Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fukuurajima Shrine

First - a shout-out to Todd Wassel's site - Todd's Wanderings; which I stumbled upon reading David of Ogijima's post earlier. Click on Todd's link above if you are interested in participating, donating or helping to pass the message along for raising much needed funds for the recovery of Northern Japan.

Second -Tazawako Tourism Association puts up a post of Akita Prefecture accepting donations to the disaster-affected areas in Iwate Prefecture. Click the link to get more info on how to donate.

Before my post on Monday, I had mulled over whether I should continue my posts on Japan. I didn't want to put any disaster photos up here because, well... I wasn't even near the affected area and there are plenty of first-hand accounts you can read elsewhere. Maybe it's rather callous of me, but swamping myself and others with bad news continuously isn't going to help much. I just felt there are other ways to show our concern and sympathy for the good people of Northern Japan.

So, anyway - my view is; life needs to go on and this is my second post about a place that was affected by the earthquake last Friday which we visited last year. Another shrine after my post on Godaido Island Temple. Sometimes, we need spiritual strength  and guidance to  go through adversities like this.
A shrine on Fukuurajima Island.

I tried finding more information about this little shrine but came up with nothing. So, if anyone has any info, I'd be so glad if you can share with us. ^^
The Island can be accessed by a vermilion-lacquered bridge extending 256 meters. Fukuurajima, one of the many islands of Matsushima is an island of a natural botanical garden with many wild plants that growing there. There is a superstition that if you cross the vermilion bridge with your lover, you will soon break up.


  1. True, life must go on.
    What's done cannot be undone.
    So let's face the future more positively and cheerfully. ;)

  2. @London Caller,
    Yes, we can't push an undo button for life.

    What we can do is to face the future bravely.

    Be strong Japan!

  3. WHAT?!! Breaking up after crossing the bridge?!! I won;t dare to go with my hubby... lol(just kidding)!

  4. @Alice,
    Cross at your own risk! Hahaha

  5. Japan is a fascinating country. Even their shrines, although not big, are so pretty and elegant.

    Indeed, there's no rewind button to life. We can only move on hoping to have learned from the experience. Thanks for the links, Lina.

  6. @HappySurfer,
    It's important to have the strength to move on and be able to rise up through challenges, in times like this.

    I'll put up more links of sites and blogs with news about giving aid or simply for encouraging affected Japanese soon.

  7. Well said Lina :)
    The only thing we could do is to keep the faith, keep praying and support them. Life goes on and I know thats what the People of Japan are doing right now to go on with life, not to forget those who have passed on, raise Japan back on her feet again as they always have done in the past centuries for the younger generations to take over and take care of after that.

    Japan is indeed a beautiful country, shrouded with mystical cultures and traditions, stunning natural sources and sceneries.

  8. Life must and ahould go on, and it is nice to read about something different for a change. Japan is still a beautiful country and has a lot to offer the world.

  9. @cuteandcurls,
    Japan is indeed a beautiful country. And I hope after this, people won't shy away or be scared to visit Japan again.

  10. @Japan Australia,
    I'm going to post as normal but my post will have some links on how we can help included.

    I just felt that I can at least do that.

  11. Wow!! That means I can cross the bridge cos I don't mind breaking up and find a new lover! LOL!!!

  12. Oh don't worry about Japan. After surviving the atomic bombs dropped by the Americans and emerged stronger than ever, I have a feeling that Japanese people can survive anything!

  13. @foong,
    Naughty you! Want to find new lover after walking on that bridge eh/ XD


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