Friday, 6 May 2011


We just can't get enough of it!
Natto wrapped in straw, which was served when we were having breakfast at Taenoyu Onsen in Nyuto Onsen
Natto in a plastic pack, enjoyed during breakfast at JAL City Hotel in Sendai
Gooey and sticky. It does look like it's been covered in snot, doesn't it? That sure brings up the appetite! LOL
If you goggle-up Natto, one description would come up: foul smelling. To this, I digress. The smell isn't that bad, and it sure doesn't taste like rotten cheese either. But then, don't take my word for it since I grew up eating "tempeh" - our own version of fermented soybeans over here in my part of the world. I think I'm OK with most fermented soybean products (or anything fermented for that matter) - I love Korean Doenjang not to mention the bean paste called tauchu; lovely fermented soybean in salt. Zaini even put tauchu in his instant noodle sometimes. If natto isn't so expensive here, I think we would've plonked some in our instant noodle too!

How to enjoy natto:
1. Put natto in a small bowl or just lift up the plastic off the natto plastic container.
2. Add soy sauce and stir well.
3. Add chopped green onion and karashi mustard, if you want to.
4. Put the stirred and seasoned natto on a bowl of steamed rice and enjoy the gooey goodness! Yummy!

Be prepared to get sticky!

But don't limit your natto experience to just putting them on top of a bowl of rice! Be adventurous. Eat natto anytime. ^^

You bet I'm gonna eat a lot when I'm in Japan. ^^

This is my Japan and I'm sharing it with folks over at Show Me Japan Vol 1 Issue 24. W00T!


  1. 納豆好きです。大根おろしを納豆に入れて食べると美味しいですよ。 Please try it !
    ① Daikon radish: grate and drain with strainer.
    ② Put natto in a small bowl.
    ③ Add soy sauce and ① stir well. Yummy♪

  2. @Anzu,
    Will definitely do so! Thanks for the tip. :)

  3. BIG NO to Natto !!! itu ler peberet budak2...hehehe

  4. @Su,
    Alamak! Su tak makan natto?

    Mcm mana pulak budak2 tu boleh suka, maknya dah say no to natto tu? XD

  5. I'd totally love to try that but I don't know if i can stand the strong smell.

  6. Not sure if I can take it! Cos I hate the smelly tofu I ate in Hong Kong! : )

  7. @LR,
    For me though, the smell isn't bad.

    Durian smell more pungent. XXD

  8. @foong,
    You eat tauchu or not... almost similar lah, except tauchu much much saltier. XD

    You don't like smelly food ah? I think I can eat most smelly food I've encountered before. XD

  9. Kids makan kat hoikuen..suka sgt sampai bole main jilat2 lagi pinggan.Selalu la jugak beli utk diorg, tapi bapaknya ler yg dok gaulkan...

  10. @Su,
    No wonder... Kalau tak salah, anak
    Hanny pun suka natto kan? Dah diajar makan kat hoikuen rupanya. ^^

    Su memang tak usik lansung ke? ;p

  11. I love natto. :)
    I have it for my breakfast sometimes, with miso soup.
    But they only sell frozen natto in London.

    I also like Marmite.
    I have it on toast with cheese.
    Quick and yummy snack.

    I hate blue cheese.
    Having said that I like Stilton broccoli soup.
    Cranberry or blueberry stilton is also very yummy.

  12. After the earthquake happend, we hadn't bought natto for a while because of a shortage of film for natto.
    Now we can get natto easily.All of my family like natto very much.

  13. @London Caller,
    Frozen natto over here in KL too. I used to eat Marmite and Bovril too. Not any more. Zaini doesn't understand why I even eat them. Heck, I literally grew up eating them (and that yucky Scott's emulsion).

    When it's turned into a soup, it taste and smell better? ;p

    Don't know much about cheese, but I do know I enjoyed all the cheese I sampled during cocktail hours at some of those nice hotels we've stayed in. ^^

    Blueberry stilton sounds interesting!

  14. @cocomino,
    There are many things affected by the earthquake and some of it are production of materials needed for stuff we take for granted. In this case, the film to cover the natto in their pack.

    Glad to hear the natto stock is back to normal.

  15. I am not a fan of natto, I can't handle the strong smell and texture. Even though my wife and son have it every morning for breakfast with rice I still can’t get used to the smell. I put natto on my list of 10 weird japanese foods (link below) and about half of the commenters didn't believe that natto belonged on this list.

  16. I used to eat Natto at breakfast when I was child. Nowadays I sometimes eat dried sea weed rice roll with Natto at Sushi restraunt. It is good taste.

  17. @reesan,
    Yeah, remember that post. Plenty of weirdness in your list :D

    But anything fermented usually don't fall under the weird category for me, but then I never had Hákarl yet! @.@

  18. @minor,
    and I was thinking about eating spaghetti with natto yesterday for dinner. :)

  19. I wasn't a big fan of natto when I first moved over to Japan mainly due to the smell, but gradually grew to like it. Natto is really healthy and has many health benefits including reducing high blood pressure and dissolving harmful blood clots.

    Japan Australia

  20. @Japan Australia,
    Any reason to eat natto is good for me! ^^

    Do you enjoy them now that you are out of Japan?

  21. I have never tasted natto before. Like what Andrew of Bizarre Food said..sometimes the smelliest of food can end up tasting great on one's tastebuds! :)

  22. @Mei Teng,
    And I totally agree with him. Though sometimes, when watching his show, I wonder what's so bizarre about the food he was trying. Maybe my standard of actually can be called bizarre food is bizarre too. XD

  23. Oh... I miss Scott's Emulsion!!
    But I only like their orange flavour.
    Used to have lots of it when I was little.

    Did you feed son Scott's too?

  24. @London Caller,
    I didn't have such luck getting orange Scott's emulsion. My Dad just fed me with the fishy white ones. XD

    Yes, now it's time to torture my son pulak and force him to eat it. LOL

  25. The smell isn't bad at all, it's the texture that kills it for me. So I'll pass. You can enjoy my portion, too. :-)

  26. @Anna,
    You too?

    If I was in school in Japan with you, reesan and Dan, I'd definitely enjoyed the extra portion of natto during school lunch! XD

  27. Don't eat natto nearly as much as I did in Japan, but still enjoy it occasionally.

    Japan Australia

  28. Wrapped in straw? How unusual? I would venture to try this, but better brush my teeth afterwards.

  29. I am quite sensitive with smells so I am not sure if I can take that.

  30. @AVCr8teur,
    It's the traditional way of packing those natto, I think.

    Hahaha.. definitely. But make sure you gargle with plenty of water first. Otherwise, I think the gooey substance will stick to yoour toothbrush! LOL

  31. @Japan Australia,
    Is the price steep in Australia?

  32. @Ayie,
    But you have to try it at least once when you guys visit Japan someday! :)

  33. I suspect I'm one of the few people who doesn't hate or love natto. I'm kinda inbetween. I'll eat it, but prob won't go out of my way to buy/get it for myself. :P
    Always nice to see/read about different ways of eating it though! My favourite is nattomaki - don't have to look at the snottiness. ;)

  34. @Ri,
    I have to try that nattomaki someday aand avoid the goo from sticking to my chin. ;p

  35. So what is the difference between tauchu and natto? I've had tauchu but the one time I had natto with sea urchin I hated it. Maybe I hated the sea urchin, I couldn't tell. I want to make natto jiru ... not sure if I can stomach it though

  36. @cookie,
    Forone, tauchu is saltier. :)


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