Monday, 25 April 2011

Deers Of Miyajima

Tame deers wander freely on Miyajima, much to the delight of our son who was absolutely excited being up close and personal with the deers. He equated those deers with Santa Clause (as in reindeers), and we don't even celebrate Christmas!

Tourists are not supposed to either feed or touch the tame deers that roam around the island, but I guess we were a bunch of clueless, law-breaking tourists, as can be witnessed from the photo below.
The deers didn't really care to be friendly with us, because we had no food with us. Plenty of tourists got followed around by the deers because they smelled of food. XD But them deers sure look scrawny and not really active.

There was an issue about starving deers way back in 2008 and them being carted away or something  and a petition to save them put out. Is there an improvement to this now?
There are monkeys too on the island, but no photo of them monkeys in my collection. Simply because monkeys creep me out.


  1. Good frinedship!
    There are many deers in Nara park as you may know.
    There is rice cracker only for deers.
    However, I have never been both Miyajima and Nara.

  2. omg yay I'm not alone in being creeped out by monkeys!!! We *def* have to go travelling together now. :P
    Those deer scare me though, cause... I had a map and one of them ate half of it when I went there the first time. :'(

  3. So cute you boy with the deer, my girl would love to see this post of yours!^^

  4. Haha! So cute lah the photo of Raimie and the deers! : )

  5. Wow! The deers wander around freely? How come don't have such thing in Malaysia! I love to touch those deers too whether allowed or not! LOL!

  6. LOL! Why monkeys creep you out? But for sure they are more mischievous and cunning compared to deers! They like to steal things and stuffs! See lots of them at the park where I go jogging : )

  7. I miss Miyajima!
    A deer ate my map in the station.
    Don't remember if that's a station building or not.
    I took a ferry to the island from Hiroshima.
    I think I also took a mini train thing on the island....
    Alamak, tak ingat lagi...

  8. @cocomino,
    I haven't been to Nara either. Was planning to do it this year, but... there are no cheap airfares to Japan (or any promotion for that matter from any airlines).

    Rice crackers would be better for the deers than any random food given out by tourists, I guess. :)

  9. @Ri,
    Ha! You shouldn't let anything (maps included) hanging out when deers and goats are around. ;)

    Definitely! We should go somewhere together, act silly and wreak havoc. It'll be so much fun! ^^

  10. @Alice,
    I bet if you guys go there, Juan Juan would happily chase the deers around and give them a hug. :)

  11. @foong,
    Yes, they roam freely. Here, I'm afraid some "enterprising" folks will catch them and sell them for deer meat.

    Monkeys - that mischievous nature that makes me scared of them. That and I just don't like the look of monkeys. o.O

    A lot of monkeys at Bukit Kiara park? That's where you jog, right?

  12. @London Caller,
    Another one with their map eaten by the deers.

    Got train ah on Miyajima? How come I missed that? XD

    We used the hard way to get around the island and that's by walking. ;P

  13. I am like you too, Monkeys creep me out..don't know why, to me they don't too friendly..hahahahah

  14. @eugene,
    You too! :)

    Yeah, monkeys getting friendly are monkeys wanting something from you. I don't like the face and the "bulu" LOL

  15. Very cute deer and so many of them. Kind of reminds me of Nara which has quite a few of them roaming around as well.

    Japan Australia

  16. @Japan Australia,
    Which is why I need to visit Nara one of these days too! Imagine - I haven't been to nara yet!o.O

  17. How fun to mingle with the deers! I hope to visit one day. Not now. Scared of radiation. :P

  18. I don't like being amongst monkeys too. They can be very mischievous.

  19. I had no idea that happened in 2008. But, I actually don't watch T.V. so, not so incredible. A bit sad though.

    I've come across deers in three places. Miyajima, Nara & Nagoya castle. Monkeys I've seen just once, at "Monkey Mountain" in Beppu. I'm not a fan.

    @Ri A deer ate your map? Taihen da.

  20. @ECL,
    Miyajima so far from Tohoku lah....

    But do go when you are more comfortable to visit Japan. Bringing Jaymes along with your hubby or not?

  21. @kyushudan,
    Yes, sadder still if it's still happening now especially because the deers do draw crowds too.

    Monkeys - hubby wanted to see the Jigokudani snow monkeys but I dug my heels and refused. LOL

  22. I had been to Takasaki-yama, beppu when I was a kid. Monkeys stole my snack. I'll get revenge against them someday. (if they live yet lol)

  23. I remember so.
    But it's not the big train, more like small one for tourists.
    I could also be wrong.
    So many years ago...
    Tak ingat lagi lah. ;'(

  24. @bird,
    You are funny.

    Poor you, the cheeky monkeys stole your snack! ^^

  25. @London Caller,
    So, I should revisit the place and look for them. :)

  26. those deers look absolutely friendly. i'm not fond of monkeys too but i do enjoy taking pictures of them from a distance. :)

  27. @LR,
    Those deers are indeed friendly, esp if you have food with you.

    Yup, I'd stay away from monkeys and photograph them from a distance. :p

  28. Your little boy is quite a brave one to pet the deers. I know some kids who are afraid to get near animals.

  29. @carey,
    he was, wasn't he? ^^

  30. @lina Totes! It's decided then! ;)

    @kyushudan Yes, I believe I cried a little. Inside. And then went emo for a couple of months, hair and sad eye make up included.

  31. @Ri,
    LOL on your comment to Dan.


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