Sunday, 17 April 2011

An Afternoon At Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place is one of Ebisu's main tourist attraction;  a neighbourhood in Tokyo that emerged around the first big beer factory of the manufacturer Japan Beer (known today as Sapporo). It is built on the former site of a brewery, where the still existing Yebisu Beer brand had been brewed since 1890.

Its located near Shibuya and Roppongi with Ebisu Station being one stop before Shibuya on the JR Yamanote Line.

The story goes - in 1890 Japan Beer launched a beer that was called Yebisu. The beer from Japan Beer became an instant hit, to the point that the neighbourhood where the main factory of Japan Beer was located became “Ebisu” (modern written form of “Yebisu”). In 1901 Japan Beer built a train station beside the factory and called it “Ebisu” as well.  Japan Beer has since reorganized and was renamed Sapporo Breweries Ltd. And the original factory had to be moved outside of Tokyo in the late 1980′s.

It took us 7 visits to Tokyo to actually find time and energy to visit the place. Anyway, the place might be a little too out of the way for casual visitors just coming to visit, so I guess unless you are into beer history, drinking beer & chillin' out or visiting the nearby Museum of Photography (there was a nude photography exhibition when we were there), this may not be your cup of tea or may be a bit of hassle to go to.
At the train station
Some shots f the buildings there
A posh restaurant in the background - Chateau Restaurant Taillvent-Robuchon
Where were these people heading to? And what were they queuing for?
To get some beer of course! There was a beer festival or something when we were there and the place was packed with people.
Next up: Beer Museum Yebisu. Just because I don't drink beer, doesn't mean I can't visit the museum and check out the history, right? Not to mention buying beer glasses at the Museum's souvenir shop make good and rather affordable souvenirs to your beer drinking buddies.


  1. the event is a real treat for beer lovers for sure.

  2. i used to live right next door, behind the westin. it is a great neighbourhood. one time after work i dropped in to garden place to do some grocery shopping and when i got there will smith was there promo'ing his movie seven pounds.

    also, at the end of the beer museum tour there is a tasting lounge where you can get a tasting tray that consists of 4 different Yebisu beers – a mixture of dark, wheat and lagers.

  3. It's nice to check out beer history even though we're not beer drinkers.

  4. Oh if I go there I will surely try the beer! Nice place : )

  5. @reesan,
    You are so lucky! I can feel the atmosphere there makes really good living place. :)

    Didn't go on the tour but for those wanting to have a taste, joining the museum tour would be great.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. @Mei Teng,
    Yes, that's right. :)

    And we did enjoy the visit to the museum.

  7. @foong,
    You should. And buy a lot after, too. :)

  8. Yebisu premiamu malts is very good taste. But I like Asahi Super Dry very much. There was a waterway opposite side of railroads. The Yebisu beer plant wanted to use the water. But the railroads were lower than the ground. So Yebisu used the principle of siphon to use the water. The story is very famous. Next time pleae try to drink beer!

  9. @minor,
    Interesting info. Thanks for sharing.

    No, I think I'll stay away from drinking beer. But those who do, please try them!

  10. The most lovely beer museum I have been to is the Home of Guinness in Dublin. The building itself looks like a pint glass with glass facade throughout.
    On the top floor of the building, the ceiling looks like the froth from the head.
    When the sky gets dark, you feel like you're inside a pint of Guinness.

  11. @London Caller,
    I saw the Museum in an epsiode of "Passport to Europe". Sure looks like a fun place to visit to Guinness lovers. :)

  12. @Japan Australia,
    I'm assuming you like beer? ^^

  13. Passport to Europe?
    Can I watch it on Youtube?

  14. @London Caller,
    Dunno.I watched it over on TLC channel. Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown.

  15. ROFL!!!!
    I was there on Wednesday!!! XD
    But although I know Ebisu beer, I had no idea about it being the old brewery area! I feel like such a dork. (I was just window shopping with a friend, no beer for us ^^;)
    Thank you for enlightening me, just in time for when I go back next week to buy some super hot sunglasses that I stupidly didn't get then. ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  16. @Ri,
    Oh shoot! I mixed up the link. I wanted to link up to our visit to the Museum not the beer garden.

    Yeah, saw a lot of shopping op there, but the place is so posh, I was scared to touch anything or go to any shop there. LOL

    Have fun next week with your new (yet-to-be bought) sunglasses. ^^

  17. @lina ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, now you have both! XD

    Yes, I was looking at a furniture shop was like... a palace. I would have gone in, cept I felt like I would have tainted the stuff inside. ;P

  18. @Ri,
    Yeah, another gluttony week on Show Me Japan for me. LOL


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