Sunday, 3 April 2011

Still Eating Sushi

Pretty self-explanatory, no?

Japanese restaurants in Malaysia are said to have stopped food import from Japan and source their supply elsewhere.

Instead of joining the mass-paranoia over the radioactive contamination, I hope we instead turn our thoughts  and energy towards the victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that affected so many lives and people in North-Eastern Japan. They don't only need your prayers, they need help and assistance too. The survivors have a tough time ahead of them. Think about the children that became orphans,  about losing their loved ones - two-legged or four, losing their homes, losing what they built their whole live...

For those who plans to visit Tokyo and scared stiff of the possibility of growing a third eye or arm or something, check out the radiation level here. Then, as a matter of precaution and peace of mind, go compare the radiation level of stuff around you too.  You might want to eliminate something from your modern life...

And I tell you truthfully, I have a sneaking suspicion that Zaini, Raimie and I have higher chances of dying from lung cancer than anything else, what with all the second-hand smoke we had to inhale daily. Or being in an accident on the road, the way Malaysian drivers drive. I've had a few of those already anyway...

Here's a video titled "Ring the bell and donate for Japan disaster relief" from Lifeyou TV I'd like to share with all of you.


  1. Thanks for sharing and the sushi above looks delicious.

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    It sure was delicious. So much so, my Son ate them all! :)

  3. any contribution would b most welcome. so many have lost so much


  4. Mmmm.... Sushi!!!! (I haven't had any in way too long)

  5. @bengbeng,
    Contribution, no matter how small or big would be deeply appreciated.

    I wish I can do more, though...

  6. @David,
    I would've not have them here in KL, but my Son's insistence made us make the trip to a sushi place. ^^

    I'm missing the sushi in Japan. A LOT! ;p

  7. I am staying away from Japanese food for the time being. I don't quite trust restaurants here saying they will not be importing food from Japan.

  8. Thank you lina. I read your blog wiping the tears from my eyes.

  9. @Mei Teng,
    To each its own.

  10. @minor,
    Oh don't cry! I didn't write anything sad, did I? ^^

  11. Thank you for your strong message.

    That's too bad. You can't eat Japanese food.
    Most of the Japanese food are safe, I think.
    Every day I eat Japanese food including fish.

  12. @cocomino,
    I just think instead of fear mongering, we should just concentrate about ways to help victims instead.

    How is the food safety issue and monitoring in Japan?

  13. i'm very kiasu. I will avoid buying Japanese dairy products for the time being.

  14. Your boy sure enjoyed sushi very much!^-^

  15. Hmmm I don't really understand the point of ringing the bell to make a donation.

    People in those affected areas need help urgently.
    There's really no need to queue if you want to donate.

    Best way to do is take the money first, they can ring the bell as long as they want.

  16. @LR,
    Old stock should be OK esp if it's manufactured before 11/3/11, right?

    For me, I learn that being kiasi doesn't help me much. XD

  17. @Alice,
    He loves Japanese food. :)

  18. @London Caller,
    Symbolic? Ritual? To get God's attention of your wish for the donation to go to a worthy cause? ;P

    Never mind lah... at least they donate. And I bet they chip in other ways too. Right?

  19. @Filip,

    Will you be eating them soon?

  20. I know that food may be safe vaguely.
    I read only the news site and the other blog.
    I can't buy Tohoku area food now.
    Farmers and the other producers are very worried about them. :(

  21. I am not really fond of sushi. Maybe if I can eat without the rice hehe.

  22. I was in Hong Kong and heard news that the radiation from Japan had reached Hong Kong but the levels were n0ot dangerous enough to affect humans so I went about Disneyland and Ocean Park without a care in the world, LOL!

  23. Yes, you are right. We Malaysians are more likely to die from the second hand smoke than radiation from Japan.

  24. But I can just imagine 10 years down the road, those people with cancers in Malaysia might just put all the blame on Japan.

  25. @cocomino,
    The farmers at the area have big losses.

    And I'm afraid farmers at other areas may be affected to, if people are scared of all Japanese products.

    We should of course, be careful of what we put in our mouth but at the same time, mass hysteria would get us nowhere.

  26. @foong,
    What! You went to HK and not scared of the radiation ah! Crazy izit? LOL

    Don't eat rice with sushi, then eat sashimi lah... :p

    True... if we "kena" cancer or leukemia, I think we'd probably blame it on Japan someday.

  27. Actually, my point here is it doesn't matter whether it's symbolic or ritual.
    They should let people donate the money easily without having to queue.
    Don't you think this is crazy? I give you money and I have to wait in the queue?

    Of course, people are more than welcome to do that after they have made the donations.

    Alamak, even donation can be so leceh huh?
    No wonder you complain about the visa thing lah?!

  28. @London Caller,
    Well... don't you notice that Japanese people do love to queue? :p

    Never mind lah.... people can queue and donate, or people can just donate elsewhere. DOesn't matter. The more important thing is we people try to help in whatever little way we can, symbolic or no. Yes?

    Oh don't get me started on the visa. Whenever it's time to apply for visa, I'm starting to like the China Embassy more. LOL


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