Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sunset In Tazawako

Unlike in 2009, when we spent a night in Nyuto Onsen; located in the Akita Prefecture of Tohoku region, we only spent a few hours at the lake area last year. 

Waiting for the last bus to get back to Tazawako Station, we enjoyed the sunset sitting by the lake while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!
Pity no dragon was to be found at the Lake. We did find a dragon head at the station though! Raimie did find something more fun (for him, at least) - a Kamen Rider can drink! XD
You are able to get to see a dragon or two over at Tazawako Station, even though it's just the heads. The bigger one on the platform is used for their annual float-crashing festival, I'm told.

And you can see my naked photo here, if you are interested in that kind of thing. ^^


  1. Ah, insects...the main drawback of the return of warm weather.

  2. @Blue Shoe,
    Them insects will come in droves pretty soon. ^^!

  3. Yeah, it's kind of a trade-off. Have trouble functioning in the winter, but then when I finally want to go out and do stuff I get eaten alive. Ah well...pick your poison, I guess.

  4. No dragon? What about loch ness? haha..nice calm and serene lake

  5. Sorry dare not click the link to see you naked, Bananaz under age lah...

  6. @Blue Shoe,
    Yeah. I'd be shivering far too much in colder season to be grateful about the insects and in the warmer season be too annoyed at the insects.

    Ah well... XD

  7. @Bananaz,
    The dragon were hiding lah, like Nessie did in Loch Ness. Cannot be too outgoing if you are a monster, even in Japan. XD

    What? You didn't see my naked photo. Pity. It's a sight to see. I promise you, it very PG rated photo one. LOL

  8. This place is so beautiful.
    Also, I have a similar picture as the last one with me and a (fake) shark.
    What do you mean, your son's a kid and I'm an adult? :-)

  9. @David,
    Yes, it sure is. :)

    I mean, you as an adult should refrain yourself from putting your hands where it's not supposed to! LOL

    Or did you put your head in instead? I bet you did. ;p

  10. Beautiful sunset and the water looks so calm and peaceful.

    Japan Australia

  11. @Japan Australia,
    The lake's pretty calm too during the day despite the ferry boats busy plying tourists around the lake. :)

  12. Very beautiful Sunset. I remembered the song of "Sunrise ,Sunset". I stayed in a hotel in Nyuto onsen area for trekking. we climbed Akito-Komagatake. Did you see the Nyuto mountain. The top of Nyuto mountain looks like a woman's breast.

  13. Kamen Rider canned drink?!! I WANT(for collection sake)!!!!

  14. Oh wowwww love the sunset photo la! Awesome! Alamak, but I'm scared to click on the "naked" photo link.. LOL

  15. I would really love to sit by the lake and enjoy that gorgeous sunset too...if only you didn't mention the mosquito attack. :)

  16. So I guess that's the Japanese version of Loch Ness?
    I didn't see Nessie there either. ;P

  17. @minor,
    No, have yet climbed the mountain. It's like a woman's breast? Now, that's an interesting comparison. I bet many planning to trek there would go and lookout for the view. XD

  18. @Alice,
    Got Kamen Rider & Ultraman too... We got both collections! ^^

    Quite cheap some more (well, cheap as in don't convert the Yen to RM lah...) Only 100yen per can.

  19. @Bella,
    Ala... why no one want to see my naked photo? LOL

  20. @Con Artist Trickster,
    Just go out of Summer season/during colder season... I think. Mosquitoes have a field day during Summertime in Japan. XD

    Lovely sunset and you get the place all to yourself. When we were there, waiting for the last bus to come (that was before 7.00pm), not a single soul in sight!

  21. @London Caller,
    Nessie is a monster.

    The dragon in Lake Tazawa is a maiden turned into a dragon due to her need for everlasting beauty... (something like that lah..)

    You didn't see Nessie? Never mind... but did you buy any Nessie related souvenir? ^^

  22. Beautiful! The lake reminds me of Lake Hakone. Raimie is having a good time with the dragon.

  23. @AVCr8teur,
    Yup, he sure had fun with the dragon. XD

  24. Those sunset photos are just stunning.

    lol. By naked you mean, behind a wall!

  25. @kyushudan,
    Thanks. ^^

    Well, I didn't say you'd see my real naked body directly. LOL Just a version of "nakedness". XD

  26. such gorgeous sunsets. perfect for Skywatch. :)

  27. @LR,
    You think so? :)

    I do so love enjoying sunset (in all corners of the Earth). Just wish I don't have to always contend with the mozzies. XD

  28. I love sunsets and daybreak.

  29. @Mei Teng,
    Sunsets are much easier for me to take than daybreak. Even though I do wake up early everyday, the thought of dragging the other two out with me in the wee hours prohibit me from enjoying the sun going up. for now at least...

  30. Those lake pictures are so beautiful!!

    Hope you all got home with limbs intact after that dragon though. If not, just come to Tokyo and grow a new one! XD

    Thanks for adding this to Show Me Japan! ^^)b

  31. @Ri,

    Yeah, I'll remember to hop over Tokyo should I need an extra limb or two! XD


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