Friday, 18 March 2011

The Vermilion Bridge Of Fukuurajima

I posted about Fukuurajima's little shrine in my earlier post. Now, to access the Fukuura Island, one has to cross a 252m vermilion bridge.

If you are wondering why I'm putting up this post at a time like this, read my reasoning here and don't argue with my logic.

Anyway, more shout-out on links about helping out the good people of Northern Japan from Blue Shoe's Just Another Day in Japan, and here's the links for your easy access:
Tofugu's Ways To Help Japan (That Are Better Than Donating Money)
Jason Kelly's Socks for Japan
Second Harvest - food/supplies from those in Japan or monetary donations for those wishing to help from outside Japan
You can also get involve with Hope Letters to give a word of encouragement to the affected people
Check out Man Up For Japan Faceook page
Encourage and help restore the spirits of the people in Japan by participating the Project Hitori Jyanai (You are not alone)
and more links can be found over at Japan Subculture Research Center.

For those in Malaysia, Jusco is setting up a Malaysian AEON foundation donation drive where you can bank-in your donation to their Maybank account.

And if you feel you need to lend a physical helping hand, plea by Japan Ambassador to Malaysia; Masahiko Horie should be taken in consideration. Those intending to give aid  (individually or through organisations) should be done systematically and properly with regards to the nation's sovereignity. Latch on NGOs and agencies that already have a good network in the dissater zone. Don't go harbouring any idea of scattering money in the disaster area yourself or be a hero there.

Also, I totally urged those outside "Japan to read Shoud I Cancel My Trip To Japan?" post by David. I fully agree with his sentiment.

OK, remember me mentioning Fukuurajima and the vermilion bridge at the start of this post? Back to that. Access to the bridge and the island is not free though! It's a tolled bridge, 200yen for adults and 100yen for school-going children.
And the tickets are bought here using these machines. You then pass the tickets to the nice lady manning the cafe there.
Then, you are set to cross the bridge and reach Fukuura Island (Fukuurajima). Woohoo!
It was lovely strolling on the bridge. We were apprehensive about crossing it earlier, seeing that we were there at noon, fearing the sun would be too much for us to handle. But walking on the bridge and with the help of the sea breeze, we didn't feel the heat that much.

Walking on the bridge was fun, but it wasn't as much fun when there are gaggles of tour groups walking behind us, that I can say! It kinda spoilt the "romantic" mood of strolling there and enjoying the ocean view. XD
The bridge seen from the Island.

Anyway, read TEPCO's press realease too if you are interested.


  1. I believe it's better to defer travel to Japan at the moment as the situation is precarious.

  2. Thanks for your useful tips and source for helping the Tsunami victims, really kind of you to share!

  3. @Mei Teng,
    Well, for other parts of Japan, it's life as normal.

    But, to each its own. You should avoid if you aren't confident about the safety in Japan.

    I myself, if I can, would travel to Japan (other than Northern Japan, that is) in a heartbeat.

  4. @Alice,
    I can't do much, other than donating and putting up links.

  5. what a treat to stroll across the bridge and feel the sea breeze.

    I’ll continue to pray for all those in Japan who were affected by this horrible disaster. You still going to Japan this year?

  6. @LR,
    The places we wanted to visit for the next trip are away from Tohoku, so if we are going; we aren't that worried. Actually, I'm willing to fly in to Japan anytime! But I'll stay away from disaster area at the moment. For one, I sure do not want to use resources that ca be used by those affected by the earthquake & tsunami!

    Anyway, it's sad to see Tohoku in such circumstances, having visited the area in two consecutive years (2010 & 2009). I hope once this is over and things can be back to normal - visitors would start coming to the area again.

  7. Looks like a great bridge and quite long by the pictures I've seen. Great chance for photo opps on a nice sunny day!!

  8. @Japan Australia,
    A 200+ metres bridge. I'd lose my breath sprinting across it. :D

  9. Malaysia is actually very international!
    We even have Jusco!
    But they have Tesco here.

    But then again, we also have Tesco right?!

    >The grapes had already been harvested autumn the year before.
    It was spring when I was there.

  10. @London Caller,
    True. We have Ikea too, and it opened much earlier than Ikea Japan. :D Yes, there are lots of Tesco not to mention Carrefour around Malaysia nowadays. ;)

    Thanks for the reply on the vineyard. ^^

  11. lina... good post... through your links, I got to know of the french guy's 'ogijima' blog... that island is a charming little island in Kagawa...

  12. Hi, thank you so much for mentioning about Project Hitori Jyanai

  13. @lrong,
    The Island sure sounds charming. I wonder if I should try and visit it someday? ^^

  14. @Rene,
    It's the least I can do. :)

    Hope there'll be lots of support for this project.

  15. Hi Lina

    You are a great samaritan and all the links you have put and share will make a difference for Japan :-) Im glad Jusco has put up a donation, I might do that, I wanted to donate but everything uses credit card and no debit card options so with Jusco doing this I can do that easily. If i had planned for a trip to Japan this year, I certainly wouldn't cancel it either, i'd still go there

  16. @cuteandcurls,
    I wouldn't call myself a great samaritan. I didn't do much other putting up links. ;)

    Glad to hear that if you are planning to visit Japan this year you'd still go. Its attitude like this that will help Japan. Don't abandon the country!

  17. Still you are doing a great samaritan deed for putting up those links, heck i wouldnt even know about those links at all :) Yes we shouldn't abandon a country just because of the disaster, it gives the People hope and faith to see others still come by and visit.

  18. Thank you for listing other ways to donate other than money. I have never seen a bridge so long and low to the water. Looks like more fun walking it than taking a boat.

  19. Malaysia, truly "international".
    Let me ring Tourism Malaysia to change their slogan.

    Not only Tesco, Jusco...
    We also have Dunkin' Donuts.
    UK belum ada lagi.... Ha ha!

  20. Thank you for your consideration to our country.
    It's beautiful scenery!
    Yes, I keep away from noisy crowd at such tourist spots. XD

  21. @HappySurfer,
    I never thought of the low bridge until you mentioned it! If one takes the ferry, he/she get to go round the islets. To take the bridge, it means visiting just one island. I think I should have done both. :)

  22. @London Caller,
    LOL. You always crack me up.

    Tell me what the agency said if/when you ring them! :P

  23. @bird,
    I always love Japan so I do need to at least do something even if its a negligible effort.

    We try to stay away from packed tourists spots too, but sometimes it is unavoidable because the place is breathtaking - like Matsushima Bay & Miyajima. :)

  24. Lina, Ogijima is a tiny, teardrop-shaped island with just one village, a school perhaps, a lighthouse, a beach, and some agricultural and fishing activities... it is really charming, but it is a long way here... also, I normally take about 2 to 3 hours to visit the island...

  25. @Lrong,
    It sounds quite quaint though. :)

  26. Nice post, and thanks for the link.

    Yeah, that article on why not to cancel your trip to Japan is worth reading - good find there.

  27. @Blue Shoe,
    No problem. Just highlighting links people put up. :)


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