Monday, 4 April 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

We miss out on the cherry blossom again this year. ^^

Cherry blossoms - its beauty thrill the hearts of the Japanese people and tourists alike with their beauty, glory and liveliness. But the blossoms reminds us of life's transience too, more so now.

Forget past tragedies and disappointment and look forward to a new start with much optimism and enthusiasm!
Enjoying some "hanami" time at Ueno Park, a few years back. Hope the crowd is/will be there for the cherry blossom this year!
Loveliness not only can be found on trees but on the road too. I present to you - cherry blossom on a manhole cover! ^^


  1. Cherry blossoms are nice, but I can never really get into hanami. Do like taking pictures of them, though.

  2. Spring is my favourite time of the year with the warmer weather after winter and the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Let's hope for a fresh start now Spring is here!!

    Japan Australia

  3. Wow! Awesome pictures, including the manhole. Thanks.

  4. @Blue Shoe,
    The crowd and the noise can be rather headache inducing, but for me, I might as well experienced it once! :p

  5. @Japan Australia,
    Spring is absolutely nice for travel too. ^^

    Now that my Son is schooling, there are no more long vacation in Spring. :(

  6. @HappySurfer,
    Glad you like it. ^^

  7. You know Japan has always been the fav place for my entire family, got a good friend has been pestering us to go and visit him but it wil cost a lot lol, now looking at these pictures of yours, i am already drooling,,,,take care ya

  8. @eugene,
    People I know who have been to Japan always wanted to return. ^^

    It need not cost a bomb to visit Japan. Our two-weeks budget to Japan has never exceeded RM12,000.00 for a family of three, and we can literally cover the whole Japan within that budget if we want to.

    Wait for a special airfare if you want to go. That can surely cut cost down a bit. ^^

  9. Transience is important factor for beautifulness. It can say about fireworks too. I like the scenery of just falling cherry blossom petals.

  10. Very nice photo.
    I have visited Ueno many times.
    Because I had lived in Tokyo when I was a child.
    There are many museum, zoo and shops.(アメ横 ameyoko.)

  11. My mom's favourite, cherry blossom! I was once vowed to bring her to see this, guess my plan has to be postponed already(since I'm SAH now)!>_<

  12. Sakura's transience attracts us.
    Especially office workers, because of we have few chances to see full blossom in the daytime. ^o^

  13. Beautiful cherry blossoms! I like spring!

    Nice manhole cover design too! : )

  14. LOL! On manhole cover also need cherry blossoms is it? Maybe before anyone want to open the cover and have the toxic fumes wash into their nose, they will feel happy by looking at the engraving of the cherry blossom first.. :D

  15. Can you see a logo on the manhole next to the Kanji 低圧?
    That's a leaf from maidenhair tree.
    It's extremely beautiful in autumn.
    It's also the symbol of Tokyo.

  16. @minor,
    a fleeting glance of beauty makes it more special, right? ^^

    A bed of fallen petals sure makes a lovely sight too. :)

  17. @cocomino,
    and we visited Ueno many times because of the nearby toy store. LOL

    I love visiting the Shitamachi Museum at the park. :)

  18. @Alice,
    I hope the plan is not postponed indefinitely? ;)

  19. @bird,
    Any office sessions enjoying the sakura for you and your colleagues?

  20. @foong,
    Sring is always nice. How was Spring in HK? :)

    I like that manhole cover design too. ^^

  21. @Bella,
    There are all sorts of nice manhole covers in Japan, and they usually potray what represents the area best, toxic fumes or no down in the drain. :p

  22. @London Caller,
    Thank you for the insight. :)

  23. I heard many hanami matsuri or celebrations have been canceled this year. The loss of income of several hundred thousands of tourists will be another blow to the economy. :(

  24. Beautiful cherry blossoms. A sea cherry blossoms is just wonderful.

  25. Oh yes, the maidenhair leaf was also chosen by Tokyo University as their logo.

    >... but where are the animals?

    Easy tiger. They'll come out today!

  26. @wakanai,
    Really? Can't have a big celebration when one part of the country is suffering.

    But the blooms are there - maybe instead of a drunken, bawdy parties; we should celebrate it in a quiter and sombre mood.

    Visitors totally avoiding the whole of Japan will sure hurt the tourism economy.

  27. @Mei Teng,
    A sea of cherry blossoms is lovely. A sea of people isn't! XD

  28. @London Caller,
    That's interesting.

    I always wonder about that logo and I thought it's a spade. XD

    Hahaha... yeah, saw the animals in your post today. I'm impatient... me. ^-^!

  29. dropping by here because of the beautiful cherry blossom. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day ahead.

  30. @Star-chuu,
    And thank you for dropping by & commenting. :)

    Have a great day too. ^^

  31. cherry blossoms are absolutely magical. I love spring.

  32. @LR,
    They have a magical effect to sooth the mind and lift up the spirit. :)

    I love Spring too. Pity with my Son's schooling, traveling during Springtime is almost always out of the question now. :(


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