Friday, 25 March 2011

View From Fukuurajima

The previous post was photos taken at Godaido Island. Now, some nice view we were able to see from Fukuura Island in Matsushima - which we got to by walking on the vermilion bridge.
Fellow tourists kept on offering to take our photos here.
Raimie who loves playing with the sand and chasing waves
And don't forget to support Blog4Japan and check out how you can help Japan's earthquake and tsunami survivors over at Todd's Wanderings site. Every little gesture counts!


  1. Wonderful place.
    Everyone should store the memory of here.
    I hope many people will visit here again.

  2. Japan is such a beautiful place n yet when i heard abt radioativity there i feel so kasihan for them, on top of the earthquake n tsunami

  3. @bengbeng,
    and yet, rather than wallow in self pity; they just need a helping hand and ways for life to return back to normal.

  4. Such a beautiful place. I wonder if people can visit that little island in your photos. With so many posts about your visits to Japan, I am sure you have been quite sad after its recent events.

  5. What are those lines for this the first photo?
    Seaweed plantation? Mussels? Pearls? ;)

    >You know, your photos make good pastcards.
    Thank you. Your mouth is so sweet lah.
    If I can find a publisher, I send you one dozen.

  6. The scenery much like those beautiful Chinese painting!

  7. Great scenery and very beautiful. Reminds me a lot of some of the areas in Mie Prefecture, I used to travel to.

    Japan Australia

  8. @AVCr8teur,
    Yeah, I am sad. Both for the nature and for the people affected and trying to regain back their normal life now.

    That is why, I think its important for us, who do love Japan, to remind people the beauty of the place and to not be afraid of coming to the country again.

  9. @London Caller,

    There is even an oyster festival where you can eat all you want in Feb. I wonder whether they'll hold the festival next year?

    My mouth sweet, ah? XD I need my "sweet mouth" to make a living. ;p

  10. @Alice,
    Chinese paintings have a serene and mystical quality to it.:)

    Its funny but when I think of Chinese paintings, I think of mountains and gorges. You?

  11. @Japan Australia,
    I should make a point to visit Mie someday. Maybe a stop st Isa shrine. Any recommendations of places to visit there? ^^

  12. so peaceful and serene, my kind of place.

  13. I love oysters!
    I think Hiroshima is the best place to taste oysters.
    But I prefer their okonomiyaki.
    Here in London, Osaka-style okonomiyaki is more common.
    It's a bit hard to find proper Hiroshima-styke okonomiyaki.

  14. @London Caller,
    Me too!
    I too enjoyed a lot of oysters when we were in Hiroshima. But I always prefer raw ones better than the cooked ones.^-^

    Okonomiyaki - mmmm.... The places we went to in Hiroshima seems always to have pork in their okonomiyaki so sadly, I have yet tasted them there (or Kansai style for that matter)


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