Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dinner Was Served!

Remember my posts about our stay at Uematsuya in Bessho Onsen? You don't? Well, check out the posts:
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Pretty detailed posts about the place, eh? Uematsuya should buy me dinner one day for all these! LOL

We didn't finish covering all the places we wanted to in Bessho Onsen yet due to a pouring rain on the day we were supposed to go out an sight-see so maybe, just maybe there would be more visit/post on Bessho Onsen in the years to come.

We had a great time going out sightseeing around Bessho Onsen in the evening and with dinner arranged to be served at 7.00pm, we made sure we are back to our room by the allotted time. Dinner was served in our room instead of a dining hall. 
Raimie, happy it was dinner time. He, of course got the kiddie version of dinner which included among others - corn on the cob, potato crinkles served alongside the chestnut jelly and his own pot of simmering nabe(?).
Part of the dinner served.

Don't be fooled by the small portions. You'll be full in no time, because the food that were served seemed endless. They just kept coming! Not that it was a bad thing.
Random photos of the excellent food we enjoyed that night. Don't ask me what they were or what they were called. Our concern was just to avoid anything meaty. The lady server explained every single dish at length, but sorry - since I have no desire to sit at the dinner table with a notebook or a recorder, I forgot most of what she told us. Anyway, didn't I tell you my Japanese is negligible?

There were chicken stuffed with cheese served alongside the homemade miso paste in the menu which  we didn't eat and the nice lady was concerned about us not eating it; but  that's about the only thing we left out, no funky horse meat served here, like what we got at Taenoyu Onsen!
It sure was hard work finishing everything off. We simply couldn't let anything go to waste (except the chicken), not when everything was absolutely yummy.



  1. Now you make me hungry. Yum.

  2. @Con Artist Trickster,
    Hahaha... what time is it now there? Time for lunch or dinner? :)

  3. Gosh Im hungry now and tonight Im only making beef soto with veggies in them :-) Uematsuya not only should give you a free dinner but a few 3 nights stay there hehehe. Nagano huh, thats where my Japanese pen pal is, she sends photos of her hometown, I really like the looks of it. IF i do go there, I hope to get some info on Uematsuya from you.

  4. @cuteandcurls,
    Your pen-pal lives in Nagano? Cool! Well, if you decide to visit this area, it is not too far from Tokyo.

    LOL on the comment about them giving us a few nights' stay. I should link up your comment to them. Hihi

    Ask away for any info you want and we'll try our best to answer/ help you. :)

  5. I didn't know you can get room service. Everything looks delicious. The portions are small so you can try more food.

  6. @AVCr8teur,
    You do get either your meals served in your room or at the dining hall when you stay in a Japanese Inn. I think it depends on the room type & the package you choose. But not the room service type we are so used at Western style hotels though! :D

    Yup, with the small portion, diners get to taste a little bit of everything and it sure was delicious. :)

  7. Link away that comment of mine hehehe, it is a fact you see because you are in someway promoting Uematsuya through your experience and lenses, it also shows how you thoroughly enjoyed your time there and how you would go back there again, right? heheehehe

  8. @cuteandcurls,
    Bessho Onsen is a great place to stay and sightsee. If you have time when you are in Japan, why not make a visit there. :)

    I wish I had more time there...

  9. Absolutely yummy! I love eating Japanese food but the thought of washing the many dishes sounds scary. :P

  10. You guys had quite a lavish dinner! :)

  11. Wow, the dinner you guys had looks so fancy! But you did not lose your sense of photographing every single dish! If I were there, I would just empty all the dishes:)

  12. @ECL,
    LOL. True, doing the dishes when serving a Japanese meal isn't something I look forward too. XD

  13. @Mei Teng,
    It was indeed. And looking forward to a nice dinner like that when/if we go to Japan again. :)

  14. @Yoshi,
    Those two guys with me are resigned to the fact that they are not allowed to eat before I take photo. LOL

  15. Japanese cuisine is so varied. it may just take a lifetime for me to discover them all. :)

  16. @LR,
    And for me too! But discovering them would be so much fun! :)


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