Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day & Night - Nakamise-dori

Nakamise-dori by day. Come during weekends and public holiday and be prepared to be crushed by other tourists there.
And a significantly lesser crowd when the sun comes down, for obvious reason. While the Sensoji is beautifully lit and open for visitors at night, the shops' shutter come down early. Have you read about my earlier posts on Sensoji and Sensoji's illumination?

This is my Japan and I'm sharing it with folks over at Show Me Japan Vol 1 Issue 26. W00T!


  1. Wow that area's so packed!

  2. I was so disappointed by this street.
    I had been told that it was a "traditional shopping street" or something like that, and bam, I ended in some sort of Japanese Montmartre tourist trap. :-(
    And to add insult to injury, Sensoji was closed for renovation when I finally made it to the end of the streets (taking parallel streets actually, I just couldn't stand the crowd and the tacky shops anymore)

  3. @Ayie,
    It was packed and will be packed daily and will be crushingly so come weekends and public holidays.

  4. @David,
    We only joined the tourists crowd because of a friend who was a first time visitor to Japan and wanted to buy all the obligatory cheesy tourists souvenirs. Me, myself - I avoid this place. But I like the rest of the surrounding area. The shops further back are much nicer.

  5. Yes you're right, I liked the back streets much better, I wish we had visited them more, but it was late in the afternoon and we had been walking all day long. Next time I go, I intend to visit the non touristy part of Asakusa more thoroughly.

  6. Nice indeed! I really need to pull my finger out and visit these places.

    Do you want some help with installing intense debate?

  7. @David,
    I hope you do!

    We've always stayed in Asakusa when we were in Tokyo and apart from the tourist trap, Asakusa is such a lovely place and it's quiet. There are a lot of interesting shops too.

  8. @Tokyo Sandra,

    But what is?

  9. @Contamination,
    We always stay in Asakusa when we are in Tokyo, so maybe a tour of the area together? :)

    Thanks for the offer. Would you?

  10. Asakusa evokes "downtown" strongly.
    So it was a important place when Tokyo marathon was held.

  11. @cocomino,
    It sure does. :)

  12. I agree with David and you. I like backstreets better than Nakamise dori. When we were there, we saw the guy wearing a samurai wig and carrying lots of things in an old-fashioned way. We enjoyed his performance. Then we went to whale restaurant in Asakusa!!!

  13. @Yoshi,
    Theres a whale restaurant in Asakusa?

  14. But the night photo is as bright as daylight.
    In Asia, fluorescent lamps are more prevalent. (Working mode)
    In Europe, incandescent light bulbs are more popular. (Relaxing mode)

  15. @London Caller,
    Yes, it was a s bright as daylight.

    Interesting observation on the lights. I guess European likes a more romantic mood than us Asians. LOL

  16. Just looking at the comments have become difficult to manage, with so many @xxxx messages.

    I really think you should install IntenseDebate. Question is, are you planning to move to a domain?

    And I think I might be able to find time on a Friday to meet you.

  17. @Contamination,
    Yeah, well. I'm primitive.

    OK, will keep in mind about that Friday. :)

  18. The back streets are usually a good place to pick up some authentic souvenirs rather than the traditional shopping street.

    Japan Australia

  19. @Japan Australia,

    Actually,my favourite place to buy my souvenirs is at Kappabashi. I like buying souvenirs that don't come in key-chains, magnets or t-shirts. ^^
    And Kappabashi has lots of places that offer cheap stuff in bulk. (It's hard to get souvenirs for everyone when you are popular. LOL) Kidding!

  20. Well yeah, you are popular. But how many times have you bought a souvenir and found that it was made in China?

    And I'd be happy to help you upgrade to IntenseDebate.

  21. @Contamination,
    I thought everything comes from China anyway? XD

    Lemme procrastinate some more about IntenseDebate. ;p

  22. Whoa so packed with people and i thought Petaling Street was packed with people or Sungai Wang ^_^

  23. @cuteandcurls,
    If you can tahan Petaling Street or Sg Wang, you can probably tahan the crowd here. :)

    The difference is, correct me if I'm wrong - the places selling stuff there are manned by locals not foreigners. And correct me if I'm wrong again, but the shops staff at Nakamise-dori are not as customer friendly (I've seen some with an attitude too) as I've experienced elsewhere. Maybe because of the constant exposure to us clueless tourists?

  24. Ahhh you see, I cant tahan the crowd in Sungai Wang nor Petaling Street - Petaling Street being hot and those sellers are total sharks you can barely win in bartering with them always come up with some arrogant attitude too hence i never step into Petaling Street. Sungai Wang unfortunately i have to venture into that maze cos there are some shops i like to look into but the crowd walking so clueless just riles me up and with me right now the doctor said watch your BP hehehehehehe :)

  25. @cuteandcurls,
    You will have a much pleasanter experience in crowds in Japan, that I can tell you.

    I can't stand even the Jalan TAR pasar mlm, but I can do the Nakamise-Dori on a public holiday. ^^

    But then, if you do wish to look for somewhere nice for a souvenir shopping experience in Tokyo; there are other nicer places that isn't bogged down with tourists so much.

  26. Wow! That really is a good example of "Like night and Day" :)

  27. @Chris,
    Now that you mentioned it. I just realised the "night & day" comparison.

  28. Yes there is!!! It was very discreet and not at all pricey. If you want, we can go there when you're visiting :-)

  29. @Anna,
    Deal! But the list of food you made me drool over seemed to be growing. I really need to keep myself in check. XD

  30. Awesome! Been looking for an excuse to go back there anyway. :-)
    And oh stop that! Just don't eat the week before your trip. LOL! Actually, I've been dreaming of Madame Kwan's lately, that chow fun (don't remember what it's called) was sooooooooooo good...

  31. @Anna,
    The fried thingy? It's char koay teow.^^ I can cook it for you, but Idoubt it'll taste any good.

    LOL. And food binge during the week in Japan would make like a year's worth of eating back home. XD

  32. My mom's favourite place in Tokyo. She loved walking around there and shopping.

  33. @jaydeejapan,
    I bet she bought loads there. :)

  34. She did buy a lot. We were lucky, we were there during a huge sale. Many shops had a big discount.

  35. @jaydeejapan,
    Oooo I would love to be there during a sale! Lucked out all the time, me. :p


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