Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Scenic Ride On The Gono Line Part I

and taking the Resort Shirakami train - Buna. I posted about the trip earlier in the post : Day 4 In Japan - A 5 Hour Trip To Nowhere. Why did I call it a trip to nowhere? Not because there wasn't any interesting place to sightsee but because we took the train for the sole purpose of taking the train. We got on it at Akita Station up to Hirosaki and went back taking the Akebono train immediately after. Nuts? Yes, we are.
The day was a bit overcast so the photos kinda look gloomy. I used the "sports function" of my camera to take these photos, but as the function is best suited for the bright outdoors, it didn't turn out that great. Oh well...You live and learn.

I love traveling on this Gono Line because of the view. It was so lovely to see rolling rice fields with the seaview in the background. It might not be as fun-filled ride as the one on the steam locomotive "Ban Etsu Monogatari-Go" which we took in 2009, but the view one can see outside will not bore you at all. A highly recommended train trip.

Another set of photos taken from the train in a couple days' time.


  1. Yeah, very scenic indeed... lol, it actually pretty challenging to take photo when it's obstructed by windows, it hardly turn out great(just wonder if all the train's windows were fixed and can't be winded?!)

  2. The scenes were so Japanese but the weather was so English! Ha ha...
    It's always like that here in England.
    At least the past four days were like that.

  3. Your train trips are better than driving. Everyone can enjoy the scenery without having to worry about directions and parking. Your pictures came out pretty nice even with the train going so fast.

  4. @Alice,
    This is a special tourist train. (read the link of my previos post too)^^ The train ha big windows and slowed down at certain scenic location to allow passengers to photograph and enjoy the view.

    It's for safety lah, you cannot open a fast train window. Thing falls down, how? XD

  5. @London Caller,
    I was there towards the end of summer and approahing autumn. So it was rain, rain, rain for a bit. Definitely felt like an English weather we were experiencing! LOL

    But the rain, at that time was somewhat a welcome respite from the scorching heat we experienced in Tokyo a few days earlier.

  6. @AVCr8teur,
    That's so true! Taking train trips would enable all in the party to enjoy the view. :)

    This train slows down (there were annoucements beforehand to tell passengers when and where they'll be slowing down) to let us enjoy the scenery. It was at the place in my 3rd photo. :)

  7. I love that area. If you ever get a chance, you should try renting a car (if you can) and driving along the coast. I have plans to go up the Pacific side this summer.

  8. @sixmats,
    I will keep that in mind, for our next trip (or trips). ^^

    oooo... that sounds nice. Have a fun trip in summer then. :)

  9. I love traveling by train as well as you can get to see so much and it is a fun way to travel.

    Japan Australia

  10. @Japan Australia,
    Yup, trains is a fun and relaxing way to travel, esp when the service is great and punctual. :)

  11. The pixz are OK mah boleh tahan lah..nice views from the train..tQ

  12. @Bananazஇ,
    Boleh tahan then means still have to improve - A LOT! XD

    Yeah, nice view on this route.

  13. I like these scenery.
    There are photo contest of rolling rice fields.

    For example in Tochigi

    Culture and art are mixed.

  14. @cocomino,
    Glad you like it. :)

    Thanks for sharing the link. The photos there are so awesome!

  15. Oh, summer is Japan is very, very hot.
    Winter is very, very cold.

    Britain is very different.
    Summer and winter are both very mild.
    But when you go to Mainland Europe, it's much hotter/ colder there.

  16. @London Caller,
    Then I should visit London for my summer holidays. ^^

  17. So Jealous. Nice trip, around April would've been a better time to ride that train, either that late Feb. Next time you go there ride the new hybrid train - the windows open! I have driven the entire coast line from Akita up around the tip of Aomori and down to Hachinohe. Amazing!

  18. @SofJ,
    Point noted. Late summer is sure not the best time, what with the gloomy days.

    Ooooo... you make me so wanna take that train!

    Driving would mean being able to stop and soak in the atmosphere all along the coast. That, I am so jealous! XD

  19. nice views from the train. a feast for the eyes.

  20. @LR,
    Indeed. A relaxing way to enjoy the scenery too. :)


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