Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beauty Under Your Feet

Don't jut look up or straight ahead - look down and there's plenty to see under your feet too.

Check out my earlier post on manhole covers in Japan at this link too, after reading this post. :)

Found on the pavements in Asakusa, decorative signs depicting all events that is held in Asakusa:


  1. Interesting manholes.Most manholes are drab design but these aren't,
    You really took a lot of photos related Japan although you don't live in Japan.I was surprised at your enthusiasm.

  2. @cocomino,
    These aren't manhole covers, just some err... photo story on pavements and showing directions, by the look of it. (I can't read kanji) ^^!

    After 7 visits to Japan, my collections of photo taken in Japan are huge actually. XD It's just fun to come back and look at our photo collection. I don't need to see our faces featured in all my vacation photos anyway. ;p

  3. I have been doing a volunteer interpreter in Asakusa Culture and Sightseeing Center once or twice a month since 2003AD. The building is located at the oppositeside of Kaminarimon.
    You are a very careful obserber!

  4. @minor,
    You have? Awesome! When are you usually there? Maybe once we are there (we always stay in Asakusa when we are in Tokyo), we can meet you?

    BTW, I miss the building with the fun clock showing the crane dance(?) or something.

  5. Yes, The building with music clock is the Asakusa Culture and Sightseeing center. It is undesr construction now to be a new building. The temporary center is located to 50m far to the river side. You can get various information there.
    By the way , I go to four days historical tour from tomorrow. So good by for a short time.

  6. @minor,
    When is the building be completed? Will the clock be there again?

    Have fun with the historical tour! Bring back lots of photos. :)

  7. During my one and only visit to Asakusa I didn't notice them at all. LOL!

  8. @Anna,
    Because you only visit once. We spent days and days hitting the same pavement year after year. XD

  9. Oh I mistook for your earlier post.
    These pavements are written the name related Asakusa.
    For example, Sumidagawa, Sensouji and Kaminarimon as you may go.

  10. @cocomino,
    So it shows the direction of the tourist spot in Asakusa? I had thought of it that way when looking at it. ^^

    That's a very beautiful way to decorate the pavement. :)

  11. The 2nd last one with pink cherry blossoms is pretty.

  12. @Mei Teng,
    It sure is. But the others are equally nice too! ^^

  13. Been to your earlier post as directed wow they are real beautiful manhole covers. So these are decorative signs for tourist on the pavement. They are cool.

  14. @Bananazஇ,
    Nice manhole covers right? :) I hope to find more of those on future trips.^^

    Those signs on the pavement are sure cool! It makes walking along the street so much more fun. :)

  15. Why are there so many people here say they are manholes?
    They're just tiles, or maybe stickers on the pavement.

    I know they're certainly not manholes.
    Manhole covers cannot be designed as squares.
    Otherwise, they will drop into the sewage. ;)

  16. @London Caller,
    Because I wrote about both. This post is about the decorative pavement sign and I also put a link for my manhole covers post to which some of them, went and read. And commented. ;p

  17. These are pictures on the covers of manholes!? Wow. Beautiful. I will have to watch my steps when I walk on the streets of Japan. :)

  18. @ECL,
    No no no. Those in the post above are not manhole covers. The manhole covers I was talking about can be read clicking on the link I provided of my earlier post on manhole covers as both (manhole covers and decorated pavements) can be easily overlooked.

    I amended my post to avoid further confusion to others.:)

  19. These man holes are always interesting, good stuff Lina!

  20. @Contamination,
    Yes, man holes are interesting. XD

  21. Ha ha... You made me confused lah.
    Past is past.
    I try to forget my past. ;)
    I feel so ancient if I keep thinking my past. Ha ha...

  22. @London Caller,
    LOL. Confused ah? I like digging up the past i.e. past travels and rehash the story over and over again here.

    Life itself - I dont dwell on them. ^^

  23. at first i thought it was man-covers too. those pavements are eye-catching and they seem to tell a story.

  24. Those are cool....I thought they were carpets....what a wonderful way to decorate and beautify a city street.

  25. @LR,
    As a matter of fact, those are events held in Asakusa. Fireworks, cherry blossoms by the sumida river & even a Samba carnival. :)

  26. @Bing,
    Yes, a wonderful way to beautify a street. :)

  27. Very Nice!! Certainly makes it interesting walking down the street to some stories.

    Japan Australia

  28. @Japan Australia,
    For me, it was interesting to walk down the street and look out for more of them.:) Great distraction for the son too, to make him walk jusssst a little further. ^^

  29. You have a very observant eye for a traveller, I like that! ^^ It is interesting to walk down the street to see these. ^^ At least the streets are lovely to look at compare to here.

  30. @cuteandcurls,
    Yeah, the eyes are wide open when in Japan. If only I have eyes at the back of my head too, then I lagi more observant! LOL

  31. Wow! So beautiful the pavement decorated like this! : )

  32. @foong,
    Nice, right? :)

    I'll look for more soon! ^^


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