Thursday, 3 March 2011

At The Station : Mojiko Station

Mojiko Station on a wet day in 2008, waiting for Hanny, a blogger friend we were meeting up for the first time to pick us up.

Zaini agreed to make a stop here while traveling from Hakata Station to Hiroshima because I really, really wanted to see this particular train station despite the less-than-ideal weather condition that day.

Built in 1914, Mojiko Station is modeled after the European style of a terminus station. It is the oldest station in Kyushu, and in 1988 was declared as an important cultural asset.

The Moji banana sellers have traditionally performed their song (banana no tatakiuri) in and near this station. The bananas were imported from Southeast Asia and the brown and half rotten ones were sold immediately along the portside.

I'm guessing that's why there is the Banana-man statue in Mojiko Retro area, because of the famous banana sellers. Don't forget to buy some bananas from the Banana man (men/women?) when you come to this town! :-)

We also drove around the area and visited Mojiko Retro. I now realised that I wasn't exhaustive about my trip reports of our visit there way back in 2008. Maybe I should remedy that someday, either by posting up old photos or a re-visit to the place? 

I'll go with a re-post on the area first before making the trip again, if you don't mind. I'll start with some photos taken at Mekari Park soon. ^^


  1. Wow, that's a train station?!!! Really eyes opening for me, thanks for sharing!

  2. That is a beautiful classical European style station. Not something you would expect to see in Japan.

  3. @Alice,
    Nice train station, right? :)

  4. @Japan Australia,
    We got to experience another European style architecture at Huis Ten Bosch before arriving at Mojiko Station. Really felt like we were in Holland! :)

  5. This Mojiko Station certainly has some mojo to attract you even on a damp wet day!

    2008? You boy is much taller in 2011, I bet!
    Kids grow so fast these days!

  6. @London Caller,
    It has its charm. :)

    Yeah, he is much taller now. But still as scrawny as he was in 2008! ;)

  7. The station does have a European look to it.

  8. @Mei Teng,
    It does, doesn't it. Wait till you see some photos of mine of Mojiko Retro and Huis Ten Bosch in future. More European style architecture from Kyushu! :)

  9. Ooh lovely station but......

    the banana man WINS! :D

  10. @Ri,
    LOL He's an attention grabber, that Banana Man. :D

  11. Actually, I saw two Banana Men in London's Fairtrade Fair!
    Let me check if I still have them in picture folder and post them one day!

  12. Wow, i never thought id see a station like that. I wonder if this is the first train station in Japan? I must say I like the Banana man hehehe

  13. @London Caller,
    Cool! Hope there are some you can share. :)

  14. @Cuteandcurls,
    No,just the oldest in Kyushu. ^^

    That Banana man sure knows how to attract attention. :D

  15. lolz at the Banana man. he actually reminds me of a blogger friend, Bananaz.

  16. what a beautiful building! It does look like something out of Europe. :-)

  17. @LR,
    LOL about Bananaz. Why didn't I think of him when I was posting that photo ah? XD

    Should go ask Bananaz whether he wants to use that Banana Man photo or not. :D

  18. @Anna,
    What? No comment on the Banana Man? :P

  19. This town is very colorful! Pink in the station building and yellow in the banana man statue:)
    This pink building reminds me of JR Nikko Station that my grandfather used to be a station master when I was little...

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. @Yoshi,
    Not to mention the red brick buildings at Mojiko Retro. :)

    Your grandfather was a station master at the oldest station that JR East serves. That is so cool! I wanna, wanna visit that station too, now that you mentioned it. And try my luck at getting a chance to view the guestroom. Oh, you made me itch to go there now!

  21. Thanks for sharing the retro-looking station.
    I'm interested in the banana-men ( ´艸`)♪ and their song.
    Of course I like banana, we eat every morning.(LOL)

  22. That sure is an interesting station, quite like a castle too, the upper portion. And that banana man looks so heroic. LOL! Is that a real face? It looks so real.

  23. @Anzu,
    The Banana Man sure is interesting. :)

    I like to eat banana too, I usually eat them before my early morning workout for energy. ^^

  24. @HappySurfer,
    There is one similar station, if you check out Yoshi's link posted in his comment earlier. Cool, eh? :)

    Yeah, the face is quite real looking. A cool statue, and it sure made Raimie's day when he saw it for the first time. :)

  25. What a fun station to stop at. I would like to pose with the banana too. You have a good memory to remember things that happened in 2008. :)

  26. @AVCr8teur,
    I try keep memories of Japan intact. *^-^*

  27. Ah, that's your friend Hanny with your son.
    i thought that wasn't you but the picture is a bit too small to tell properly.

  28. @London Caller,
    Yup, that's Hanny. I don't wear a tudung. At least, not yet. :)

  29. Nice looking Mojiko Station! Cute banana man statue! Haha!

  30. @foong,
    Everyone likes the Banana man! :D

  31. that one has a colonial feel, very nice architecture! hehe

  32. @Ayie,
    Nice, right? There's another that Yoshi linked up in his comment above too.


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