Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The A-Bomb Dome

What would a visit to Hiroshima be without visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and a stop at this A-Bomb Dome? I've posted up about Sadako Sasaki and the Children's Peace Monument earlier, and if you missed it, do visit and read about it.

The A-Bomb Dome (Atomic Bomb Dome,原爆ドーム,Genbaku Dōmu) is Hiroshima's best-known symbol and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Prior to the bombing, this Dome was the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall.

I'm not going to go in detail about this dome because I think you can pretty much google it up and find a wealth on information about it immediately. Go on, google them up. You should, you know.


  1. Definitely an impressive and haunting place. If not for ruins like this and the museum, you'd never know anything happened to the city.

    Going there as an American I always get this vague feeling of guilt and feel really self-conscious.

    It's weird, I always see Japanese people (usually younger folk) smiling and taking pictures in front of it. I'm in no position to tell a Japanese person how to react to the dome, but always strikes me as kind of bizarre

  2. Took your words have googled and oh its near a river. Well this Dome may bring tears and joy but its very sad to know of the sufferings it has brought to the innocent people.

  3. I want to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park one day too. It is a sad reminder of the cruelty of war. We should strive for peace.

  4. @BlueShoe,
    I have a couple of photos of us in front of the Dome and looking at it now, I felt guilty that I was treating it as a tourist attraction, complete with the tourist photo taken.

  5. @Bananazஇ,
    Great. You look up the info!

    Let's hope what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki won't ever be repeated again.

  6. @ECL,
    And yet despite these reminders, wars are still being waged around the world. :(

    Innocent people died every day. :(

  7. @foong,
    You and your ghost stories. I think if there's any haunting, the whole place should be haunted. Not just the Dome. Woooooooooooo....... @.@

    Should we try and see whether the place is haunted or not someday, Panda? XD

  8. There's a model of Little Boy in Imperial War Museum in London.

  9. @London Caller,
    That's interesting. Any photos?

  10. I shall not google!
    Only because I've been there twice. Definitely a must-see along with the Peace Museum (though the latter made me feel a bit nauseous ^^;).

  11. I took a lot of photos at that museum.
    But I don't remember if I got one of that though.
    Section of the Berlin Wall (real one) can also be found in the museum.
    Also got Chin Peng's stuff in the museum!!
    Duit pisang dari Malaysia pun ada.
    Apa-apa pun ada, hebat tak?! Ha ha

  12. @Ri,
    How dare you! When I told you to do so too! Kidding! XD

    I avoided the museum for the same reason. I know I should visit it someday. When my son is much bigger, maybe. I think I'd be the one who will have the nightmares not him, though. :(

  13. @London Caller,
    Chin Peng also got a place in London? Wow!

    Hahaha it is like Astro. Macam-macam ada! XD

  14. LOL, it looks like a small space observatory to me!

  15. @Alice,
    Because of the dome?

  16. @Alice,
    The original building is quite impressive.

    It was a three-storey brick building with a five-storey central core topped by a steel-framed elliptical dome clad with copper. The exterior walls were faced with stone and cement plaster. The dome was reached via a staircase located at the central entrance. It was designed by a Czech architect,Jan Letzel, in 1914 and was completed the following year.

    It must be a sight to see in 1915!

  17. LOL, thanks for the description, so sweet of you! Thought u asked us to google for ourself! Hehe!^^

  18. @Alice,
    Yeah, well...Just can't resist. ;p

  19. such a bummer. 12 comments gone from this post. :(

  20. I feel your pain about comments gone AWOL. This is really a major fail for Blogger.
    About the Dome, whenever I see postcards with it, they're always so sunny and cheery and it creeps me out.

  21. @Anna,
    Now that you mentioned it, yes. The photos I've seen of the Dome (mine included) are always so sunny. And there seems to be quite a lot of photos with people smiling, holding up the V sign, whatever - just like they would do at any other tourist attraction.

  22. Another historical wiki! =)

  23. I'm just dropping in from Budjet Trouble and enjoying your photos. This dome looks like a really moving and evocative memorial to war. It reminds me of one of my most favorite war memorials (can you say favorite when it comes to war memorial??) the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin.

  24. @expatriababy,
    Thanks for dropping by. And thank you for the link of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. It sure has an interesting story and history.

  25. @Ayie,
    There were more historical wiki in some of the comments that had now gone into oblivion. XD

  26. the building structure is truly one of a kind. i'd love to visit this memorial park someday too.

  27. @LR,
    Oh you absolutely have to.

  28. I have read about Sadako Sasaki from another blog before and the story of this girl was very touching and heart breaking, I couldnt help grabbing some tissues reading about her on Wikipedia.

  29. @cuteandcurls,
    Yes, her story was touching. And imagine how many untold stories of innocent lives lost to war just like her, all around the world and still happens today?

  30. I want to watch the dome, but I've never been there...
    Aha! I just recalled that I stayed a night at Hiroshima Prince Hotel for ski.
    I didn't go sightseeing to center of the town of Hiroshima. :p

  31. @birdmini,
    Hiroshima Prince Hotel sure looks nice and have a nice view. :)

    How was the skiing?


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