Wednesday, 23 March 2011

View From Godaido Island

More links for ways to help Japan - check out Bento4Japan. For myself, I couldn't agree more with this sentence taken from the site stating that "We had derived so much enjoyment from the Japanese culture and food, it is only right that we give something back to the country that had given us so much".

Also, Bird of Kano-man blog had informed me in his comment earlier about a Matsushima refugee's diary that we can all read and get updated on what's happening there.

Update : here's a link on Todd's How To Help Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors. Check it out. Also check out his Blog4Japan ( #blog4japan on Twitter) and help spread the word around on how we all can help the survivors.

Now, for Godaido Island.

Just some shots taken on Godaido Island, Matsushima in Miyagi which we visited in 2010.
Omikuji - scrolled up or folded, and unrolling the piece of paper reveals the fortune written on it. I'll put up a post on Omikuji in a few days' time, so do visit again if you want to know more about them. ^^
Souvenir shops.
Remember this temple from my earlier post?
And the view from the island is awesome. Hope the lovely view here can be enjoyed again soon by all.
Even with the crowd visiting the island and Godaido temple, you can feel serene enjoying the scenery here.

And oh! Another update on how to contibute towards the relief effort to Japan. Eat at Sushi-Tei. Or are you afraid to eat Japanese food now, for fear of radiation? I know few of my friends were thinking that way.


  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them, Lina. Thanks for the links too.

  2. Beautiful scenery, the Godaido temple looks unique with ancient touch!

  3. @HappySurfer,
    Thanks. Glad you like it :)

  4. @Alice,
    Beautiful indeed. But hard to get a quiet spot there because of the tourist crowd.

  5. the first shot reminds me of my trip to Ephesus where thousands of wishes written on pieces of cloth too, each prayer note left there by a visitor.

    such peaceful and beautiful surroundings. hope Japan will recover soon.

  6. @LR,
    That's interesting. :)

    I hope Northern Japan would recover soon too.

  7. I think I shall stay away from Japanese food for the time being.

  8. Seeing how gorgeous the place is in the last shot, it will too much of a loss should the earthquake destroy that beach too.

    Support Akira Toriyama's Genkidama Fundraising

  9. Radiation contamination has spread further.
    Now, water in Tokyo is no longer safe for infants to drink.
    Suddenly, all the water bottles sold out like hot cakes in Tokyo.

    Sushi Tei - is it a chain in Malaysia? I can only remember Sushi King. ;)

  10. @Mei Teng,
    We all do what we think is safe for us.

    Myself, I have no qualms eating Japanese food, provided the fresh items don't originate from the affected area. I think most packed goods are a few months stock and not recent ones from Japan that we got available here in shops.

  11. @Con Artist Trickster,
    It would be a pity, yes.

    But I trust Japan and Japanese people will come back stronger and the place back to its splendour in time.

  12. @London Caller,
    Got a lot of Sushi place now. Sushi Tei is amongst the latest addition. ^^

  13. Ooh, lovely pics indeed! And lovely causes. :)
    Anything where food is involved is definitely a good cause. ;)

  14. On top of that, I think you guys also have lots of sushi buffets in Malaysia, right? So lucky!

    There used to be one sushi buffet place in London but it went bankrupt couple of years ago...

  15. We need to get over the fear of contamination, if Im not pregnant I'd be eating those fresh sushi that I love but I can only have my Inari and my ramen je sucky is that?!

  16. I am avoiding Japanese food too at the moment cos I am not sure where their supply comes from.

    Btw, beautiful photos there! : )

  17. Some great pictures as always. The first picture of the Omikuji - scrolled up or folded,I actually though it was one of those new fancy bath mats hung out to dry until closer inspection.

  18. @Ri,
    Food+charity = win win combo! :)

    I would've gone there for dinner tonight but as it is, the man of the house is down with a bad flu so gotta go home early and play nurse. ^^

  19. @London Caller,
    You mean its hard to find a sushi place+sushi buffet in London?!

    Then, I'm lucky to be in KL! :D

  20. @cuteandcurls,
    Look at the bright side. You'll be eating them with your kiddo soon! ;)

  21. @foong,
    Can always ask mah! Although whether they'll be truthful about the food source is another matter!

    Though come to think of it, if its contaminated, will it pass through for export from Japan. Maybe I'm gloriously bias, but I think Japan has a very strict food standard compared to say... China?

  22. @Japan-Australia,
    They do look like bath mats, don't they. :p

    Thanks for the compliments on the photos. :)

  23. Nice pix! I really have to get out to see more of Japan. There are just millions of things to see.

  24. @kyushudan,
    Definitely. I too have millions of things to do and see in Japan, I don't think I'll ever stop or tire of Japan just yet. ^^

    And I'm influenced by you to take closer look at Japanese castles too. Maybe I should feature visiting Japanese castles in my itinerary for my next visit? As it is, I only visited two Japanese castle - Himeji-Jo & Osaka-Jo.

  25. I thought radiation contaminated foods will never ship to any markets. But I saw the news that some foods was found in other country. It's so sorry. Japanese government's countermeasures are too late.
    I'd like to believe that safety of Japanese foods will keep, because we are strict about safety of food.

  26. @bird,
    Exporting of contaminated food is BAD!!! I hope no more would find its way to consumers. o.O


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