Monday, 11 April 2011

A Piece Of The Netherlands In Japan

and you can find it at Huis Ten Bosch located in Nagasaki. No, no photos of the interior of the park in this post. Visit the park's website for more info. We weren't interested in the park, but was more interested on our train rides getting there. Weird? Yeah, we know and we aren't apologetic about it!

The park's location reflects historical relations between the Netherlands and Japan which began in 1609 and the park was built with special permission from the Royal family. It is a reproduction of the residence of Her Majesty the Queen of The Netherlands.
In front of Huis Ten Bosch Station
Sasebo in the background. Yup, plenty of European looking buildings here. I remember when we were there, the area had not experienced any rainfall for a bit so there was a drought notice and guests at the hotel were reminded to be prudent using water. No soaking in the room tub and we were encouraged to use the public facility instead.
That's the ANA Hotel Huis Ten Bosch you can see behind Raimie. We didn't stay there for the night.  I don't think we can afford a night there anyway! We checked-in Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch instead, which is located further inland and at a safer distance from hearing ship's blasting canons over in the park at night. ^^
Looking back, I marveled at my lack of interest to even snap photos at the hotel we checked-in, let alone the park and surrounding area. There were a few tulips shots here and there, few train station's interior shots and the rest were of trains.Well, Japan for us in 2008 was a place filled with Ultraman, wonderful trains, toys  and games (yeah, in that order). I got more cultured and enlightened as the years go by though. At least, I'd like to think so. Wahaha


  1. "and aren't apologetic about it" haha, I love it!
    I did a very brief stint in Nagasaki on my way to the onsets of Unzen and completely missed all this. I'm slightly apologetic about it, but less so now that I've seen some photos of the area. (in a "now I've seen some", not "oh I didn't miss much" kinda way!!!)

    Thanks as always for an interesting (and cultural??) post as alwYs ;)

  2. @Ri,
    Truthfully, you are not missing much not visiting Huis Ten Bosch.

    Unzen sounds and looks like a pretty nice to visit. Any interesting train ride to get there? :)

  3. Hi! I am not interested this Huis Ten Bosch too. It was very popular when it was opened. There are various sightseeing spots in Nagasaki. I want you enjoy there very much.

  4. Same here... I only managed to take pictures of the front area like you did...

  5. This place is fixture of school trip, but I have never been to there.Some of my friends visited there and enjoyed.I envy everyone.

  6. I had been there once. I thought that park is happy place for photographers.
    If an admission ticket is cheaper, I could go there again. hehe

  7. So the journey is more interesting than the destination? Haha!!

  8. How's that place in Japan? I mean after the disaster?
    It really looks beautiful with all those touches of European heritage

  9. That is funny, The Netherlands in Japan.

  10. The station is indeed very Dutch!
    That's a Dutch gable.
    You can see many buildings like this in Belgium too.
    But they call it Flemish gable.
    For political reason, obviously.

  11. I have heard a lot about this place, but have never visited it myself. I believe a lot of school children visit it on school trips.

    Japan Australia

  12. @minor,
    Indeed, there are plenty of places to sightsee in Nagasaki. We just have yet to see them all. :)

  13. @Lrong,
    So, I wasn't the only one? ^^

    How did you like the park though?

  14. @Contamination,
    There should be more flower shots here. ;)

  15. @Cocomino,
    Wow, your school trip sure travel far! From Tokyo to Nagasaki? Why weren't you on that trip too?

    Well, you can visit the place with your daughters in future.:)

  16. @bird,
    I wasn't much of a photographer anyway. :D

    I do so agree about the admission ticket. If only it is a bit cheaper. ;)

  17. @foong,
    The journey was definitely more exciting. And we had more fun getting lost in the countryside, scrounging for cheap food later in the evening that the park itself. LOL

  18. @Bing,
    This place is located on the island of Kyushu, way down south and way too far from the affected Tohoku region which is on the island of Honshu.

    So, not affected at all and life is pretty much normal elsewhere in Japan.

  19. @Filip,
    There's even a German Village somewhere nearby Tokyo. XD

  20. @London Caller,
    Thanks for the info. :)

  21. @Japan Australia,
    And I do try to avoid places that get hordes of school children, no matter how well behaved they are. x.x

  22. Looks like a nice place! For some reason reminds me of Disney World's Showcase of Nations in Epcot.

  23. @Blue Shoe,
    It does? I gotta go visit and compare, now that you mentioned it.

    That is if I ever got around visiting countries other than Japan. ;p

  24. I look forward to future flower pictures.

  25. That red building in the first pic bears a resemblance to the Dutch influence at the Stadhyus in Malacca (in terms of the brick red facade).

  26. Did you see the bird at home?
    It has a funny name in Malay!
    What does that danau refer to?
    I know Danau Toba in Indonesia.

  27. @Contamination,
    Do I have more? I think I'd have to return to Japan and snap more. ;p

  28. @Mei Teng,
    Well, they share the same architectural origin. :)

  29. @TheOctopus,
    That is sure one interesting read!

  30. @London Caller,
    Yup saw them plenty of times when I was little. Now that I'm staying in KL - no more. :(

    Danau - danube, lake, paya. Nowadays plenty of "Taman Perumahan" use Danau - Taman Danau Desa for instance. :p

  31. I think stopping at various destinations on a train ride is fun. It's less tiring than driving and everyone can concentrate on sightseeing. I never knew this place existed especially the architecture and culture are so different than from Japans.

  32. @AVCr8teur,
    There are quite a few like this, as a result from Japan's bubble economy. Some still standing, some not.

    I totally agree about train rides. We all get to concentrate on the scenery and view (or sleeping). ;)

  33. Some high school trip is Ngasaki, but my high school trip is Kyoto.
    My family and I will travel to Kyusyu someday.

  34. it must be amazing to see a slice of Netherlands in Japan. i love tulips and i could even smell them from here.

  35. @LR,
    I love tulips too. Will always get them for Mother's Day. :)

  36. I actually lived there for one year!

  37. @Biggie,
    In Sasebo City? How very nice. Seems like a good quiet town to spend a year in. Was it?


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