Monday, 18 April 2011

Yebisu Beer History

The origins of Yebisu Beer dates back to 1887, when Nippon Beer Brewery started producing beer in the area then called Mita Village. 

Nothing to do with the beer museum, this Yebisu photo
was taken at Dotonburi in Osaka. ^^
People actually lined up to take photo of this!
The name 'Yebisu' was later adopted in slightly altered form to designate the station, and 'Ebisu' has since become familiar to many as the name of the surrounding town. Nippon Breweries, Ltd. changed its name to Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. in 1964.

The Beer Museum Yebisu is dedicated to the history, science and culture of the beverage and the tradition of brewing beer. Beer making made its debut in Japan as early as 1876 when Seibei Nakagawa, who had studied the art of beer making in Germany, was chosen as brewmaster and oversaw the construction of a beer factory in Hokkaido, Japan.

In 1887, Japan Beer Brewery Company was established in Tokyo by a group of local entrepreneurs and they invited a brewmaster from Germany to create what became Yebisu Beer. Production of Yebisu Beer ceased for a period of 28 years, but was re-launched in December 1971 and was the first German-type 100% barley beer to be sold in post-war Japan.
Don't step on the Yebisu God!
The "Yebisu" beer that was launched in 1890
Some beer art
Obligatory cheesy tourist photo shoot. ^^
Don't forget to hit the souvenir shop after you are done touring the Museum! Of course, walk around and enjoy Yebisu Beer Garden too,while you are there!

Lisa is hosting Show Me Japan again this week. Hop over to Ichigoichielove's Show Me Japan Vol1 Issue 22 this week, and check out the Buddha's butt there.


  1. Hey... Beer museum! I really surprise, since I thought it might be sort of taboo for your custom! Love the cheerful smile of you and your boys, you always amaze me with your inspiring open minds!

  2. I really like Yebisu and the Yebisu Gold premium malt beer was my personal favourite when in Japan. It is a little more expensive than most other beers, but worth it for the great taste.

    Japan Australia

  3. @Alice,
    I can't drink alcoholic drink but that doesn't mean I couldn't learn about it or its history, right?

    I always believe that we shouldn't close our mind to things, because if we don't try to understand and learn about them, how do we make a learned decision?

  4. @Japan Australia,
    OK. So now I know what drinks to buy you if we ever met in Japan (or elsewhere) ^^

  5. love the obligatory piccie out the front. i got one of those as well. :-)

  6. Good guide, I think I'll have to hit the museum up also.

    Problem is, I know I'll be tempted to drink. And I've been so good with my diet.

  7. I love EBISU & KIRIN Lagar beer!!!
    I often buy KIRIN, because EBISU is a bit expensive. :p

  8. Funny that they create a giant rug but discourage people to step on it.
    I think it's better to create a tapestry and then hang it on the wall.

    Cider (beer made from apples) are popular in England.
    But I actually prefer perry (beer made from pears).
    It just tastes like pear juice!

  9. @reesan,
    Who can resist a big beer can, right?

    I got one with a huge beer glass taken at Narita stashed somewhere too. ^^

  10. @Contamination,
    I should meet you up once of these days and buy you loads of beer and ruin your diet.Muahahah!!!!

  11. @bird,
    What's the difference the taste?

  12. @LOndon Caller,
    Maybe they run out of wall space? XD

    So cider is apple juice, albeit an intoxicating one? ;)

  13. That sounds like a plan, when are you in Japan next? LOL

    Seriously though, you should install IntenseDebate. It would make management of these comments SO much easier.

  14. @Contamination,
    I'll give you a tinkle when I get there. Be prepared to ruin that diet of yours. LOL

    Yeah yeah yeah... I'll get to it.... someday. Maybe.

  15. EBISU : rich taste, during-meal KIRIN LAGAR : Japanese standard(I think), during movie with snacks. ^o^ and... ASAHI SUPER DRY : dry taste, for thirsty in the summer. hehe

  16. @bird,

    Thanks for sharing the info. ^^

    You description makes me think of Japanese beer ad that I saw on TV there. :)

  17. Haha!Looks like the person standing behind the "1890" beer could do with a drink.

  18. @kyushudan,
    Sorry, too underage! :D

    Though I wonder how a 1890 beer taste like. Still drinkable?

  19. "munchen, Sapporo, Milwaukee". This was Sapporo beer company's propagannda, which means that same latitude, same good taste beer.
    I don't know wether there is a good taste beer company in Milwaukee USA.

  20. @minor,
    Interesting. That you mentioned it, I just couldn't resist googling about Milwaukee's beer and got pretty interesting history lesson. :)

    I sure am learning a lot by just reading up comments you guys posted up here. ^^

  21. These days you can use almost everything to make beer!
    There's another one called mead made from honey.
    You should go to Brussels, they have all sorts of beer.

    Why do you think hydrangea is called "bunga tiga bulan" huh?
    Because the flowers are round like women got pregnant 3 months?

  22. Wow, the museum looks huge! Do you get a free sample by visiting? I would have taken the same "cheesy" photo by the beer can too. :)

  23. @London Caller,
    Your comment reminds me of all the National Geographic episodes I watched. Seemed most cultures brew some sort of beer using some sort of products planted in their community. Interesting.

    BTW, where got 3 months pregnant woman round like that? At 3 months, most of pregnant mommies tummy are still flat. Well, for me and those I know, at least. ^^

  24. @AVCr8teur,
    No. You can sample if you join the guided tour. We didn't. And we don't drink. :)

    The museum part is not really big, but the tasting area is. ;p

  25. Hi Lina,

    Yes, now you know my secret of my favourite Japanese beer. It has been awhile since I've had one, but always remember to have at least one when I return to Japan.

    Japan Australia

  26. @Japan Australia,
    Seems like from this post and all you guys' comments- I get a few secrets from each of you. I'm keeping tab! ^^

  27. the museum looks like an interesting place to explore.

  28. WHAT!? There's no free tasting!?!?
    Then I'm not going. (Even though I don't really like beer. ;P)
    I *LOVE* the shot with the beer bottle!!!! Definitely lol'd.
    Thank you for participating even mooore! And teaching me more about something I feel I should have known, oops!

    PS YAaaaaay for obligatory cheesy tourist shots!

  29. @Ri,
    I would've used the free tasting op to get free beer, if they dish out free samples there.LOL

    And yeay for cheesy tourist photo shots. :P

    Japan is one of those countries where any cheesy style you make would not cause others to give you a second look. Yeay Japan!

  30. Yebisu is the most expensive Japanese beer in Hawaii. I can't believe they didn't have "Free Beer tasting"

  31. @Chris,
    Is the taste justified by that high price over other Japanese beer?

    I think if they offer free beer tasting, they'd start charging entrance fee to the museum. So...


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