Saturday, 5 March 2011

Mekari Park On A Rainy Day

We got to visit the Neo-Renaissance style Mojiko Station one rainy day in 2008 and met up with the very kind Hanny who was generous enough to spend her precious time with us touring her home-away-from-home in Kitakyushu.  After a really delicious and filling tempura lunch we headed to Mekari Park (or was it the other way round? Can't remember the exact detail now, old age creeping up on me!)
Mekari Park is situated on Mount Kojo on the western tip Setonaikai National Park. The view of Kanmon Bridge that links Kyushu and Honshu from the Kojozan Observation Point is absolutely awesome. Of course, best viewed on a clear day but it was pretty nice that day too.
Raimie and I with our good host, Hanny. Raimie got along famously with Hanny and was walking hand-in-hand with her, Mommy and Daddy completely forgotten. If you read my previous post, that was Raimie holding Hanny's hand with Banana Man.
Raimie with the Mural of the Battle of Dannoura between the Genji and Heike in the background.
Instead of going on the Kanmon Bridge from Kyushu to Honshu, why not visit the Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel and go underground? The tunnel runs underwater and after about ten minutes' walk you will emerge in Shimonoseki in Honshu. Cool eh? Plenty of runners in the tunnel while we were there. We were told they were high school students training there.

What else to do if you come to this area? Don't forget to visit Mojiko Retro. There's a building Einstein used to stay in with his wife that you can visit. You can view (and walk on) the only pedestrian drawbridge in Japan too.

And to think that we almost didn't make it here. I actually contacted Hanny to confirm us stopping at Mojiko Station about an hour or so before our arrival and made the call from a public phone inside a train! Thank goodness Hanny was kind enough to meet us despite the last minute arrangement. 


  1. There are a lot of fun things to do on Cape Cod. It is an exciting place where you can find amazing beaches, great lodging, good food and wonderful people! Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Thing To Do On Cape Cod,
    I don't know how Cape Cod fits in this post, but hey! Thanks for sharing too. ;)

  3. Would have been better if it hadn't rained that day isn't? I dislike cold weather and rainy days when travelling.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    I guess. Well,can't control the weather. :p

    It was a combination of wet and cold days for a few days we were in Japan that year. Lucky for us, our trip to Miyajima the next day was me with a sunny day. ^^

  5. Look like a great place with a lot to do there.

  6. @Japan Australia,
    It is and we have to thank our host for showing us around.

    We wouldn't have known about the place other than the station if it wasn't for her. ^^

  7. It appears you have been to many places where I haven't been to. So I am learning a lot from your blog. When it comes to walking in the tunnel, I would love to but would be freaked out if earthquake happens!!!

  8. @Yoshi,
    Well, I haven't been exploring much of Malaysia. I think if it's your backyard, you tend to take it easy and think that you'd get to it any 'ol time. I know I'm like that!

    Japan on the other hand - we have to maximise and make full use of our two-weeks' trip there! *^-^*

    Anyway, most of the places we've been to were actually dictated by what train we were planning to take. We plan our trip in Japan around trains and trains station. An example would be getting on-board the SL Ban Etsu Monogatari-go train and that made us visit Aizu-Wakamatsu. :)

    I'd freak out if there's an earthquake if I'm in a tunnel too! o.O

  9. How fun to walk underwater and be in a different town!

  10. @AVCr8teur,
    And it's not just a different town, it's a different island. Cool, righ?

  11. Walking towards the end of the tunnel feels like a time machine, right? ;)
    We have one in London too.
    It's the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, takes about 15 mins to walk across.

  12. @London Caller,
    Sort of. ;)

    So using the foot tunnel, you got to be underneath the River Thames? Cool!

  13. the views are truly awesome. i enjoy sceneries like that.

  14. @LR,
    Yes, it was an awesome view. It would look even more awesome if the weather is nice but hey, I'm not complaining! :)

  15. Raining? I love!!! But for traveling, not too heavy just a light drizzle is OK. The view is nice!

  16. This Mekari park sounds like a nice place to visit : )

  17. @foong,
    Drizzle is fine by me too, but rain in spring months can be quite cold! Brrr....

    Yes, it is a nice park to visit. Hanny told me that the view is nice when cherry blossom at their full bloom here too. :)

  18. Wow, I didn't know there was a tunnel there. I took a ferry across the straight, which was another interesting experience as it was a small-ish boat driven (rather than piloted) by some old guy who had apparently just been given a dose of benzadrine and who seemed to take great delight in dodging through the heavy maritime traffic which passes along the straight.

    BTW it was raining when I went there too.

  19. @TheOctopus,
    Wow! That's pretty interesting way to travel. Good to know you made it safe and sound to the other side!I guess the guy was euphoric taking a Tako out on a ride that day? LOL

  20. phone in the train? only in Japan =)

  21. @Ayie,
    Well, I think there are some in modern, long-distance trains. No? ^^


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