Saturday, 30 April 2011

Found In Hiroshima

A floating house? A restaurant? By the looks of it, looks like it's permanently moored by this bank. I posted up another photo, a crop of the photo above of a sign at the side at Blue Shoe's comment below. Was it for boat rental?

And to think the only other place I see one of those floating dwellings were in Kuala Lipis, along the Sungai Jelai. Don't see them anymore now. Anyone ever experienced visiting or staying in homes built on rafts  or what we called a "rumah rakit" before?

Happy labour day everyone! And to those in Japan, Happy Golden Week. Going somewhere nice for the long weekend?
This is by the way, my second entry for this week's Show Me Japan Vol 1 Issue 23.


  1. Kind of looks like a house boat, but one that doesn't move anymore. Most likely permanently moored to the river bank. I love Hiroshima as it reminds me of my hometown of Melbourne, Australia with its river, beautiful parks and trams.

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Yeah, it looks like a permanently moored houseboat to me too. Are there any legislation about such boats moored by the river banks in Japan though?

  3. Is that a sign on the front, near the entrance?

  4. @Blue Shoe,
    Why yes, there was. Can't see much of the wording though.

    But I posted up another sign the houseboat/boat/floating shop has by its side.

  5. Pulau Pinang pun ada.
    KL hari ini Kuala Lipis ke? ;)
    Macam Ulu Klang = UK! Ha ha...

  6. yes it does look like a houseboat moored to the bank

  7. @London Caller,
    Penang also got ah? Didn't know that. Shows how much I know about my own country! ^-^!

    Hahaha... yeah, we Pahangites also got KL. That KL is just half an hour away from my hometown in Raub some more. ^^

  8. @Singapore Tourism,
    Looks like it, what with it having a plank or bridge or whatever you call it to connect it to the bank area.

  9. It is written 水上遊覧 by Japanese. It means that "Sightseeing on the river by the boat".

    There is the possibility that the houses are used both waiting rooms for guests and living for the boat owner.

  10. @minor,
    Thanks for the info!

    Have lots of fun on your weekend break! :)

  11. You would think they would have regulations against setting up houseboats on the river in town like that.

  12. @Tornadoes28,
    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I saw it. How do you stake ownership on a piece or part of the river?

  13. Yeah, it's a river cruise for renting! ;D The house looks so cool on the water, tht's my dream house should be, lol... like Noah's ark!

  14. @Alice,
    But when I see floating dwellings like this, I have one thought - where are the waste flushed out to? Direct to the river? @.@

  15. yes Lina, the waste goes directly into the river, untreated, as I doubt there's enough space on the boat for a septic tank. And emptying the tank costs money.

  16. @Anna,
    And that is just.....eeewww! Is it acceptable to do that?

    Reminded me of my childhood when playing at a river in my grandma's village. One day, while horsing around in the water with my cousins; something floated by, looks like a corn but its not! Guess what it was? @.@

  17. You can also ride "Yakatabune" on Tokyo bay.
    You can eat and drink delicious food such as sashimi(slices of raw fish). at night.
    There is a beautiful night scene.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=835

  18. @cocomino,
    Will keep that in mid for future trip (or trips). Thanks. :)

  19. Got. Of course, Penang also got one.
    World Heritage Site must have everything one.
    If not cannot be pass the WHS assessment.

    Do you like Penang laksa? I'm not so keen.
    Prefer my kampung laksa from Johor.

    Raub in Pahang? I don't know much about your kampung...
    I don't think I have been to Kuantan either.

  20. @London Caller,
    Hahaha... heritage site must have everything? Maybe lah. XD

    Laksa wise... I actually like laksam better than laksa. You know the one with white fish sauce popular with East Coast people? ^^

    Raub - the gold town. There used to be huge gold mines in Raub, pre-Japanese occupation days. When Japanese troops came, the Australian miners and the Brits there decided to sabotage the mines to stop Japanese from getting to the mines.

    There are efforts to revive the gold mines there, but there are also concern over cyanide poisoning there. You guys worried about Japan radiation? We've been having issues with cyanide poisoning for years!

    Kuantan - I spent two years of my high school years there before being chucked to Terengganu when I was in Form 3. Long time haven't been there.

    What else is there in my kampung? Well, there's kacang sempalit. I'll buy you some to sample one of these days... ;p

  21. not fish sauce, fish gravy. Sorry. XD

  22. Oh, I know that one.
    I tried it in Kuala Terengganu before.
    Still not my type of tea.
    Only laksa from Johor.
    Ha ha... I'm actually very patriotic towards Johor!
    Actually laksa from Singapore also very nice.
    Both very rich.

    Malay in Terengganu sounds very different to the one we speak in Johor. XD

  23. @London Caller,
    A patriotic son of Johor.:)

    Not only Terengganu lah. How about Kelantanese? Can you understand them?

  24. It looks like a little port where boaters can park their boat and go inside to rest/food. Happy Golden Week to those who celebrate it.

  25. @AVCr8teur,
    Hope those who enjyed Golden Week had a blast. The week's almost over though. ;p


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