Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sushi For Lunch

All those posts about the food we enjoyed while vacationing in Japan last year, we have yet posted anything on sushi, haven't we? It's just to show that contrary to popular belief, Japanese food is not about just eating raw food. Well, it is, and more. There are plenty of awesome cuisine that one can experience and taste while in Japan and most of them were, in fact - cooked!

We waited till the last few days of our trip to finally step in a sushi place. It was intentional because eating sushi can be a rather expensive affair! And we didn't want to splurge so early in the trip.

Our favourite place to get our sushi fix in Japan is Sushi Zanmai in Asakusa. The place offers sushi at affordable price. No revolving belt here - everything is made to order! Read about our visits there in 2009 here and here.

I've also written about us being mistaken as tourists from different parts of the world - mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. When we were shown to our seats at the counter, the chef asked us whether we were from US! Now that's new! His second guess was spot on. He guessed correctly that we were from Malaysia! Yeay! There must have been Malaysians eating sushi there before us, eh?
See those sushi platter on promotion in the menu? That was the two sets what we ordered for lunch.
It was great watching the sushi chef was making our order right in front of us. He'd make a few and gestured for us to start enjoying them. I sheepishly told him I wanted to wait for all the sushi to be lined up in front of me and he understandingly said - ahh... for photo! Yes! For photo. We are tourists after all.

Those we got in the photo above did nothing to satisfy our lust for sushi, and we actually ordered more afterwards. All in all, I think we spent about 3 to 4,000yen for lunch. A huge amount for us to be spending. But regret, we certainly did not. It was well worth the money spent.

p.s mizu (water) is free, ocha (green tea) is not here. ;)


  1. "contrary to popular belief, Japanese food is not about just eating raw food"

    You mean that this cliché is not only an European thing?

    Apart from that, your pictures make me want to eat sushi! And it's 11pm here, and I have homemade futomaki yesterday. :-)

  2. @David,
    Unfortunately,even us Asians have that misconception.

    Yummmm, homemade futomaki.:)

  3. Yes, please!! Proper sushi is usually only for a special occasion or celebration. I love the little sushi restaurants that make the sushi right in front of you. They aren't cheap, but it is worth it once in a while to celebrate.

  4. @Japan Australia,
    I agree. Those places aren't cheap but they are worth the visit. :)

  5. Oh! That are really great! I want to have that. ^^
    I'm usually buying sushi at a super market. The cost is about ¥800 as your 2nd photo.
    But I think that having at the counter could be good experience.
    By the way, Japanese cats are so happy. My family had a cat who could have a lot of sushis. lol

  6. @bird,
    Japanese cats sure have it good! I envy your cat. LOL

  7. It seems very delicious.I often go to turn sushi"回転寿司"
    It took 100 Japanese yen per one dish.

  8. @cocomino,
    They were heavenly! :)

    I have yet been to the 100 yen sushi place. Is it good?

  9. Hahaahaaa... very omoshiroi story... I normally go to just the conveyor belt ones...

  10. @Lrong,
    Maybe I should try them in Japan someday too. I've read reviews about pretty nifty and cool looking sushi place all these while. :D

  11. I have yet trying any freshly handmade sushi by sushi chef, umai umai!

  12. @Alice,
    But then, come to think of it, if go to Sushi King, can have a freshly made sushi also. Just order lah or take immediately when they put in on the belt. LOL

  13. The sushi looks just like the ones served in the U.S. :) I agree that we rarely ate sushi while in Japan because of the cost. 3-4000 yen for 3 people is not bad though.

  14. @AVCr8teur,
    I agree, the price wasn't bad, but for us who used to spend less than 1,000yen per meal per family, it was quite extravagant. :D

  15. to b honest i havent really tried sushi but if u can still remember it after such a long time, it is worth it

  16. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GIRL, you make me hungry for sushi and all sushi buddies are out of town at the moment hehehe i love eating sushi with friends, the more the merrier KAMPAI ;) Im surprise that they charge for the ocha.

  17. I love sushi! :)

  18. Although I am not sure how many sushi you guys had at that restaurant, paying 3-4000 yen for 3 customer at sushi proper restaurant is not bad at all. Going to the conveyor belt shop will end up paying the similar amount of bill if you fill yourself with 7-10 dishes and miso soup. I would say that the quality and the freshness of conveyor belt restaurant are pretty decent:)

  19. I was an Ontisuka store launch in London a few months back and the chef made the delicious sushi before us and best of all it was free. Oh boy did I have a feast...

  20. @bengbeng,
    The sushi we had there, I was already thinking about it the moment we step out of the shop and had wanted to eat again. It was delish!

    That's why we went there towards the end of our trip, otherwise I would've wanted to eat there everyday! o.O

  21. @cuteandcurls,
    it used to be free. But still quite cheap at 50yen per replenishable glass.

    Must go and eat sushi when all your sushi buddies around, then. :D

  22. @Yoshi,
    I'm just comparing the bill to other places we went (not sushi joint). And yes, it's quite affordable (with prices from 98yen and above).

    It's just that, we are cheap and we usually eat less than that for meals at place like Yayoi-ken or Tenya. (Didn't I tell you we were cheap?)

  23. @William,
    Free, yummy sushi. I'm jealous! XD

  24. you really can't get enough of sushi Lina?

  25. >>>I have yet been to the 100 yen sushi place. Is it good?

    It depends.But I could eat delicious sushi in most shop.

  26. @cocomino,
    "It depends.But I could eat delicious sushi in most shop" - that I have to agree. :)

  27. Lina, you loved sushi... So do I... but there are some sushi that doesn't suit my taste bud... Do you have any?

  28. @ayaharif,
    So far, no. I can eat pretty much anything that I am allowed to eat. :D

    Belasaha aje semua. Hihi


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