Saturday, 9 April 2011

Trains, Trains, Trains - Rides In Kyushu

Last month, I posted some photos of airport trains; the N'EX, the Rapi:t and the Haruka in one of my posts.

Now, time for some photos of the trains we took zipping along the island of Kyushu.
We took this Limited Express Huis Ten Bosch from Hakata Station to HuisTen Bosch Station. That day, we probably spent like a day sitting down and making our butts extremely sore.

The trip to Huis Ten Bosch was made directly upon arrival to Kansai Airport so it was a 7-hour flight, a two and half hour ride on the shinkansen Hikari Railstar from Shin-Osaka to Hakata and then we got on board this limited express train for another one hour and forty minutes ride. Madness? Not if you enjoy train rides as much as we do!
This Seaside Liner train we took from Huis Ten Bosch to nowhere.We didn't have any particular destination to go to and we got on board just out of curiosity. We were rewarded with awesome coastline view on this ride and a glimpse of rural life there too.

We had JR Passes so the extra cost taking non-essential/unplanned trains weren't an issue for us. And yes, we got on this train on top of those earlier rides I mentioned above that day.
Getting on board the Sonic train from Hakata to Beppu. Our trip to Beppu was a day trip and it just wasn't enough. To Beppu we must return someday! The announcement of "Beppu, Beppu, Beppu" repeatedly was so cute! I wish I recorded it and put it here so you can listen to it too. ^^
This is the White Sonic plying the same route. A train otaku like us would make a point of taking the two trains for our return trip just to try them out.
Getting on the Relay Tsubame from Hakata to Omuta for our journey to Ultraman Land in Omuta, Kumamoto. Let's see, we've been to this part of the world twice using the Relay Tsubame, Tsubame and Ariake trains. The trains look similar, pity I don't have any photo of the Ariake to compare it here.
The Shinkansen Tsubame which we needed to make a transfer to, to get to Kagoshima-Chuo. Our train from Hakata was the Relay Tsubame and the train stopped at Shin-Yatsushiro and we dashed across the platform and got on the Shinkansen Tsubame. But not before snapping a photo or two!

Zaini had wanted to make the journey to Saga too (was it for the train Midori? I can't remember) but we simply didn't have enough time and energy to make the journey. You can only do so and see much with a 7-days JR pass.

On March 12 this year, the northern half of Kyushu Shinkansen is finally completed connecting Hakata  Station to Shin-Yatsushiro station thus reducing much of the travel time. Also, there will be new trains (Mizuho and Sakura) travelling from Osaka to Kagoshima. The Sakura will be used and gradually phase out the Hikari Rail Star. I wish we can get on board these new shinkansens someday!


  1. Amazing how many different models of train there are. Even among the shinkansen trains there are quite a few!

  2. @Blue Shoe,
    It's simply amazing and took quite a work to try and get on every single one of them. :)

  3. Oh!Wonderful train otaku. Did you travelled all over the world by train?

  4. @Minoru,
    No, just Japan. ^^

    We've travelled by train from Kyushu up to Hirosaki so far. :)

  5. Looking at those pictures,i know what life is all about,, time to think about traveling already as far as i am concerned,

    thanks for sharing ya

  6. @eugene,
    any time is a good time to enjoy life. ^^

    Glad to share with you. :)

  7. Shinkanshen... the train I used to dream so much for a ride!^-^

  8. @Alice,
    Don't dream anymore. Start planning that ride. Maybe next year? :)

  9. Alamak kids grow so fast these days.
    3 years ago your son still so young.
    Now, almost your shoulder's height.
    Another few years overtake your height...

  10. @London Caller,
    They sure do. Not only will overtake my height, will overrule all my decision also, pretty soon. x.x

  11. the trains are thousand times nicer than ours.

  12. @LR,
    and they are on time too! XD

  13. Wow! Japan has so many different types of trains!! Awesome!

  14. So you will just go Japan to ride on trains? : D

  15. @foong,
    And those are just some we took in Kyushu!

    If we have the time and budget, YES! Zaini and I can spend our whole vacation taking different trains in Japan - from fast shinkansens to trains in rural areas. :)

  16. Wow. Great trains indeed. I just wish we could have such modern trains too. I guess it would be cool to ride on a bullet-nosed one.

  17. LOL Aiya... Why did you say so huh?
    He doesn't like your masak?
    You see you feed him too much yummy sushi outside lah.

  18. @Con Artist Trickster,
    It's cool to ride any trains. ^^

    I don't need modern trains for my public transport use, just the ones that can arrive according to schedule and doesn't breakdown in the middle of my journey.

  19. @London Caller,
    Not my cooking lah...

    Ask him to clean his room - man, he got so many excuses.

    Ask him to do chores - aiyah! grumble here and there.

    But at least, he never said something like "I'm not the maid" yet when we ask him to do anything. I'd soap his mouth if he ever said that.

  20. Love trains!! Want to take my little boy on a steam train next as he would love it!!

    Japan Australia

  21. @Japan Australia,
    I bet he would.

    We had so much fun on the SL Ban Etsu Monogatari-Go from Aizu Wakamatsu. Not only because of the train and the scenery - the fun time in the train too, with the staff organizing "jan-ken-pon" with passengers for us to win steam train related goodies. :)

  22. Wow, you took a lot of different kinds of trains.

    I traveled from Fukuoka to Kagoshima many years ago before the shinkansen was built there. I would like to do it again on an even slower train.

  23. @sixmats,
    I'd love to do it on slower trains too, someday and enjoy the view better. :)

  24. So lovely. I wonder when I will get to travel on the bullet trains. It will take some time for visitors to go to Japan after the radiation scare.

  25. @ECL,
    There's no need to be scared visiting other parts of Japan. Kyushu for that matter, is right down below and quite far from Tohoku region. I sure hope people don't stop visiting other parts of Japan totally.

    There's radioactive caused by rare earth plant in Perak, but people are still going to Perak (or the nearby area) right? And not a hell lot of noise made about that.

    Back to the trains - they are fun, efficient and absolutely a joy for traveling throughout the country. Hence the decision to post something about train at least once a month. :)

  26. Wow nice pixz of so many kinds and style of trains. Gee buttocks could have flattened..haha tQ

  27. @Bananazஇ,
    Yeah, butt got flattened that day. LOL

    Shinkansen Tsubame (the one in the last photo) runs at the speed of 260km/h.

    Relay Tsubame (the blue one) is a limited express and runs at the speed of 130km/h

    Sonic trains (the ones to Beppu mentioned up there) also runs at the speed of 130km/h.

    So of course a shinkansen runs faster that limited express trains or normal trains. :)

  28. HA! I hope your son doesn't read you comments.
    You can use pocket money to encourage him to do more chores at home.

  29. @London Caller,
    Nope, I never and probabbly won't use money in exchange for chores. It's everyone responsibilities in our household.

    The only thing I use as "bribes" is when I wanted him to focus on his studies. Get placing below top three - no Japan trip AT ALL. *evil*

  30. wow! Kyushu! Thank you for sharing these local(I feel so) photos. :)

  31. @bird,
    My pleasure. :)

    I miss Kyushu. When we were there, me & my hubby talked about how nice it would be to stay in Kyushu. ^^

  32. These trains have neat shapes. The train in your 3rd photo looks like a Transformer.

  33. @AVCr8teur,
    They do come in all shape, size and colours.

    Now that you mentioned it - yes, it does! :)

  34. Wow, that's a lot of trains.
    Yeah for JR Pass.
    I admit that I like taking trains in Japan, much more than anywhere else. They're on time, clean, and quiet (for the most part, except when you end up in a car full of teenagers).

  35. @David,
    Agree on all the above. I got the lucky chance to be onboard a sleeper train with a group of teenagers from Kanazawa to Ueono. They were happily acting like teenagers but luckily they got sleepy early. LOL

    There's going to be a train post once a month, if you like trains. :)

  36. Geez, you guys have ridden some trains! I've got my eye on the Kyushu Shinkansen too, more so to visit Kagoshima, but it would be a cool trip.

    Wow, it a little strange seeing the trains I see everyday on a (non-Japanese) blog.

  37. @Dan,
    We don't call ourselves a Japan Mad Family for nothing! LOL


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