Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Picnic By The Bay

If you remember, one of the place we visited in Japan last year was Matsushima Bay. We were there on Day 9 of our trip and enjoyed the visit tothe bay area immensely.

We made our way to the bay after leaving our bags at JAL City Hotel in Sendai, and took a local train to Matsushima Station, but not before buying some fabulous bento at Sendai station.
  Our packed lunch of the day. Guess whose onigiri that was? Check out this post, if you don't know yet. :D
What's inside our bento? One of my favourite food - uni! That's sea urchin, folks. There's a bento filled with mostly uni, and another with uni, ika, hotate, sake flakes; if I'm not mistaken. Whatever was inside, they were soooooo delicious! Unfortunately for Mommy, Raimie was particularly hungry that day, he not only ate his onigiri but most of Mommy's bento too.The things Mommies endure for their child. One of them can be hunger! LOL
We enjoyed our lunch under a shady tree, away from the maddening crowd of local and overseas tourists visiting the area. 

Yup, going to Matsushima Bay means joining the gaggle of other tourists there too. But don't let that stop you from marveling the beauty of the islands at the bay. It will be worth the visit, noisy tourists and all.

And I need to put up some nice photos of Matsushima Bay soon, other than what I posted earlier. Stay tuned!


  1. I have heard of sea urchin but have never tasted them before. I suppose Japanese restaurants don't serve them over here coz I don't recall having seen any in the menu.

  2. Very interesting blog! And the bentos do look oishii...
    And, 'Japan Mad Family'? Hahahaaa... omoshiroii!

  3. @Mei Teng,
    The Japanese restaurants I've been to have them, but yes, they don't put it in the menu. It usually is a chef's recommendation or something. :D

  4. @Lrong,
    Thanks for the visit!

    Omoshiroii, you think? Cool! LOL

  5. My goodness, you have had the whole squid for your bento?!! And sea urchin too... simply heavenly!

  6. @Alice,
    Nice, aren't they? And they weren't all that expensive either. I would've paid through my nose to eat that much sea urchin in KL. ;)

    That squid too was simply yummy. :)

  7. Wah!! Sacrifice for your son? You should have bought more food : )

  8. Well, one of the real fun in picnic is sharing (or should we call it "invading"?) each other meals.

  9. @foong,
    We should've bought more, shouldn't we. :D
    But you know lah kids - when you bought more, they weren't interested in the food, but when there's just enough, they suddenly develop an appetite.

  10. @Con Artist Trckster,
    Ain't that true. Invading food is sure more fun and the food somehow taste better too! XD

  11. i haven't tasted sea urchin. what does it taste like?

  12. @Life Ramblings,
    I don't know how to exactly describe the taste - it has a bit of a fishy taste, its creamy and definitely reminds you of the sea. It's yummier uncooked than cooked for me though. But I think the taste is not for everyone.

  13. I just love how you and your family arrange your day out in Japan whether you have it indoors or outdoors. You are one heck of an independent adventurers! I LOVE IT. I have not tried Sea Urchin either, hopeto try that someday. I love seafood EXCEPT Eels :P

  14. @cuteandcurls,
    Zaini and I tried going on tours when we much younger and we sure didn't like being herded one bit! Although it was nice when older members in our tour group tend to look after us. ;) Anyway, traveling independently in Japan is quite easy given the awesome transport infrastructure there.

    You have never tried uni before? Then you should when you go to Japan. Unagi happens to be one of my favourite. Then again, if you don't like the slimy, fishy taste of unagi, you may not like uni.

  15. I love the sea urchin lunch box.

  16. @SofJ,
    I love it too, but I wish it wasn't too dry. But, was it supposed to be dry when served in the bento?


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