Wednesday, 25 May 2011

At The Station : Kanazawa

I seriously think that my family is not fated to explore much of Kanazawa. The two times we visited Kanazawa, it rained almost the whole day! OK, we managed to visit Kenrokuen and made a trip to Terai to visit Ultraman Stadium; but other than that, we were indoors and spent much of the time exploring the  JR Kanazawa Station and the nearby Forus.

Zaini spent much of one evening traveling from Kanazawa station to Wakura-Onsen alone. The reason? Raimie left his Ultraman Max jacket in the train and we; through the help of the tourist office staff at the station, contacted the train authorities and they manage to locate Raimie's precious jacket (the one he was wearing in the first photo below). They offered to send the jacket back to us, and for us to collect at Kanazawa station the next day but as we were leaving early morning the next day, Zaini decided to hop on some trains and head off to Wakura-Onsen where the jacket had been found and was kept. Thinking back, we should have just ask them send the jacket back to Shin-Osaka instead! Oh well... at least Zaini had fun traveling and checking out more local trains during that journey. I'll post the photos of the trains soon!

Anyway, back to Kanazawa Station. The station truly has an aggressive architectural, artistic statement combining traditional Japanese themes. The reconstruction of the surrounding area is making progress for the extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen (a high-speed railway line) to Kanazawa in 2014.
There is a glass dome called "Motenashi (Welcome) Dome," which look like a huge umbrella, at the east entrance of Kanazawa Station. The dome has a wooden gate called "Tsuzumi-mon," which symbolizes a traditional Japanese instrument called tsuzumi (hand drums).

Tameo Kobori, 74, a professor emeritus of Kanazawa University who was in charge of designing the square said that he wanted to change the image of Kanazawa, which is dismal because of its wintry weather, into a bright one with the building of the square in front of the station.
A smaller scale version of the Tsuzumi-mon gate can be found in the station. Raimie wasn't too co-operative  with me because I took this photo at 6.00am! We just arrived from Ueno taking the Midnight Express Noto train.
and a scale version of the station. Is is still there now, though?

And while we are at it, let me show you Komatsu Station. Pretty big and modern looking, for what look like a rather quiet town for us.
and here's Terai Station.Very retro.


  1. Kanazawa is also popular to tourists.
    There are delicious food, traditional tourist spot and sea.
    I became to want to go to Kanazawa.

  2. @cocomino,
    WOuld you consider it for your summer vacation? :)

  3. i once had a Japanese boss we called Kanazawa San :) Waiting to see the trains

  4. @beng,
    Train post soon! Therell even be a post on toilets on trains next month. XD

  5. Oops! I've not made it there even though it's a) close and b) I keep meeting people from/who live there. Perfect excuses yet... yet...!
    Actually when I first read your post I read "In the two minutes we visited Kanazawa, it rained twice!" ...Obviously tired, but I would have loved to have seen such quick rain showers. XD

    I like the dome, looks kinda...posh! ^^)b

  6. @Ri,
    Perfect excuse! XD

    LOL Must have been a hectic day for you? Hows the deadline?

  7. That's your hubby, very handsome wor!! LOL! That's a mega structured train station!

  8. Raimie looks just like your husband so much!
    So I think if you have another girl, she might look like you lah!
    Quick, still got time. Ha :)

  9. @Alice,
    Handsome ah? Don't say that - afterwards he become so perasan! LOL

    Yes, that is one heck of a station.

  10. @London Caller,
    Ha! Close shop already lah! One enough for us. ^^
    Anyway, I don't think I can cope raising a girl, esp if that girl follow all my traits when I was younger. Heart attack wor! XD

  11. Whoa what a train station!!! Thats the thing about Japan isnt it? There are always ALWAYS something that we can see and venture into, every corner is a discovery, you can never get bored. Luckily your Raimie got his jacket back, tak sangka eh there are still honest people in this world. Compare to mine, I left it on a bus, public bus while I was on holiday (destination i wont mention hehe) i called up the bus station no jacket found and it was my favorite even :( Eh Ultraman got stadium jugak? HAIII habih lah my Gaia nephew ni berasap mata dia tengok sana sini Ultraman dia hehehe ...

    Just a tease, selagi masih muda ni apalagi have another lah ;-) pasti if GIRL, lawa cam mak dia ..imagine you pi Jepun you can get her to wear cute kimonos :) Come to think about it I also worry that my baby ni nanti will follow my traits when I was younger BUT ill be prepared :-D

  12. @cuteandcurls,
    Anywhere pun if we care to look, there's always something new and interesting to see. ^^

    Hahaha... no lah... no more kids. My rezeki is this one boy saja anyway. ;p

  13. That's an option.I'm lack decision. :)

  14. @cocomino,
    You have too many options, that's why. ;p

  15. Ha ha... Funny choice of word, "shop".
    People normally say "factory".
    But I can understand lah.
    Because you only got one son, so small shop is actually very suitable!

  16. @London Caller,
    I will not call myself a baby factory, likewise I wouldn't dream calling my husband a sperm factory. ^^ So yes, shop is better suited - boutique like. LOL

  17. I hope 3rd times the charm if you get to visit Kanazawa again. Amazing that his jacket was located and actually returned. I like the modern station as opposed to the retro station.

  18. I really enjoyed Kanazawa. We visited the famous Kenroku-en gardens, which is ranked as one of the top 3 gardens in Japan. It was amazing and very beautiful.

    Japan Australia

  19. @AVCr8teur,
    We felt that way too after being let known that our son's jacket had been found. The staff at the tourism office at Kanazawa Station were so helpful and they certainly didn't act like us looking for that jacket as trivial. Kudos to the JR staff who located the jacket too. Imagine the hassle we cause to all these people!

    Maybe the 3rd time lucky but I don't think we'll be visiting Kanazawa so soon! There are way too many other places to see and visit! XD

  20. @Japan Australia,
    The garden sure is beautiful. :)

  21. Congratulations for your son's coming back jacket.
    I have a plan to go to Wakuraonsen this August with my wife. Thank you for your information about Kanazawa.

  22. @minor,
    Yes, we were very grateful we got back the jacket.

    Wow! Wakura Onsen in August? Have fun!

  23. i guess leaving behind Raimie's jacket in the train could be a blessing in disguise, for if he hadn't, Zaini wouldn't have check out on more local trains. :)

  24. @LR,
    Yes, it sure was a blessing in disguise. And we met two very nice, very friendly people over at the Tourism office too. ^^


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