Sunday, 27 March 2011

View Of Matsushima Bay

OK, this will be my last installment of posts on Matsushima.

Before I proceed, check out Todd's Wanderings' #Blog4Japan and help either by donating or spreading the word around. Little gestures count too.

Also, anyone wanting to know about the Zuiganji Temple, may want to visit "Rinzai Zen Zuiganji Temple Offered As Refuge for Tsunami Victims" article. Click on the link.

More photos of Matsushima Bay, taken last year. Let's appreciate its beauty and hope the area to return back to normal and its glory sooner rather than later.
Matsushima on a manhole cover. Even the manhole cover is beautiful. ^^
I will resume with normal posting after this, and it'll be of random places around Japan that we've visited over the years. Stay tuned!

On another note, check out Bangsar Village's effort to Help Japan. Fill up the donation box and help them fold one thousand cranes for Japan. ^^

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. 


  1. Yes, I love manhole covers in Japan! Cities really take pride in making sure they have nice designs, love it! ^^

    It looks like a really lovely place, here's hoping it returns to its former state (or becomes better! ^^)b)

  2. @Ri,
    I wish I had taken more of those manhole covers. I think I just have about half a dozen of them taken last year. :(

    I hope Matsushima will return to its former glory (or better) soon too. :)

  3. Now that is a man hole worth admiring :) compare to the typical boring looking ones. I do hope and pray it will return to its former beauty and yes even better too!! Im heading back to my home country next week, hope I'll be able to catch up with your blogs while Im away for almost a month

  4. @reanaclaire,
    Thank you. ^-^

  5. @cuteandcurls,
    Where is your hometown?

    Have a safe trip and back! :)

  6. Here in UK, there's a strange thing: kids like to do brass rubbing.
    I wonder what would they do when they see Japanese manholes?! Ha ha...

  7. @London Caller,
    All manholes would be wiped clean, I guess. ^^

    Over here in Malaysia, I think it will be swiped clean instead. :(

  8. @Lina - Brunei, born & bred in a water village that no longer exists in Brunei ^_^, thanks I hope ada internet access kat my parent's house so i wont miss out on my cuppa tea of good reads!!

  9. @cuteandcurls,
    Oh, from Brunei! :)

    I'm always fascinated about those water villages. Are there any still around now?

    Anyway, have fun back home! :)

  10. More beautiful pictures!! I could look at these all day.

    Japan Australia

  11. @Lina - There are some that still stands but for these you need to take the boat to go across the river, the one where I grew up may stand on stilts on the river but we're connected to the land where the mosque and the wet market is. Thanks I will, I look forward to eat all the my hometown food ^_^

  12. @Japan Australia,
    You're too generous with your compliments. ^^

    MAtsushima Bay is indeed beautiful. Would love to return to visit someday.

  13. @cuteandcurls,
    Wow! Is it too far out in the sea?

    Houses on water, built on stilts sounds quaint. Have fun back home. Don't eat too much though - afterwards hard to lose all the weight.

  14. oh no another earth quake today

  15. Wow at the manhole, I don't think our gov would be so detail and put much efforts on this!

    Crane, also symbolize lucks?!

  16. But manholes in Malaysia are very boring -
    From Johor Baru to Kot Baru - all share the same design...

  17. @Bengbeng,
    Another one? How bad was it?

    I didn't watch the news. :(

  18. @Alice,
    We put more details lamp posts that's not working.

    Have you seen those lamp posts in Brickfields? It's really nice.... but I wonder whether there'll be any maintenance for the streetlights.

  19. @London Caller,
    We can call them 1Malaysia manhole covers lah! LOL

    Unity and uniformity from North to South. XD

  20. Speaking about unique and nice lamp post in Klang Valley, where else if not Putrajaya?!;D

    LOL, yeah... maintenance wise is rather poor(since most $$$ gone to god knows who's pocket)!;p

  21. LOL! 1Malaysia manhole covers. I like that! That sure is one artistic manhole cover, Lina. The ones here are definitely too boring. But if not for them being so firmly fixed, all if not most of them would have been removed (read 'stolen') and ended up in some metal scrapyard. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  22. @Alice,
    Yeah, Putrajaya does have nice street lamps. But not all of them emit light at night. Maybe they're for show only? ;p

  23. @HappySurfer,
    No need nice manhole covers lah for Malaysia. Like you said, they probably end up at scrap metal anyway.

    Nowadays, even covering for street lights also kena stolen. So dangerous!

  24. I'm looking forward to going back there.

  25. @sixmats,
    I hope a lot of people plan to make a return visit there too.

  26. that's a beautiful manhole cover. i'm always concerned about stolen covers in my neighbourhood especially when someone accidentally fall into the hole.

  27. @LR,
    Likewise. Stolen manhole covers and leaving the hole open is such a danger to road users. :(


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