Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Scouring The Country For A Super Hero

We virtually went all around Japan, just to find Ultraman. There are a few more places we've yet been to, but I think we are pretty happy we visited the big ones already. ^^

Of course, my boy was/is always chuffed to bits being able to meet his favourite super hero!
With a giant Ultraman Mebius statue at Ultraman Festival in Ikebukuro one fine summer in 2006. This was Raimie's second trip to Japan. On his first trip, we went to Ultraman Club in Asakusa (it's now closed though) and he was in seventh heaven meeting up with Ultraman Xenon there.

Ulfes is usually held during the summer holiday, and Zaini suggested if we wanted to cut cost down, we come during the summer holiday and just stayed in Tokyo & visit Ulfes. Much as I like Ultraman and Tokyo, just staying in Tokyo for a week isn't something I want to do while in Japan now. I still have lots of place to cover! 
At Ultramanland in Arao in Kumamoto Prefecture, which we visited in 2007 and 2008. We made sure we didn't miss a single "meet-the-heroes" sessions or the live-action shows.
Meeting Ultraman Mebius and Hikari at Ultraman Stadium in Terai in Ishikawa Prefecture in 2008. It's literally located in a middle of nowhere! The staff there got pretty "excited" when I wrote my son's name (to enter the jungle gym) in romanji. I guess not many non-Japanese speaking foreigners came to that part of town much.
With Ultraman Nice at Tsuburaya Jungle in Yao, Osaka in 2008. Where is it exactly? Let's just say it's on the way to Nara.
With Ultraman Mebius at Ultraman Club in Kawasaki in 2009 and 2010. Raimie made some friends there and was happily shooting "kaijus" with his newfound friends. Language barrier completely forgotten.

It's going to change soon though. Its inevitable I would say, because he is growing up/out of idolising Ultraman. Give him Kamen Riders, Goseiger or whatever ranger now.  However, don't ask him to let go of all his Ultraman figures yet! Those, we can't donate to anyone ever.


  1. Wow, who knew Ultraman from our childhood still affects kids today. Do you not speak Japanese at all? I had a hard time when I was there. Lots of pointing.

  2. Great pictures and love the second one with the fantastic pose. It is amazing to think that after all these years Ultraman is still really popular!!

    Japan Australia

  3. @AVcr8teur,
    A lot of pointing, gestures and black faces for me! LOL

    Ultraman is still around today, though under various names and styles. Ultraman Hayata (the first one) is still acting in the series and movies. :)

  4. @Japan Australia,
    It's popular among kids in kindie and below, I think. But around my part of the world, there are plenty of serious fans and collectors of all Ultraman things. Few had already made the track to the places we went to, too. And they don't even have kids! :)

  5. Yeah, it's going to be impossible for him to give them up.

    Toy Story 3 anyone?

  6. @Contamination,
    Toy Story 3 cannot compete with Ultraman! LOL

    But that said, I'm quite amazed that my son who is almost exclusively exposed with Japan & Korean movie & music at home, is now a great fan of Justin Bieber. How did that happen? o.O

  7. One thing I find interesting is that older characters like Ultraman and Doraemon continue to be so popular after such a long time. In America it seems that most TV characters lose their steam after a few years. But I guess there are some comic book characters in America that have remained popular, too.

    Cute pictures, by the way.

  8. @Blue Shoe,
    Indeed. But Ultraman & the Kamen Riders franhise for example did go through a few change throughout the years to entice new viewers.

    Doraemon OTOH, I find refreshingly stayed the same just as do Caryon Shin Chan. Right?

    Comics I think, have more endurance in captivating their fans compared to TV shows.

  9. I'm sitting here with my son, Taiga (大河). He wants to say that his favourite Ultraman character is Burial.

    Thanks for posting this.

  10. Oops. That would be Belial, not Burial. Those damn r's & l's.

  11. It's interesting.However my daughters will be afraid them. :) When I was a child, I like Ultlaman show at amusement park.
    My daughters like PURIKYUA.(pretty cure)Japanese anime..

  12. Ha ha... Your son in 2006 looks even cuter lah!
    How come only got Ultraman?
    Where's Godzilla?

    You know what we call Ultraman in Chinese?
    Salted egg superman!
    Don't you thin their eyes look like telur masin? Ha ha...

  13. I am amazed, really, going all around Japan looking for Ultraman... was smiling to myself as I read this interesting post...

  14. @Dan,
    I was just about to correct you when I read your 1st comment - then you amended it in the second.

    He likes Belial eh? But Belial is evil! How come he doeesn't like Ultraman Zero? ;p

    How old is Taiga, BTW? :)

    I wonder whether there's any "live-show" at Ultraman Land between Belial & Zero? That would be interesting to watch. ^^

  15. @Cocomino,
    Haha... yeah, I don't think girls would like Ultraman much. For me,I just got sucked into it because hubby loves them. ^^

  16. @London Caller,
    Godzilla doesn't fight with Ultraman lah even though it is a daikaiju and Ultraman fights kaijus! LOL

    He's cuter in 2006. I totally agree! And has a much sweeter disposition in 2006 than in 2011. ;p

    Really ah? Telur masin Ultraman. ROTFL at that! XD

  17. @Lrong,
    Yup, the first few trips to Japan and covering a lot of places there were actually because of Ultraman. We still put "meeting up" with Ultraman in our itinerary, but it is not the main reason we go Japan now. ;)

    Glad to hear I make your smile today. :)

  18. it must be a real treat for Raimie to meet his favourite superhero.

  19. @LR,
    It sure is and he's always happy for the chance.

    But we always reminded him that those trips were a treat for doing good at school and being a good boy. ;)

  20. Ultraman!!! Used to be my fav during school days, I love the 1st picture, the gigantour Ultraman!

  21. Really. Go ask your Chinese friends, see what they tell you lah.
    Their eyes are white like telur masin, that's why.
    Anway, I'm off this Easter holiday.
    See you on Monday.

  22. @Alice,
    There were bigger ones than the Mebius' statue found in Japan. ^^

  23. @London Caller,
    OK OK,will definitely ask. ^^

    Have fun! Come back with lots of photos. :)

  24. It is amazing Ultraman existed even when I was a child.

  25. @Bengbeng,
    Ultraman is already 40+ years old, since the date it first airedin 1966. ^^

  26. Ultraman and the likes of tokusatsu are something cult. They will always have their own fans and will never cease to exist....I guess. :)

  27. @Con Artist Trickster,
    That is absolutely true. :)


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