Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More Sushi - For Dinner

OK, so we ate sushi for lunch at Sushi Zanmai  in Asakusa earlier. You didn't think that was the only time we visited Sushi Zanmai while in Japan, did you?

We made a return visit for dinner too. This time, instead of sitting at the counter, we chose to sit at a table.
Sitting at the counter meant that the all orders are directed to the sushi chef who will be taking your order personally. At the table, you get this huge menu and it's in multiple language and you fill up the chit/order form (or whatever) to order. Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese in one menu - now, you wouldn't have any problem ordering, right?
We ordered a bowl of clam  miso soup (or something). I need to look for the receipt to confirm but I'm lazy.
Some sushi - ika (squid), tako (octopus) and sake (salmon). I must say, ika and tako together on a platter don't make good photo subjects. All that whiteness!  Well, I am not a great photographer either otherwise, even white food would look great.

The staff will always ask whether you want the wasabi or to exclude them. For us, we want wasabi on the side because although Mommy loves wasabi (it clears her sinus.LOL),  Raimie can't take them.
Anago (conger eel) and kohada (gizzard shad). I like anago better than unagi because of anago's softness and the apparent lack of bones.
yummy yummy
followed by my fave - uni (sea urchin)! And tamago (egg) & bintoro (albacore tuna or pink tuna). Oh bliss. I miss those uni. Eating good uni in KL can be an exorbitantly expensive affair!
and more order of the yummy, melt-in-my mouth bintoro tuna, ika and salmon. Our tummies were happy. I would love to order the fatty tuna variety but there was no promotion for the fatty tuna and it'd be a tad expensive for us to eat them so we settled for those pink tuna. Pink tuna or fatty tuna, I was satisfied.

How do you tell the staff you finished eating and want a check? Just catch one's eyes and make a cross sign across your chest with your arms to mark you are finished.  Go to the cashier and pay afterwards. Simple.

We are definitely eating here again this year! If we managed to stash away some extra dough for the trip, that is. ;)

Anyway, we've been talking about the next trip, Zaini and I. Maybe we'll just hit Osaka and below the next time we go to Japan. Zaini wanted to get onboard the new shinkansen. ^^


  1. So many choices and it is nice to see the pictures so there is no misunderstanding in any language. Everything looks delicious although half the stuff I have never eaten before.

  2. Great menu with all the pictures and info. It can be hard to choose what sushi to order as there are so many good ones. My favourites are maguro (tuna), shake (salmon) and ebi (prawn).

  3. wow, they've so many varieties of sushi. i think there are some that you can only see in Japan.

  4. @AVCr8teur,
    The pictures did help a lot. Otherwise we wouldn't have know some of the fish varieties they offered in the menu. :)

  5. @Japan Australia,
    I like those too. :)
    Mmmm... I'm craving for sushi now. :D

  6. @LR,
    There are some there we won't see in place like Sushi King or Malaysia's Sushi Zanmai even!

  7. Wow an upcoming trip to Japan, awesome!!!! I like their gesture in asking for the check. I guess different countries have different ways of asking for the bills eh. Like over here its either an air sign of writing a squiggle or the palm with the invinsible pen and the other one which i really dont like is the smooch sort of sound hehehe.

  8. @cuteandcurls,
    Actually most times we didn't even need to air sign or anything. Either we paid upfront (at the cashier or bought food tickets at the vending machine) or the bill is already placed on our table and we just need to go to the cashier and pay after our meal. :)

    I did the air sign once and the staff were confused and wondered what exactly that I wanted. LOL

  9. The new shinkansen runs at 300 km/hr. From Osaka to Kagoshima (the tip of south) takes only 3 hrs now. From Kagoshima take the ferry to Okinawa, maybe 20 to 24 hrs.
    Anyway, after seeing mainland Japan, nothing is new in Okinawa anymore :[

  10. Likewise, my favourite is also anago!
    Maybe because it's sweet!
    I also love inari.
    But I don't really like tamagoyaki. Too sweet! Ha ha...
    Fussy eater?

    By the way, I've solved the photo issue on my blog.
    Funny, only Asian readers cannot see those pictures!
    Elsewhere, Australia, Europe, America all OK.
    So do come back and try again.

  11. @Kak Lela,
    There is something new I want to see in Okinawa that is not to be found anywehre in Mainland Japan. That's YOU! :)
    Bilalah ada rezeki nak jumpa ye? :)

  12. @London Caller,
    And I feel inari is too sweet and tamago quite OK. :D
    We all have our preference eh? ;)

    OK will check your blog again soon. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday! :)

  13. Looks delicious! I miss sushi (can be a little hard to get in rural America!). :(

  14. @Twisting the SPanner,
    What!!! No sushi in rural America? Sacrilegious!

  15. hehehe...that makes my day :]

  16. Gosh... the portion and ingredients given are definitely beaten the Malaysia's Zanmai flat on the ground, how generous and hospitality those Jap are!

  17. @Alice,
    Sushi Zanmai there is totally different from Malaysia's Sushi Zanmai. Not a single lashing of mayonnaise in Sushi Zanmai Japan. :D

  18. Wow! Look at that pink tuna! Gorgeous slice! :D LOVE IT!

  19. @VanillaSeven,
    Gorgeous right? You'd have drooled more if there were photos of the maguro there. :D


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