Monday, 23 May 2011

AirAsia's Big Sale!

From 12pm today to 29th May. Just USD9 for air tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo (Haneda)! OMG! OMG!  OMG! Should I book another set for next year travel now? I am sooooooooo tempted to do it! Common sense be damned! 

I wonder what are the dates for school holiday between 9 Feb 2012 to 20 June 2012?


  1. @Contamination,
    And where do I crash once I get to Japan? xD

  2. Just book it!! Other things think later! Haha!!

  3. @su,
    dah beli ke? RM25.10 tu! Memang best! :)

  4. @foong,
    If I don't have a school-going child, I would've done so. Cannot ponteng kelas just because AirAsia selling cheap tickets what! XD

  5. That is amazingly cheap!! You should book straight away!!

    Japan Australia

  6. @Japan Australia,
    The website is clogged at the moment. Everyone rushing to buy tickets it seem.

    I would've bought it, but I don't think our finance will recover yet for another trip so soon after our upcoming Dec trip.

  7. @LR,
    But cannot afford another trip in just 6 months' gap. ^^

  8. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!!! XD

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Just do it!

  11. @Ri, Minor & Lrong,
    Even if I want to do it, those tickets are all sold out by now.

    But fear not, Japan will see me soon! *^_^*

    As a Nike fan myself, I should have Just Do It! :)

  12. If the validity conflicts with your son's school year, then don't.

  13. The scales fell from my eyes!
    I heard the airplane that you can't the seat but lower price.

  14. @contamination,
    and thats why I didnt.

  15. @cocomino,
    Not sure what you meant, but with these low prices, it is hard to get seats. And the seats are not many either for this price.

  16. Sorry, my poor English.
    I meant "standing-room"

  17. @cocomino,
    standing room only is torture! Why would anyone want to take a trip that way? Imagine strapping ourselves in vertical seats for 7 hours. Cheap, maybe but I think Ill give it a pass. o.O

  18. WHOA THATS CHEAP!!! Dont think girl, just go book it, grab it ..get it ..go go go eh wait yea lah cuti sekolah is one thing, why cant the school give you the latest school holiday dates in advance eh! Maybe book for the ones in December ..or better yet go check at your son's school with one of the teachers for hint of the 2012 school holidays ..EHHHHH jeles nye sayeeeee

  19. LOL, cant help checking the site. Flights to Japan already sold out!

  20. @cuteandcurls,
    Yeah, all sold out already. And to think the fares were only available noon today. @.@

    End-of-year fares not out yet. Better. Otherwise, I might just book our family another trip. Adoilah... tak habis2 pegi Jepun, kan? LOL

    Now, who says people are scared to go visit Japan, eh? I think those who are harping about Japan being a total wasteland now are those who have no intention in visiting the country in the first place.

    About school holiday - what to do. Have to wait for Kem Pendidikans pekeliling only know when are the dates for 2012. Do you think they are efficient doing it so early in the year?

  21. Including air port tax? ;)

    This sale is so hot huh!
    Even hotter than you naked photo by the lake! Ha ha.

    I cannot plan so far ahead.
    Next year... So many things can happen.

  22. @London Caller,
    Not yet. But no fuel surcharge. Didnt manage to check at all the total. The site was too busy! @.@

    I usually dont plan so far ahead too. But many of my friends were like, its so cheap (we are talking about those 10cent fares or even the 0 fares before tax), that it isnt going to be a problem if they have to cancel the trip because it didnt cost much!

    This years trip is the most advance we booked. Usually we book our tickets only as early as just one month in advance. But that was with JAL - we know when the promo fares were coming out previously. AirAsia ticket - well, have to book really, really early to get good bargains.

  23. The school holidays probably fall in the middle of March and early June! Have fun ya!^^

    Btw, thanks for your concern and warm regards for my little ones, appreciate it!;D

  24. @ALice,
    Yes, but if there is no set date, I wouldnt dare to book because the exams are usually the week before school holiday! Better not take any chances!

    Hope the two kiddos get to enjoy their school holiday without any pain. Hugs to everybody!


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