now become part of Japanese culture and most people use it for photos. It just becomes second nature after a while.

  2. I guess there's nothing wrong with having "peace sign" pose. There are many, many people do that too.
    Have a nice day! Peace! :)

  3. Yeah most people are likely to be posing with a peace sign every time pictures are taken :)

  4. Wow, you are such a cheerful mommy!^-^

  5. Haha, since it's your blog, you can do whatever you want to for sure:)
    To me, the behavior of JAPANESE having peace sign when the camera was pointed at was sort of conditional response, as is explained by "Pavlov's dog"... Well I am not blaming but telling how I feel toward them, you know:)
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. yey! It looks so good.
    I do it, too. And also thumb up. I don't know why I'm doing that.
    I recognize that means peace, but do you think that there are people who is recognizing the sign means Victory?
    I wonder if I could show off the sign in every country. haha!

  7. Blimey that's a lot of peace signs! :)

  8. Well I think its cute, nothing wrong with a V sign pose :) i sometimes take photos with the v sign too hehehe and honestly ive been teaching my cute nephew how to do the v sign which he is trying his best to master it well so far it still looks a bit like a Klingon grip sign hehe ..i like your 1st photo with the cute bob, it suits you well!

  9. Ha ha... Your son didn't do the peace sign!
    Instead, he gave us a thumbs down?!
    So mischievous huh?

  10. hahaha... didn't expect a lot of response for this frivolous post but there you go... ^^

    @Japan Australia,
    It's become my second nature too. Hard habit to break for me now. :D

    @Con Artist Trickster & Mei Teng,
    Yeah, people everywhere put up the V sign for photos. But I thin I overdo it somehow. LOL

    Only when I'm on vacation! Otherwise, I'm the GARANG mommy. LOL

  11. @Yoshi,
    Conditioned from birth to do the V? :D
    I should stop being cheesy, shouldn't I? ^-^

    Yes, you can! Perfectly normal to see that V everywhere. Although I don't see middle age ladies like me doing it so much. LOL

    @Twisting the Spanner,
    Almost 90% of my non-candid photos have me with the hands up. That's a lot. I should try and just stand straight up more in my photos. LOL

  12. @cuteandcurls,
    I tried hard but never can do the Klingon sign. My son and hubby don't have that problem and I soooo envy them! (My body just don't listen to me, I guess). :D

    You like that 1st photo? I like it too. I was in my best shape and best hair that time, being very fit and all. Sadly, after a year, gone fat already. huhu

  13. @London Caller,
    Cheeky, that boy. ^^

  14. Ha ha... Your son cheeky. You're cheesy?
    Almost rhyme lah.
    Can make pantun.
    My Melayu is a bit rusty, I am forcing myself to use it every day on my blog.
    In case, when I go back to Malaysia, orang tanya apa pun tak tahu...
    Nak pesan nasi lemak pun susah! Ha ha...
    So let me know if my Malay sounds like Mat Salleh, OK? ;)

  15. @London Caller,
    Hahaha... Been too long since I last construct a pantun myself. :D

    Well, you sound like most non-Malay I've known in Malaysia so no worries there. :)

  16. Haha!! I guess it's a habit! Maybe you should remind yourself to just pose without the V sign next time : )

  17. @foong,
    I will try my best. XD

  18. i think it's a cutesy way to pose with the V sign.

  19. @LR,
    It sure is, isn't it? But whether a middle age woman doing it looks cute or not, is another matter. LOL


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