Thursday, 19 May 2011

I Miss This... Getting Hot And Naked

A dip in hot spring bath in the wee hours of the morning, at 4.00am to be exact; warrants a B&W photo for me. It was nice having a solitary bath, listening to the drip, drip, drip of the rainfall outside. Bliss.

Funny though, walking along the dimly lit, empty corridor to get to the bath area and sitting in the bath, I didn't think about ghosts but when walking back to my room, the thought of meeting one suddenly occurred to me!

While having a soak, bathers are free to take a drink or two of the spring water. Or call the room service for a stronger drink, if you need one. Yes, there was a phone nearby for that purpose.
What's the scoop for? For you to drink the spring water, of course! Was it nice? Taste like boiled eggs.

I miss the onsens a lot. Getting naked around strangers is not a problem for me. I do it all the time at  the gym's locker room anyway.

The next time we visit, we'll just have a day trip to an onsen resort town somewhere (at the moment, it looks like Yufuin has the honour) because we can't afford a nice stay in a ryokan this year. *sob sob*


  1. Nothing beats a nice relaxing hot spring. There were some great ones near where I lived in Gifu Japan. The minerals were apparently really good for your skin.

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Lucky you! It must be so nice to be able to just visit one of them easily. :)

  3. Bila saya homestay gat Hiroshima, saya pun mandi 2x di rumah host family saya. Pagi sekali, malam sekali.

    Lepas itu, host family khairan! Dia orang kata orang Malaysia lebih suka mandi daripada orang Jepun?! Ha ha...

    So saya beritahu mereka cuaca gat Malayisa sangat panas. Mandi pagi biasa untuk "refresh"; mandi malam untuk "relax"! Ha!

  4. @London Caller,
    Betul tu! :)

    BTW, it's "hairan" not "khairan". ^^

  5. This reminds me to post about my own experiences.

    Tell me, you wouldn't happen to have any pictures from these events? Nahh, just kidding!

  6. @Tokyo Sandra,
    Even if I do, I'm not sharing! XD

  7. I've been going to onsen which is gym's bath, every week, but the spring doesn't have smell. So it's like tap water, but large bathtub makes me relax.
    Yufuin is wonderful onsen town.
    I love to take dinner(and BEER!!) after taking onsen. :)

  8. MMmMMMmmmMMmm I wouldnt mind experiencing that one day. My dad had the pleasure of experiencing those when he went there back in the 80s with his local friends there, singing the Japanese songs, wrap the white towel around their head *green with envy* You know if I was to go there on my own at 4am I'd be imagining all sorts of things already ... scary thoughts that is ...

  9. @birdmini,
    That's so nice! All I have to settle with are either the steam bath or sauna at the gym. I wish there's a hot spring there too! ;p

    I am looking forward to visit Yufuin soon. :)

    And yes, dinner afterwards is nice.

  10. @cuteandcurls,
    That must have been quite a raucous time your dad had with his buds. ;p

    Hahaha.. I didn't even think about it going to the bath area but after I'm done, and walking back - it suddenly hit me. And I just walked with head looking straight ahead.

    You definitely must put a stay at a nice traditional Japanese Inn and some time in the hot spring in your itinerary when/if you plan to visit Japan. It's great!

  11. Wow, I haven't even been to an Onsen yet.

    What have I been doing these last five years.

    Oh, and I've moved back to (sorry)

  12. @Contamination,
    What! Yet been to one! Sacrilegious! XD
    But if its not your thing, why do it? To join the herd? ^^

    Grrr.... no wonder. Now I have to update my link again.

  13. Sorry about the URL.

    I've always meant to go, I've just never had the time. After all, the bath at home is really really good.

  14. @Contamination,
    And that bath gonna be featured some time in future. Gosh, I sure have lots of stuff I miss in Japan. It's not as if I ever lived there. XD

  15. You like gloomy days too?
    Japan is getting warmer and warmer.
    According to my Japanese informant, it was nearly 30 yesterday.
    London's still quite cool, max 20. :)

  16. I can't even get naked in the gym....hehehe...I am not confident about my body.

  17. @London Caller,
    I actually prefer warm, sunny days more. Not the scorching heat weather that we've been experiencing recently though.

    Rain is nice when I have no plans for any outdoor activities. Being in hot water, rain or snow outside seems like a great pairing. ^^

  18. @Bing,
    It's not about having great body... Mine sure isn't!

    And actually, I kinda have this mentality when seeing all those naked bodies in the onsen -w ell, my body ain't that bad and with that thinking, I'll walk around like nobody's business. LOL

  19. Taste like boiled eggs and what is the taste of boiled eggs taste like? Mostly would add kicap before taking a bite so without the kicap its tasteless meaning the spring water is tasteless? haha..

  20. @Bananazஇ,
    I don't eat boiled eggs with anything. Just as is. Hmm... how does boiled egg taste like, ya? XD

    There was some "taste" in the water. It sure didn't taste like tap water, that I can say!

  21. ooohhh, what a steaming post lina! ahahaha!

    i also miss the hot springs, sure best way to soothe aching muscles!

  22. @Ayie,
    Yes... and I sorely need one now to sooth my aching muscle and relax. ;p

  23. Love the black and white photo with the wooden ladle on the rock. Looks very tranquil and serene!

  24. @reesan,
    Thanks. :)

    At the time the photo was taken, it was indeed tranquil and serene. It was drizzling outside and it was really nice feeling the raindrops falling on my face while I was in the hot water. I can only imagine how nice it would be if I was there during winter, with white snow all around me.

  25. yes, the hot spring water of the onsen and the crisp coldness of the winter snow is an amazing contrast.

  26. @reesan,
    Mmmm... wish I can experience the contrast some tine. ^^

    Flashes of all those NHK travel documentary on onsen during winter came to mind now. ;p


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