Sunday, 27 February 2011


Tochigi residents are sure nice people. Don't believe me? A random comment of mine over at  Yoshi's Extracting Abstract and the dear Anna (and Yoshi too) of Budget Trouble really took the trouble to send me not one, not two but three absolutely awesome I♥Tochigi T-Shirts. 

Aren't the t-shirts cool? Me, being a brat just couldn't resist showing them off to friends and colleagues over at the office. (I gave my office address because seems like I've been missing quite a few mails that was sent to my house address).

No photo of me or the hubs here. I look fat so I won't be showing off my fat self any time soon!

Can't wait to visit Tochigi one day and you bet we'll wear the t-shirts there! ^-^

This is my "show-off I got cool friends over in Japan"  post and I thought of putting it up for a third entry this week for Budget Trouble's : Show Me Japan. Well, never mind. Can't be too greedy. ^^! Anyhoo, check the link for awesome Japan posts.


  1. Awesome gifts, seeeeeeeeee your articles bring you this :) aint it great to have cool friends over in Japan!! I think so :)

  2. Great t-shirts, love the big kanji on them!!

  3. @cuteandcurls,
    I think its not so much what I write but rather I am lucky there are some generous people out there whom I have the luck to be acquainted with. :)

  4. @Japan Australia,
    Yeah I love the big kanji on them too. :) Looking forward to wear them and show off soon. :D

  5. Ooh! Nice T-shirts!! Yes, time to show off!! : D

  6. I absolutely agree with what you say :), I also feel the same way with the friends I made not only from Japan but other parts of the world, from acquaintances to now good friends.

  7. Generous people? Srsly m'lady, when you open a dictionary and look up "generous" it's YOUR picture there next to the entry, not mine. :-)
    Anywho, I'm glad you like them.
    Part one of my mission is complete, part two will be getting you to Tochigi!

    PS. oh, and you're NOT fat!!!

  8. I am expecting that ONE of your coming "Show Me Japan" entries would be you wearing T-shirt!
    I am sure that Tochigi natives will treat you as Celebrity when you and your family members wear it in Tochigi Prefecture.
    I am glad to see your adorable son having a big smile:)))

  9. Tochigi... sounds interesting but I have yet heard about this place, lol!>_<

    Nice T- shirt!

  10. these are cool t-shirts. i guess you guys have every reason to put up your big smiles.

  11. @foong,
    Can't wait to show off! XD

  12. @cuteandcurls,
    Exactly! :) There are good people everywhere.

  13. @Anna & Yoshi,
    I tried taking photo of us wearing them (not just Raimie) and I sure as hell look fat. So nope, the next photo of us wearing it will be us in Tochigi. ;)

  14. @Alice,
    Well, time to look up Tochigi, I say! :)
    If you vist Anna & Yoshi's blogs, you'd know that it's one interesting place. ;)

  15. Ha! Before I ever read this post I looked at the picture and was like "I know that shirt...Budget Trouble?"

  16. @Blue Shoe,
    Bingo! The awesome ambassador of Tochigi. ;)

  17. how can you not want to show off that nice shirt?

  18. @Ayie,
    Yeah. How can I not? XD


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