Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mom, How Are You?

Happy Mother's Day.

For those who can understand Malay, check out the lyrics and its Malay translation over Kak Lela's Awan Okinawa Berlalu... For those who can't, sorry! XD


  1. Good video.I will think a great deal of my mother today.

  2. @cocomino,
    Me too. I'm not close with my mom but I do appreciate what she went through to raise us kids, now that I'm a mom too.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Did you receive a present from your child(ren)?

  4. @minor,
    No, I told him there's no need for a present. He gave me a big kiss when I woke up and he helped his Dad cook lunch today and that was enough for me. ^^

    How about you? Did you celebrate it today?

  5. I actually Yasmin Ahmad's ads...
    Her ads always so touching one.
    Always made me cry.

    Hope there will be another Yasmin from M'sia soon.

  6. @London Caller,
    Her ads were sorely missed during the festive season. Those put up now, just couldn't tug the heartstrings as well as Yasmin's!

  7. Happy Mother's Day Lina!

    hugs and kisses!!!

  8. @AYie,
    Lots of hugs to you too! :)


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